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Last Game of The Season

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Wed May 08th 2019 1:29pm

Hello Boys and Girls!!!

The last game of the season is upon us before we head into the playoffs! The Blues will face Crown Royal and if they win they will clinch the #1 seed for the playoffs! Go Blues. Check in later for a more in-depth report!

Blues Route Crown Royal

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Mon Apr 08th 2019 10:53am

Hello Blues fans and welcome back to another post - game wrap up. The Blues beat up on Crown Royal for the third time this season. This reporter still can not figure out how the Blues lost to Crown Royal in last seasons Championship series. Anyway, It was a long game with lots of goals and an almost shutout performance by Don " Build that Wall" Bourbon. Don almost got his first shout out of the season but gave up the lone goal with just 5 minutes left in the final period. Tony Fauls tallied a hat trick, while Dex added two himself. Great game boys and see you next time after the next game!

Mid Season Blues

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Wed Mar 27th 2019 8:51am

Hello Blues Fans! We are almost half way through the season and the Blues are 4-2. Not a bad start but the Blues could be performing better!

Half way through the season and Don "Build The Wall" Bourbon has been looking pretty good with the exception of a 9-3 blow out to the Knights early in the season. The D has been looking strong in front of the net as well as making nice offensive pushes to move the puck out of the defensive zone. The forwards have had a couple offensive lapses ( 4-3 loss to Tele Q, 9-3 loss to Knights) but there has been solid contributions all around and hope to keep the momentum rolling.

The Blues face Orange Crush on Sunday, who have made some improvements to their roster this season and have climbed out of the basement. Following that game they face Crown Royal, who have plummeted to the bottom of the standings with just one win.

However, The Blues will be without at least 5 defensemen and offensive threat Jimmy Davis on Wednesday, due to their voyage to the hockey Mecca, Lake Placid NY. Good luck boys you will be missed!!!

Tune in next week for a post game follow up and maybe some video highlights!

Check Out a Great Cause!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Thu Feb 21st 2019 11:09am

Here is great cause worth checking out for teammate Dennis Haines! Little Cooper has had a rough start to his long life and could use a little help. Email or call/text 609.668.8262 or ask Dennis about how you can help the little guy and his family. Also, search Cooperscartel on facebook and find out all types of information and get the latest updates on this little dude!

Blues Blow Championship

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Thu Feb 07th 2019 11:46am

The far superior Blues somehow blew a 3-game championship series with the very-mediocre Crown Royal!!! Congratulations Crown Royal.

-this reporter

Last Game Result: May 12 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
Crown Royal 3 0 0 3
Blues HC « 2 5 2 9
Goal Scorers: Ray Pirre (02:01 in 1st), Ray Pirre (11:20 in 1st), David Ahearn (00:48 in 2nd), Tony Faulls (08:47 in 2nd), James Davis (09:10 in 2nd), Ray Pirre (12:19 in 2nd), Tony Faulls (15:44 in 2nd), Ray Pirre (01:09 in 3rd), Chelsea Ward (12:58 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Don Bourbon (W)

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Regular Season Leaders

Points Tony Faulls 32
Goals Tony Faulls 21
Assists Ray Pirre 12
PIM Tim DiBella 14
SO Don Bourbon 0
Wins Don Bourbon 8
GAA Don Bourbon 4.17