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Check Out a Great Cause!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Thu Feb 21st 2019 11:09am

Here is great cause worth checking out for teammate Dennis Haines! Little Cooper has had a rough start to his long life and could use a little help. Email or call/text 609.668.8262 or ask Dennis about how you can help the little guy and his family. Also, search Cooperscartel on facebook and find out all types of information and get the latest updates on this little dude!

Blues Blow Championship

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Thu Feb 07th 2019 11:46am

The far superior Blues somehow blew a 3-game championship series with the very-mediocre Crown Royal!!! Congratulations Crown Royal.

-this reporter

BLUES HC let game 1 get away

Posted by: James Davis on Wed Jan 23rd 2019 12:16pm
Tony A Looking down the bench @ Jimmy D
Tony A Looking down the bench @ Jimmy D

With, yet again, the absence of the #2 points leader Ray Pirre from the lineup, the Blues HC knew they were going to need to generate some offense. But last night was anything but offensively generating. The chances were there but they couldn't seem to break through the goaltending of Crown Royal.

With the rarely welcoming 11 skaters, 5 Defenseman and 6 Forwards last nights saga would begin. Early in the 1st the Blues HC got a lift from Chelsea Ward who would make a strong move and put the puck past Crown Royals goalie. The " " (Quote Unquote) 1st Line was comprised of Tony A, Jimmy D, and Tony F to start the game. Early on Jimmy tried to shake things up with a move that would see Tony A moving to defense and Shawn Baron moving up to the wing. This could go down as one of the most controversial bench moves this season. Meanwhile, the teams regular season stats leader Tony F along with line mate Jimmy D were non existing, even with the addition of Shawn Baron it was little help to get anything going. But soon after seeing that the offense was struggling to get a spark, Tony F made another change, in the attempt to re-energize the Boys in Blue, he moved Tony A back to forward to rotate the lines giving some players some much needed rest. That move would make way for Tony A to net 2 goals to create a spark for the offense.
A report came out later that said there were quite a few stairs from Tony A in the direction of Jimmy D. In the post game interview Jimmy deflected all question concerning this matter. (At least he deflected something that night because the puck was not it..... thats for sure!)

Outside of the 2 goals scored by Tony A, Timmy "The Grit" DiBella would have a strong showing and would score his patented "Skate to the right and shoot to the left" far side goal. One that he would later show exactly how he did it and the "How To" beat the goalie move in the locker room. But this still proved to be too little to overcome Crown Royals offense. The Blues HC would go on to lose this one by the score of 6 - 4 after Crown Royal scored an open net goal.
So with all of this new knowledge of personal and new scoring tactics that 'The Grit" Dibella has bestowed upon his team and also the rejoining of the Blues #2 points getter Ray Ray Pirre, we will be looking forward to a much better game 2.

BLUES cruise into Game 1 of the Playoffs with plenty of rest

Posted by: James Davis on Tue Jan 22nd 2019 4:26pm
It was that kinda night...
It was that kinda night...

But was it too much rest?

The Knights couldn't make any ground on the Blues going into game 12 of the season. With the Eagles playing what proved to be a playoff bound result, the Knights decided to take the "knight" off and call a forfeit. This would provide the Blues HC with a 21-Day layoff before facing the Orange Crush. The Blues HC finished the regular season in 1st place with a record of 8-3 (1 failed Reschedule). Part of the 21-day layoff would be a 1st round bye.

Jumping ahead to the night of Jan 20th...
It was a cold night, legs were tired, and getting back to game speed did take some time for the Boys in Blue. But 1 of the Blues HC players couldn't really manage to find his "Game"! The layoff proved to be too long for Donny "The Wall (no more) Bourbon, as he showed to have a difficult time getting back to form.

The team rallied around the tendy tho! Scoring 3 goals in the 1st two periods. Tony A would strike first in the 1st period, followed by Tony F on a 2 on 1 in the 2nd period. Not to be outdone by Shawn Baron, thats right folks! This is not a typo, the man the myth Shawn Baron inks his name on the scoresheet in the 2nd period. At the end of two, the game was deadlocked at 3-3. The was really setting up to be a barnburner. Much closer then the Vegas odds makers predicted.

The 3rd period started out with the Orange Crush, crushing 1 in early. This was becoming a common theme on this cold night in NJ. But the line of DiBella, Leonetti, and Mavromates proved to have some gas in the tank. They would score 2 unanswered goals in one shift, taking the lead 5-4. The Orange Crush was not going away quietly tho, they would score again to tie the game at 5. This opened the door for the dangles and snipes of Mr Wickenden himself, he unleash a laser beam in the top corner leaving the opposing goalie checking his glove to ensure the webbing wasn't broken. Then it was time for the original Gritty, the grit of the Blues HC ,Timmy DiBella would score the GWG unassisted. WAIT A SECOND you say.... That would make the game 7-5, how is that the GWG?... I thought you would never ask!! Well, as we have reported through the season, Don stands true to his beliefs. Sticking with his, "As long as I allow 1 less goal then the other guy" mentality. Don took it upon himself to come out of the net late in the 3rd to play the puck. He would play the puck right into an Orange Crush players possession. And with little to no effort at all they would push the 6th goal past Don and the boys.

This provided some of the most exciting final mins mens league hockey could ask for! One of the Orange Crush players would ring one off the cross bar with 15 seconds left in the period. A reporter later interviewed Don in the locker room and he said, "It was exactly where I knew it would be, 1 inch lower and it was in my glove" this was followed by the roar of laughter from his teammates in the locker room.

The Boys in Blue are off to the Championship... A 3 game series against Crown Royal starting on Tuesday at 10:20pm

**This game will be televised on closed circuit TV to Igloo attendants only.**

Till next time.

Game 11: Blues Clinch 1st Place and Top Playoff Seed!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Thu Dec 27th 2018 2:20pm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Blues fans! The Blues have clinched the top spot going into the playoffs!!! With one game remaining against the No. 2 seed, Knights, the Blues should see the last place Orange Crush in the first round.

Game 11 was a game that was not an easy win but the Blues pulled it off in the end. Thanks to stellar goal tending from Don Bourbon!... Yes, That is right! "STELLAR GOAL TENDING BY DON BOURBON!" By far the best game of the season from Don. Rebounding from a bad loss the week before Don Bourbon showed up and kept The Blues in the game all night and made several big saves!!! Great job Don!

It seems like Don is getting started on building the wall early and is starting right here in Mount Laurel in front of his own net!!!

When asked about his two straight losses after going 7-1 in the 8 previous games he said..."I got tired of winning... Then I got tired of Losing." Spoken like the true Shakespearean wordsmith that he is! Lets hope he doesn't tire of losing again anytime soon.

The offense and defense played a hard game trying to put the puck in the other teams net and attempting to keep it out of their own.

Great effort all around and lets keep the momentum moving upwards and wrap up the season with another W before heading into round 1 of the playoffs!

Go Blues!

Last Game Result: Feb 10 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
Blues HC « 3 1 3 7
Crown Royal 1 1 0 2
Goal Scorers: Ray Pirre (02:55 in 1st), Tony Faulls (04:30 in 1st), Ray Pirre (07:48 in 1st), James Davis (00:39 in 2nd), Tony Faulls (05:34 in 3rd), Kevin Wickenden (07:30 in 3rd), Kevin Wickenden (14:06 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Don Bourbon (W)

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Regular Season Leaders

Points Tony Faulls & Ray Pirre 4
Goals 3 Players Tied 2
Assists Tony Faulls & Ray Pirre 2
PIM Ray Pirre 4
SO Don Bourbon 0
Wins Don Bourbon 1
GAA Don Bourbon 2.00