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Game 1: Faulls doesn't Fail and Don Returns to the Net!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Mon Sep 10th 2018 11:34am

It was an eventful start of the season for the Blues. An atypical start, if you will. The Blues tallied 11 total goals against their opponent on opening night. A night which featured Tony Fauls scoring two hat-tricks and the return of Donnie ''The Wall'' Bourbon. That's right sports fans!!! You heard it correctly! THE RETURN OF THE NUMBER #1 STARTING GOALIE, DONNIE "THE WALL" BOURBON!!!

He is baaaaAAAaaack! The man we all love to hate, had quite a start to his Fall Season! Don kept his opponent at bay and allowed only 5 goals in his season debut. However, 4 of the goals Don did not move, nor did he react in any type of way. Possibly 4 of the weakest goals this reporter has ever seen scored on anybody, at any level, made their way to the back of Don's net. Now, to be fair, Don seems to have a difference of opinion concerning the difficulty of those 4 questionable goals. When this reporter asked the netminder, he replied "My assessment last night... 1-2 squirrely goals, otherwise played to my level despite 8 month layoff. Mission Accomplished!"

To give Don credit, he did battle extremely hard in what may have been the most physically demanding game he has played in years. Throughout the game his face had a greyish/ whiteish hue and at moments he appeared as if he was about to pass out, throw up or maybe both at the same time. A very impressive feat for the netmider! A true test of his will!!! Don was quoted on his physical prowess saying, "USMC/NJSP training bro!!!"

Fantastic effort Don! It can not be easy coming back after missing 8 months on the ice and attempting to play a full game. This reporter will continue to track his performance and improvement throughout the season

The defense of Dennis Haines, Wick and newcomer Dave was stellar! They played a lot of hockey and it was a long night for them but they also kept many goals out of Don's net!

On to the offense... Tony had a landmark night with 2 hat-tricks. Yes, TWO!!! After a quiet playoff run to end last season, Tony, with new stick in hand bursted the season wide open and started it with a fantastic performance. However, most of Tony's goals were given to him on a silver -platter from line mate Ray Pirre (Just saying :)). Still, Tony was ALL Finnish and No Swedish. Burying every opportunity he had. After about half way through the second period, Tony got tired of scoring and decided to start passing. Ray seemed delighted with Tony's new approach. Tony would return the favors to Ray, assisting 2 of his 3 goals.

Nice work fellas and great start of the season! Typically the Blues Lose their first 3-4 games before picking up steam and getting some W's.

Also, the raising of the championship banner never happened last night. Not sure what happened. Guess someone forgot?

Till next week!

Thats a Wrap!!! Blues win the Championship!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Tue Aug 21st 2018 4:45pm

Hello Blues Fans! What a playoff push by The Blues! The Blues haven't had much post-season success in recent seasons, but that all changed this August. After finishing the season with a lackluster .500 record the boys in blue turned up to the next level and mowed down Orange Crush then swept the top-seeded Little Rascals to take the championship.

Goaltender Dave Columbia, gave a performance that not only kept the team in it, but made some HUGE diving, pad stacking, flipping and flopping, life sacrificing saves to keep the opponent at bay! The Blues also got a stellar performance from the Polish Warrior, Karul in net for the first game! There are rumors that Dave will be only available for half of the season in the fall and will be heading out to a team in South Carolina. The Blues Fans will miss you, as you have brought stability and consistency to a position that has been shaky at best in this reporters recent memory.

The Blues also had a huge season and post season performance from defensemen Chuck Desaulniers. Always a rock for the team and a constant warrior, Chuck will be testing free agency to play in the chilly city of Kabul to see if Afghan hockey is a fierce as we all have heard it to be. Blues fans will miss this huge part of the team and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

The offense this season was lead by Tony Faulls, who is always a huge contributor and Tony Asciutto, who had the most points despite being banished to the other end of the bench and forced to play defense for most of the season. Both guys came up big all year round and their contributions were necessary for the success of the team. The word on the street is the duo is now know as "T N' T.'' A most dynamic Duo!!!

The team also saw veterans Wick and Dex return to full season form. Wick was also an offensive juggernaut and picked up a lot of the slack to cover for a team that was short on offensive and defensive players all year long. Dex was consistent every game, always battling and skating hard to keep the pressure on in both defensive and offensive zones. Wick also lead the playoffs with 5 assists!

Few people bring as much intensity to the rink as center man, Tim Dibella. Even his own teammates are not off limits! He will pick a fight with anybody! Tim also saw very little playing time during the regular season but was a big contributor in the playoffs scoring some big, timely goals. His 2 goals and skating hard both ends of the ice in the final game was a big part of the Blues coming away victorious.

Team Captain, Jimmy Davis and Ray Pirre missed most of the season but made some serious contributions when they were able to attend. Ray and Jimmy should be back in action full time for the fall season. Jimmy had a very strong post season with 7 points in 3 playoff games. Ray lead the team with 8 goals, 11 total points and 8 penalty minutes in the 3 playoff games. Lets keep that going into next season boys!

Dennis Haines also was huge in game 2 of the finals. Dennis plays like he is the goalie before you get to the goalie! Always diving and making kick saves to keep the puck in the zone or out of the net! We hope to see him full time next season.

That's it boys and girls! A great end to a challenging season! Check back for the latest blues news!

That' s all for this reporter. See you in a couple weeks!

Knuckleheads Beat Up on Blues

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Fri Mar 23rd 2018 10:14am

First off, Let me preface this by saying that this reporter was not at this particular game. It was said, that the Blues started strong and took an early lead. However, in the second period, the Blues let in a whopping 6 goals. YIPES!!! Not good! After much effort, the deficit was just too great to overcome. Knuckleheads had their "big 3" and they are not easy to contain.

Nice offensive efforts by Tony Faulls with a Hat-Trick and 4 points for "Slick Wick!"

Next game is Sunday at 7:30 against Big City Ice. See You There!!!

Tele-Q STILL Pieces of Shit!!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Sun Mar 18th 2018 2:50pm
Carrying equipment after carrying Blues
Carrying equipment after carrying Blues

Surprise! Surprise! The Blues beat the most hated team in the league, Tele-Q. Tele-Q pulled all the stops and even reloaded a bit this season with a couple of decent players. One is even a NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! Ain't that right Jimmy!

The Blues started the game with 8 skaters and ended with 6. As per usual, penalties were handed out to Blues players like candy. The officiating was atrocious!. Tim was thrown out for loosing his cool (yet again) and attacking one of the assholes that plays for Tele-Q. Jimmy was thrown out for "not being nice" to one of the dumb officials. Jimmy could be heard making "baby noises" while exiting the ice to the dismay of the referees. It was quite an exciting game but that's not even the best part!

The most impressive part of the night was the goal tending of Dave Columbia. Boy, was he great! If not for the play of Dave, this game might have had a different outcome. He made save after save to keep the Blues in it, and give them a chance to win. With a little luck and 2 goals from Jimmy and a goal by Tony Faulls, the Blues were able to steal a victory with a very short and tired bench.

Blues win 1st of the Season!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Wed Feb 28th 2018 10:01am

Blues start to heat up! It usually takes until about mid-season but the Blues were firing on all cylinders to beat Big City Ice. Behind the stellar performance of the young netminder with the extraordinary lateral- movement, Dave Columbia was poetry in motion between the pipes! He was like a blur in the crease.... Omni-prescent! Everywhere at once!!! Great game Dave and we are gonna miss you when Don comes back in September! Until then, bring on Crown Royal.

Tim notched his first hat-trick as a Blueser and Ray and Tony F combined for 8 points. Great game all- around.

Last Game Result: Sep 19 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Orange Crush « 2 3 3 8
Blues HC 1 1 0 2
Goal Scorers: Ray Pirre (01:11 in 1st), Tim DiBella (02:22 in 2nd)
Goaltender: Don Bourbon (L)

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Sun Sep 23rd 2018 9:00pm
Game at Knights
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Sun Sep 30th 2018 9:00pm
Game vs Team Rho B
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Mon Oct 15th 2018 11:00am
Game vs Tele Q
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Regular Season Leaders

Points Tony Faulls & Ray Pirre 9
Goals Tony Faulls 6
Assists Ray Pirre 5
PIM 3 Players Tied 2
SO Don Bourbon 0
Wins Don Bourbon 1
GAA Don Bourbon 6.50