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Braintree U18 White 1

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Posted by: Sean McDevitt on Sun Jan 14th 2018 1:56pm
PW Hawks 9, Wamps 1
PW Hawks 9, Wamps 1

Clearly they were the better team. A 5-3 loss might be OK. 9-1 is tough though. We played solid 5v5 early. Untimely penalties hurt us and we trailed. But then we then fell apart...some laziness, some shaky passing, limited physical contact...and we allowed their top players to slice through us with ease.

We can be better. We need to be.

Good way to end the year

Posted by: Sean McDevitt on Mon Jan 01st 2018 5:45pm
Wamps 6, Weymouth 3
Wamps 6, Weymouth 3

Two solid wins to end the year. 6-3 over Weymouth and 8-5 over Dedham.

In 2018 we will go down to 2 teams and reshuffle a bit.


Posted by: Sean McDevitt on Mon Oct 16th 2017 11:05am
Parkway 1+2 6, Wamps 2
Parkway 1+2 6, Wamps 2

Obviously this was a combo team of PW 1 (supposed to be our opponent) and PW 2 (whom we played a few weeks ago).

We played a strong first period and part of the second before we took a step back - sloppiness, difficulty with passing (making passes and receiving)...can not do that again a good team and get away with it.

All fixable - we have the talent and skill ... as evidenced by the first period.

Best effort thus far...

Posted by: Sean McDevitt on Sun Oct 08th 2017 5:09pm
Wamps 8, Canton 2
Wamps 8, Canton 2

No question - our best effort. We dominated time of possession, zone time, shots. We continued to press throughout the game and pulled away steadily.

Folks moving to open space, much better passing, and a couple "highlight reel" goals.

A few things to focus on? Watch for breakdowns when D rushes (F need to cover), a few shifts were too loooooooong, some positional shortcomings in both D and O zones.

Let's keep up the momentum...

Back on track

Posted by: Sean McDevitt on Sun Oct 08th 2017 5:04pm
Wamps 5, Hanover 2
Wamps 5, Hanover 2

Solid win. Started slow and gained momentum and confidence. Dominated late in the game. Well done.

Last Game Result: Jan 28 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Hyde Park Eagles « 1 2 2 5
Wamps 0 0 1 1
Goal Scorers: Ross Lucas (11:58 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Aidan McDevitt (L)

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Points Ross Lucas 17
Goals Ross Lucas 9
Assists Ross Lucas 8
PIM Ryan Mikalauskis 20
SO Aidan McDevitt 0
Wins Aidan McDevitt 2
GAA Aidan McDevitt 5.50
SV% Aidan McDevitt 0.800