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Meeting Tuesday September 6

Posted by: Shelley Matheson on Wed Aug 31st 2016 2:32pm

Meeting Tuesday Sept 6

5:15 - Royal Sporting Goods -1815 7th Ave for anyone interested in getting a stick or any other new equipment

6:15 - Cheers - I will collect the money for the T-shirts and fees. The order has been placed for the T-shirts, the cost is $25.00/shirt and floor hockey fees this year will be $65.00 for the season. This making the total of $90.00 for anyone playing floor hockey and for you spares that just ordered a new shirt your cost is just the $25.00

Since, I only need the money to cover the T-shirts and our teams deposit for the fees ahead of time if anyone wished to pay 1/2 now (45.00) and the remaining half (45.00) when the season start I am good with that. If you can`t make it on Tuesday, please make e-mail to make other payment arrangements or feel free to e-transfer me the money if that work better.

The league meeting is on Wed. Sept 7, where I need to pay our team deposit and will keep you informed of any other issues. Please let me know if there is any issues you would like me to discuss at the meeting, also we are still in need of ref`s if anyone knows anyone interested.

2016/2017 Season early start

Posted by: Shelley Matheson on Mon Aug 15th 2016 2:02pm

This years floor hockey season will get off to a early start with games starting Sept 30 week-end!

The league is also looking for Ref`s if anyone is interested or knows of anyone interested let Kim know.

I am also looking around at getting a new style of shirt, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I was thinking maybe we could add the number 17 to our logo guy somewhere or perhaps getting 17 put on a sleeve in memory of Jenn

See you all soon!

Steak Night for Jen

Posted by: Shelley Matheson on Fri Oct 09th 2015 10:45am

Get your tickets now!

2015 & 2016 Season

Posted by: Shelley Matheson on Mon Sep 28th 2015 1:22pm

Hi guys,

I will send all this info out in a e-mail also, until I know everyone is using this website to get info, etc. I have added our schedule to the website.

Our first game is October 16, 2015 at 6pm against Total Kaos.

Fees for the team are $700.00 a team this year which includes a increase for the ref`s. Since we have a few less people this year and don't have any team money left that fees will be $60.00 per player and are due at the end of October. So if you know you will not be at the first couple games please make arrangements with me to pay your fees.

I have contacted Silver Screen about ordering a couple T-shirts for the new players and anyone who needs or wants a new one. Since that is all we will be ordering the cost is $15.00 a T-shirt please let me know if you would like one or not and what number and size ASAP as I would like to place the order next week if possible.

Please print your name not write on the score sheets, when you sign the game day sheet you are also signing a waiver for any guest you invite or bring into the gym. This was brought up at the meeting, for any kids that may accidently get hit, etc. Also please make sure you clean up after yourselves and guests. I think that was all the concerns that were really brought up at the meeting.

I think that might be all for now!!

New Season to Start Soon!

Posted by: Shelley Matheson on Tue Sep 15th 2015 11:17am

Get ready for a new and exciting season of floor hockey!! Once I know everyone is up and using this site, I will be using it to post all updates, etc.. Feel free to add any news items here that you want the team to see!!

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