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3-peat!! Tubber's Champs 2017!!!

Posted by: Tom Derkach, GM on Sun Feb 19th 2017 11:02pm

2017 Tubber's Cup Champions!!

Coaldiggers Classic Champs!!!

Posted by: Tom Derkach, GM on Wed Nov 11th 2015 3:55pm

Congrats to us! Coaldidgger Tourney Champs!

Hat trick performance leads Mav's to epic comeback win!!!!

Posted by: Ian "Web Master" MacCaskell on Thu Mar 08th 2012 12:15am

Back up goal tender turned scoring phenom , "Iron Mike" Tyson, gets his first ever hat trick playing out with the CU vs the Purple Haze All-stars which sparked an epic comeback victory this past Tuesday night.

It was pandemonium in the stands as stunned onlookers and sleep deprived fans watched the rag tag motley crew Mavrix claw their way to victory in the second period after a dismal 5-1 deficit in the 1st.

"It must have been Colin's talk during the break that got me going, somehow." Iron Mike said after the game. "Colin "blue paint" Duncanson is a pretty lad back cagey vet. He lets his hockey do the talking on the ice. And during the break he ripped a strip off everyone on the bench for their lack of effort and extra long shifts we were taking. I don't know... it sparked something inside me. A light turned on and the next thing I new I had two quick goals followed by a third. Strange but true."

Yes Iron Mike... strange indeed. I wonder who will be skating out for the Mav's in there next home game?

Mavrix make quick work out of the Hornets

Posted by: Ian "Web Master" MacCaskell on Wed Nov 30th 2011 10:53pm

7-1 final

Mavrix steal a close one from the Cable guys...

Posted by: Ian "Web Master" MacCaskell on Fri Nov 18th 2011 11:37pm

4-2 final. Season series tied 1-1

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