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Vadim Berengut

Vadim Berengut


What is your nickname?: Vadik
Who is your favorite NHL player?: Marty McSorley ;-)
How long have you been playing hockey?: If playing meant watching? 40 years.
Where were you born?: A "hockeytown" ;-) of Baku, Azerbaijan
What do you do when you're not playing hockey?: Driving Eli to/from games
If you were NHL 1st round draft choice / rookie contract... What's you 1st car?: Retroactively? HummVe

Last Game Result: Sep 07 2014

Team 1 2 3 F
Riptide U16 AA « 2 1 5 8
California Titans 1 0 1 2
Goal Scorers: Eli Berengut (03:19 in 1st), Eli Berengut (07:19 in 1st), Zo Dhandwar (10:26 in 2nd), Zo Dhandwar (03:47 in 3rd), Eli Berengut (04:34 in 3rd), Noah Bleichner (07:11 in 3rd), Weston Goodman (09:23 in 3rd), Alessandro Vannelli (11:06 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Jonathan Giers (W)

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