Les Étoiles d'Aylmer 2008

Les Étoiles d'Aylmer 2008

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Coaching System

Posted by: Jeff Lynt on Mon May 08th 2017 1:45pm

These are the key messages to the kids.



1. Protect the house

2. Cut time and space

3. Be physical - correct stick position and hard stickwork


1. Attack space

2. Create 2 on 1 , 2nd quick in the offensive zone

3. Make triangles

Player roles:
 (what should the player be doing)

Offense (your team has the puck):            

1. With the puck
control it, find players to pass to or shoot                        
2. Without the puck
get open for a pass


Defense (the other team has the puck): 

3. Attacker/Hunter --Go after the player with the puck or contain him

4. Watcher/Surveillance - Take a man, prevent a pass


Ice Principles:

Defensive Zone = Work zone  --work hard  to get the puck and move it out

Neutral Zone = Speed Zone – Skate hard through the zone

Offensive Zone = Fun Zone (the Park) – get open and work together, play with your team mates

Highway -  is between the dots


Get onto the highway before the red line ( get to the blue dot)

-Play inside the Dots 

– Get onto the Highway (take the sideway only when the highway is clogged)

Players take lanes on the rush.


Always take the space. 

Always, always, always.  If there is 5 feet in front of you, take it away.  Never give free ice!


Dice “5” formation:  try to make and keep the formation of “5” dice formation in all zones.

Play together as a unit forming the dice “5” formation

Coaches will Take 5 - 10 minutes before every practice to give a small lesson about hockey.  They will Use illustrations and videos whenever possible.


Tournoi à Kingston Tournament

Posted by: Lyne Hamel on Tue Mar 21st 2017 3:42pm

Bonjour tout le monde,

J'ai été capable de réserver un bloc de 10 chambre pours les Étoiles d'Aylmer 2008 au Motel 6 Kingston pour le 9-10 juin. Malheureusement je n'ai pu en réserver plus par manque de chambre. SVP faites vous réservation avant le 9 mai sinon les chambres seront libérés. Attacher est la confirmation du ''bloc'' de chambre. Le tarif de la chambre est basé par le nombre d'adulte.

Hi everyone,

I was able to block 10 rooms for the Étoiles d'Aylmer 2008 at the Motel 6 in Kingston for the 9-10 june. Unfortunatly I could reserve more than that since there is a shortage of rooms. Please reserve your rooms by May 9th, if not we loose the rooms. Attached, you will find the confirmation of 'block' rooms. The charge for the room goes by the number of adult in the rooms.

Lien: https://www.motel6.com/en/motels.on.kingston.5712.html?lid=X_PMG_NaturalSearch_Local_Google_5712&utm_source=local&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=googlelocal-5712


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