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Foothill Flyers B

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2016/2017 Bronze A Champs!

Posted by: Kristie Sager (C) on Sat Mar 25th 2017 1:10pm
Champs Again!
Champs Again!

We did it again! For the 2nd time in 3 seasons and the 2nd time in Foothill Flyers history, we are championships of the Skatetown Bronze A Beer League world. This particular team was the true definition of a team. We had no drama and all pulled on the same rope in the same direction all season long. I could not be prouder of calling you my teammates. And this time, Gretchen was not only playing in our championship game, but was an essential part of the championship clincher. Thank you all again for your support all season and for picking each other up when needed the most. Time to defend our title!

Back Row (left to right): Jeremy Martynse, Jerry Black, Max Wright, Ryan Larsen, Jason Steenbergen, Brian Gallagher, John Burns.

Middle Row (left to right): Andrew Howes, Lisa Gallagher, Kristie Sager (C).

Bottom Row (left to right): Matt Franks, Jillian Rainville, Gretchen Tornebene, Greg Pote, Brian Bell (A), Mike Walsh, Jeff "Skeeter" Rogers (A)

Not Pictured: Jordan Gildersleeve, Laura Casper.

2015/2016 Bronze A Champs!

Posted by: Kristie Sager (C) on Sun Mar 27th 2016 12:30pm
Foothill Flyers 15/16 Fall League Champs
Foothill Flyers 15/16 Fall League Champs

Finally! For the first time since our founding during the first Bronze season, the Foothill Flyers won the Bronze A Championship. Couldn't happen to a better group of mates. Congratulations everyone!!!

Back Row (left to right): Eric Myers, Brian Bell, Brian Gallagher, Jeremy Martynse, Jason Steenbergen, Jim Hammes.

Middle Row (left to right): Jordan Gildersleeve, Lisa Gallagher, Andrew Howes.

Bottom Row (left to right): Scott Pullman (A), Kristie Sager (C), Molly Ralls, Vinnie Guillama, Greg Pote (G-1000% Save Percentage in the Playoffs).

Not Pictured: Cody Besler (A), Tom Howes (A), Gretchen Tornabene, Skeeter Rogers, Steve Elias.

Fall/Winter 2014-15 Team Photo

Posted by: Scott Pullman on Tue Mar 03rd 2015 5:50pm
Team Photo
Team Photo

Standing, L-R: Jim Hammes, Cody Besler, Tom Napieralski, Tom Howes, Vinnie Guillama, Jeremy Martynse, Kristie Sager, Steve Elias, Jason Steenbergen, Andrew Howes, Eddie Zander, Scott Pullman.

Kneeling L-R: Matt Franks, Brian Bell, Jake Bradt, Paul Jerguson.

Not pictured:Stephen Berkson, Lisa Gallagher, Jordan Gildersleeve, Molly Ralls, Skeeter Rogers, Victoria Spencer.

Fall/Winter 2013-14 Team Photo

Posted by: Scott Pullman on Fri Mar 07th 2014 7:45pm
Foothill Flyers Fall/Winter 2013-14
Foothill Flyers Fall/Winter 2013-14

Back row: Jim Hammes, Matt Franks, Skeeter Rogers, Lisa Gallagher, Patrick Gannon, Tom Howes, Victora Spencer, Scott Pullman

Front row: Jordan Gildersleeve, Andrew Howes, Kristie Sager, Tom Napieralski, Dennis Camillieri, Brian Bell, Kham Chanthavong

Not pictured: Jeremy Martynse, Shannon Selissen, Greg Joens, Simone Durand

Summer 2014 Team Photo (plus new additions)

Posted by: Scott Pullman on Wed Sep 17th 2014 6:36pm
Foothill Flyers Spring/Summer 2014
Foothill Flyers Spring/Summer 2014

Back row: Steve Berkson (new), Jeremy Martynse, Tom Howes, Cody Besler, Eddie Zander, Molly Ralls (new), Scott Pullman

Front Row: Steve Elias (new), Brian Bell, Andrew Howes, Jake Bradt, Skeeter Rogers, Tom Napieralski, Jordan Gildersleeve

Not pictured: Kristie Sager, Jim Hammes, Lisa Gallagher, Paul Jerguson, Matt Franks, Victoria Spencer, Dennis Camillieri, Wade Pinkston

(New players from the Fall/Winter 2014-15 team were permitted to play in this consolation game.)

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