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Player Meetings - Starting Monday Oct 2nd

Posted by: C F on Sun Oct 01st 2017 10:08pm

Individual player meetings for selection of team to start Monday Oct 2nd at 3:00pm in room 317

Monday's meetings will be with the 7 players travelling on Tuesday for soccer and will take place in the following order; Jude Power, Colin Mckinnon, Eric Knight, Evan Knight, Brandon Summers, Garrett Mills and Jeffrey King.

Individual player meetings should take ~3-5 minutes each.

If you are travelling for soccer and your name is not listed above let us know as soon as possible.

Schedule for Tuesday's player meetings will be posted Monday evening.

Tryout Games Completed

Posted by: C F on Sun Sep 17th 2017 2:04am

Games completed:
Game 1: Sun Sept17th - 9:00pm - 1White vs 2Blue - Goalies: T1 Bishop&Buckingham, T2 Gosse&Summers
Game 2: Fri Sept22nd - 9:00pm - 2Blue vs 3Gold - Goalies: T2 Buckingham & Hunter, T3 Bishop & Gosse
Game 3: Sat Sept 23rd - 9:00pm - 1White vs 3Gold - Goalies: T1 Hunter&Summers, T3 Buckingham&Gosse
Game 4: Sun Sept 24th - 9:00pm - 1White vs 2Blue - Goalies: T1 Bishop&Buckingham, T2 Hunter & Summers
Game 5: Fri Sept 29th - 9:00pm - 2Blue vs 3Gold - Goalies: T2 Bishop&Gosse, T3 Hunter & Summers
Game 6: Sat Sept 30th - 9:00pm - 1 WHITE vs 3 GOLD - Goalies: T1 Gosse & Hunter, T3 Buckingham & Summers

Trying out for Gonzaga hockey team and interested in the Doug Marshall Hockey League!

Posted by: C F on Wed Sep 27th 2017 8:41pm

Prior to the start of both tryout games this weekend a short meeting will be held at Twin Rinks with players and interested parents to review timelines for selection of Gonzaga Vikings Hockey team and following;
passing along an important message from the Doug Marshall Hockey League (DMHL) "any high school player intending to play in the DMHL should get registered by this Saturday September 30th. If a player registers in the DMHL and is selected as a full time player with your school team they can get a refund as long as they contact the DMHL league prior to the draft. The league will even refund the tryout fee if the player notifies the league prior to the commencement of the tryout process."

For more information on the DMHL and their registration process go to DMHL League

Tryout Teams (if your name is NOT listed contact us!)

Posted by: C F on Sun Sep 17th 2017 1:07am

TEAM 1 WHITE: (8-F) Daniel Beresford, Michael Curran, Eric Knight, Marc Mclean, Neil Power, Matthew Rogers, Kyle Rumsey, Ethan Slaney. (4-D) Alex Curtis, Alex Hutton, Callum O'Leary, Daniel Penney.

TEAM 2 BLUE: (8-F) Patrick Beer, Sean Coady, Josh Cooke, Will Edwards, Cole Hillier, AJ Joyce, Regan Seymour, Evan Walsh. (5-D) Jacob Eddy, Michael Flynn, Jeffrey King, Mike King, Matt Renouf.

TEAM 3 GOLD: (8-F) Riley Best, Eric Gosse, Matthew Johnson, Evan Knight, Colin Mckinnon, Josh Neil, Jude Power, Eric Rowe. (5-D) Murray Byrne, Luke Chatman, Andrew Howell, Mike Simms, George Walsh.

GOALIES not assigned to teams, will rotate through the 6 games and will be listed separately - goalies to bring their own jersey

Payment of $55 for Tryout

Posted by: C F on Fri Sep 15th 2017 8:08am

Payment is to be made before your tryout session this afternoon and can be made by;
- pay at this afternoons tryout session (either check payable to Gonzaga or cash)
- before 1:00PM today send email transfer of $55 to craigfgonzagahockey@gmail.com

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