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BOLTS Season starts!!

Posted by: Calvin Johnson on Sun Oct 01st 2017 1:21pm

Sunday October 8th. the 2017 / 2018 Bolts season will be starting!!!

New sponsors on board Original Joe's in Edson - BAM!!! due the unyielding work of our own Arthur Reid... (THANK YOU ARTHUR AND OJ's) we have logo's on our Jerseys and I'm encouraging that every player promotes OJ's whenever possible. This also mean's that after most games (depending on timing and personal commitments / schedules) we will be having our after game beverages at OJ's.

Next... A word on fitness!!

If I'm still able to work out and do strength training so should every other player on our team. Recently (over the summer I finished a round of P90X). Every person can do there own thing to stay in shape and contribute, but if you don't already have a set workout schedule or fitness plan... I'm happy to hook you up!! Some of you know that I also teach Jr. Curling and social dance in Edson...

Katerina Giovos (P90X live and Beachbody Coach) is a friend and figure skating coach who has agreed to work with us at practices (for FREE) and also individually if you wanted at her normal teaching rate. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend using this resource if you are able to.

As a Beachbody Coach and P90X live instructor she also can get your orders of Shakeology protein awesome shakes going for home delivery!! -- which I get every month... anyone who wants to try before you sign up let me know and I'll drop off some for you to try.

Recently, I was talking to Chad... and he suggested it would be awesome to have "Play-offs" in the B league... I'm not sure how you all feel about that, but personally - I think it's a great idea...If there is enough interest shown I will make some suggestions/and/or start the process myself.

Let me know what you think team... ?

Looking forward to a great season!!! GO BOLTS...

IRONLINE BOLTS SOLID in 2nd. last match vs. Tuna's!!

Posted by: Calvin Johnson on Mon Mar 27th 2017 10:39am

The final buzzer sounds and the score is 10 - 1 for the Bolts... with Art's shutout spoiled with 6 minutes to go.

IRONLINE Hockey... looking for year end tournament...

Posted by: Calvin Johnson on Mon Feb 06th 2017 3:12pm

That's it... looking, will keep updating as information is available.


Decision Made!!! Welcome IRONLINE BOLTS

Posted by: Calvin Johnson on Wed Jan 25th 2017 9:31am

Vote was taken, results are in... We will become the IRONLINE BOLTS officially!!

GTech Offence is well oiled machine... Defence needs "A LOT" of work!

Posted by: Calvin Johnson on Mon Nov 28th 2016 5:11pm

6 (Yes that's six) Goals were not enough to capture the Win vs. Wilden's last Friday...

Losing 9 - 6, Gtech will need much improvement if they hope to scratch back to .500 in the New Year. With only 6 games remaining in 2016 a winning run would definitely help.

Next Game is Friday vs. (Danny Brown) and the Wings... 8:45 p.m.

Last Game Result: Feb 15 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Wings 1 1 1 3
Goal Scorers: Mike Semotiuk (05:33 in 1st), Billy Heintz (11:23 in 1st), Colby Wookey (20:11 in 2nd), Brendan Rose (22:12 in 2nd), Colby Wookey (51:11 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Arthur Reid (W)

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Regular Season Leaders

Points Scott Kachmarchyk 30
Goals Scott Kachmarchyk 23
Assists Chad Macdonald-Winsor 21
PIM 22 Players Tied 0
SO Dwayne Hawyrluk & Arthur Reid 0
Wins Arthur Reid 9
GAA Arthur Reid 4.64