Strange Brew - Sugarland

Strange Brew - Sugarland


Beer Schedule

Who's turn for beer

On Beer Duty

Jan 4th Duane DeGeer
Jan 11th Shawn Feltus
Jan 18th Terry Worbets and Jim Thom
Jan 25th Derek Normore and Jon Christian
Feb 1st Bruce Redies
Feb 8th Scott Schneider and John Reid
Feb 15th Russell McKinnon and Doc Payne
Feb 22nd Ben Gregory and Rob Berrns
March 1 Dave Parker and Fred Costello.
March 8th Derek Normore and Mark
March 15th Shawn and Terry
March 22nd Bruce Redies and Jon Christian
March 29th John Reid and Doc Payne

Coming Up

Tue Aug 20th 2019 9:30pm
Game at Tropics
at Sugarland Rink B