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Posted by: Paul Sampson on Thu Feb 06th 2014 1:02pm

The Icemen secured 2nd place with a solid 4 -2 victory over the Stingers. A well balanced team effort saw goals by 4 different scorers – Ray, Rob, Hayes, and Ronen, backed by effective goaltending by Sal. With the playoffs approaching and the trade deadline looming, the Icemen made a bold move to make a serious run at the Ice World Champion Title, the prized Slusher Cup. Years ago the Icemen managed to trade a player for a bag of pucks, but fell short of total victory. This time the whole roster was traded for a case of hockey sticks. Fishing deep in the free agent waters in the A division, the Icemen stocked up on plenty of ringer rentals to be prepared against the roster shenanigans of the Dragon-Bears.

Icemen Douse Firemen 5-3

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Fri Jan 24th 2014 1:26pm

What a difference having a good turnout can make. The Icemen revenged a 9-5 loss while playing with a very short bench, with a solid 5-3 victory. The Icemen struck first midway through the first when Tyler Spires poke passed the puck ahead to Chris Black who was able to get ahead of the Firemen’s defense and finish the charge with a goal. Tyler, shocked he made such a play, immediately took himself off the ice to ponder what just transpired. So stunned, he even managed to get on the bench before Chris put his own rebound into the net. It took Tyler several minutes of pacing and mumbling to himself “the hockey gods have a cruel sense of humor. I bust my butt falling down all over the ice, watching the other team skate around me, chase people and never catch them, pass to no one in open ice in the offensive zone when I manage to reach a puck, and can’t get the goal drought monkey off my back….and all I have to do is push the puck forward two feet while near my blue line to get a point? This game sucks!”

Sal “Trouble with the knuckle puck” Crupi turned away many quality shots until one caromed off a skate in front and trickled in. A bad bounce off a shot block attempt that went to an open Firemen in the slot with 2 seconds left in the first was stopped but popped in the air where it was batted in, putting the Icemen down 2-1 at the end of one.

The second period opened with a power play goal by Rob Heil, assisted by Ray and Paul. Less than a minute later, Rob scored again – assisted by Tyler of all people. This put him over the edge, realizing this put him in the team lead for assists midway through the season. He played the rest of the game in a catatonic state. The whole team telling him he needs help afterwards in the locker room while post game press conferences were underway. He called the Icemen official headshrink and sometimes actual player Dr. Chad Nelson to set up a therapy session. Dr. “Orange Crush” Chad, who has made less appearances of late than Bigfoot sightings in the area, told him to go screw himself.

Once again, the Firemen scored late in the period to send it to the final stanza tied at 3. Time for Shock Trauma and Awe to kick in: Dr. Ronen managed to take two firemen out of the game with him, giving the Icemen a 4 minute power play. Before the first penalty expired, Dr. Nate, who gave a clinic in demonstrating the “Fireman Carry – hockey style” all game long (carrying the puck with Firemen draped on his back) put the puck on net where Chad Perkins buried a juicy rebound to put the Icemen ahead for good. Nate would add the insurance goal a few minutes later to seal the victory and a 6-1-2 record and a at least a tie for second place.

Icemen down APG 4-1 to go 5-1-2 on the season

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Sun Jan 19th 2014 5:19pm

The Icemen finally broke open the game midway through the third period with 3 unanswered goals to seal another victory. After a quick goal on the opening shift by Rob Heil, both teams settled down in a close game. Despite strong plays by APG and the Icemen, it remained score free until early in the third when the APG Blast finally penetrated the Icemen defense for a breakaway goal. Steve Benedict Trostle was able to stop every other shot in the game except for when he was visualizing how the shootout would play out should we get there. After seeing this take place, Chris Black chatted up the bench saying “I’ll be damned if we let the game get decided by that weasel! Okay you new guys, let’s see what you got.” First time Icemen Kyle McDermott and Tim (anything my dad can do I can do better) Sampson got more comfortable with Icemen hockey and stepped up their games. Kyle was able to provide good puck control in the offensive zone to keep APG on their heels, and Tim set up Rob for two more goals before burying a sweet backhand saucer pass from Ray Makowski in the final minute to lock up the win.

Nate and Ronen played solid D and were an scoring threat each time they stepped out on the ice while Patrick Mullen and Chris did an excellent job as a shut down pair on D. Hayes, Tyler, Paul, and Chad also contributed to the win by good two-way efforts. With this win, we have 12 out of a possible 16 points which should put us on the heels of the top of the division. Next up are the Baltimore County Fire Department in a battle for 2nd place.

Icemen pinch Blue Crabs 4-3 in close game

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Thu Jan 09th 2014 8:39pm

In an almost repeat of the first meeting between two closely matched teams, the Icemen came out on top with a late third period goal in a game that had a couple of lead changes but never by more than a single goal. A sign off good things to come occurred on the first shift when Nate Schmoekel caught the Crabs off guard with a rush from the opening face off and banked the puck off the right post and then the goalie’s skate for a goal at the 12 second mark. Giving credit to the Crabs, they battled back all period until they finally managed to ‘non-kick’ the puck with 7 seconds left in the period past Sal Crupi, who just battled his way back from a case of the s%*^t’s the day before.

The Crabs took the lead 5 minutes into the second by fooling Sal on a slow change up. “I can stop the fast ones no problem”, said the master of the “Wop Flop”. “But it’s the slow ones that mesmerize me. I think I’m in the zone when I can read the stitching on the puck, but by the time I realize this isn’t baseball it’s too late.” Not long after, Ray Makowski tied it up with a screened wrist shot from point. Chad Perkins regained the Icemen lead to close out the second with an assist from Ray. Predictably, the Crabs tied it up almost 6 minutes into the 3rd. It looked like we would be heading to our 3rd overtime game as both teams had several chances but could not convert, until Mats Berquist sprung Paul Sampson for a breakaway goal with 91 seconds left. The Icemen stood tall in holding off a final onslaught when the Crabs pulled their goalie for an extra attacker.

Solid defense by Patrick Mullen and Chris Black provided the effort on the back end while Rob Heil and Jason Pasley also made game long contributions with good two way play. This ups our record to 4-1-2 for 8 points and a tie for 3rd place with one game in hand on the first place team. Our next game vs. APG should help narrow the gap to 2 points out of first at almost the half way mark.

Icemen charm Cobras with last minute goal to force OT and shootout

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Wed Jan 01st 2014 7:30pm

With Sal Crupi rushing to the bench for an extra attacker with 38 seconds to go, Ray Makowski beat Benedict Trostle to tie it up at 2 goals apiece. After a scoreless OT period, the Icemen came up short in the shootout but gained a point in the standings. This is a the second time this season the Icemen and Cobras ended regulation in a tie – again with a short bench.

Rob Heil opened the scoring early in the first period with his 5th goal of the season, assisted by Chad Perkins. The lead lasted for half a period until the Cobras tied it with 2 minutes left. In a close match, the Cobras took the lead with the only goal in the second. Close checking and back and forth play made it hard for either team to score. The Icemen identity is to keep up the work ethic regardless of the score, and it finally bore fruit with under a minute left in the game. The Cobras kept pushing us back in our end to run down the clock. That was until Ray picked up a Cobra dump in and took it coast to coast for the game tying goal.

Ray had a very perplexing game, seemingly confused on how to maintain his on-ice gimmick. He ran our own net (getting a delay of game penalty in the process) and did not run the opposition goalie in the last minute of play. Was he flummoxed by Icemen back-up goalie Benedict Trostle in net for the Cobras? Or was he so excited about scoring that he forgot to run Steve?

Unfortunately, we were unable to win the shootout but it felt good about matching up well against the first place team. With a full bench, this bodes well for us should we meet them in the playoffs.

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