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Icemen Defuse APG 5-2 in Season Opener

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Fri May 10th 2013 1:16pm

The Icemen started out strong against a well-stocked APG roster with Mats – heavy on the starch-Bergquist notching the first of his three points on his second shift of the game, converting a passing play from Scott Chason and Ray Makowski. Mats later added two helpers for a career game. With only 10 skaters against an overflowing APG Bench (was anyone left guarding the base?) we knew we could be in for a long night if fatigue set in and we lost the battle of attrition. Building a lead before their superior conditioning took over was a point well understood after being up only 1 – 0 after the first period.

An aggressive fore check continued to bottle up their breakout and forcing turnovers. Jason Pasley stole the puck down low, found Mats off to the side, who then fed Paul Sampson for a back door one-timer before 2 minutes could tick off the clock in the 2nd period. So far so good….until overconfidence set in and we gave up a 2 man breakaway with less than 4 minutes left, cutting our lead back to 1 goal. Rob Shrek Heil said ‘screw this, we ain’t going into the 3rd up only 1 goal again’ and ripped a blistering 5 mph shot from center ice with one minute to go that it found its way into the net untouched 46 seconds later to restore the 2 goal lead. With no penalties being called, Rob needed to get on the score sheet somehow for an alibi on where he was last night. Ray tallied what will be his easiest assist and most unlikely point of the season on the play.
The third period got off to another good start when Ray made a sweet stretch pass up the left wing boards to Paul, who used Mats and Jason as decoys on the ensuing 3 on 2 rush, and sent a screen shot top right corner for a 4 – 1 lead with just under a minute transpired. Much credit is due APG for they never let up on their effort all game long. It paid off with a successful goal mouth scramble 5 minutes later. Finally, after the APG Goalie playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with Scott’s first 73 shots on goal, Scott got lucky and one finally went in with 5 minutes left in the game seal to the victory at 5 – 2. Assists go to Mats and newcomer Eric Butera on the play.

Scott's trick trumps Aces; 4-1

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Mon Nov 19th 2012 2:03pm

Scott Chason had a career game, totaling 4 points - including a natural hat trick. Call it a Super Hat Trick – a short handed goal, followed by an even strength goal, then a power play goal, finished off with an assist – to provide a commanding 4 goal lead. John Weiss and Paul Sampson picked up a helper each and Paul one timed a pass from Scott into the net for Scott’s 4th point. A much improved game by all. Dr. Bob made all kinds of acrobatic saves in a stand out effort. The shutout was lost when #10 on the Aces, who really belongs on the Ace’s B Level Badgers team, scored with literally a half second left in the game.
In his after game excitement, Chris Black kept telling anyone who would listen that he is every bit as tough a defenseman as Rob Heil and that he too can get double minors anytime he wants. When asked for a response, Rob said “If he really wants to reach my level, he has to get 4 minors in one game and manage not to get the mandatory game misconduct that goes along with it.” Mats the Rookie finally learned to forego his runway fashion practices and may become a hockey player yet – no hangers for his jerseys! Now if only we can get him to wear them again without washing them.
The defense did a better job staying home, covering the slot and clearing loose pucks, as well as forcing opponents wide. It may have been the season return of Brian Hayes on D that made the difference (….well, maybe not). John Cassidy is developing into a solid Defensemen as his decision making shows more experience. Soon he’ll be ready to take double minors too. Tyler Spires and Heath Wilson are developing into a better checking line. John Weiss continues to be a strong fore checker, strong along the boards, and making passes that are unbecoming of an Icemen – actually finding open guys in the offensive zone. John Delaney is also improving, making smarter decisions with the puck.

Stingers Buzz Icemen 6-2

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Thu Nov 15th 2012 1:59pm

Not to sound like a broken record, but the Icemen played a much better game than the score showed. A closely played first period ended us being down 1 – 0 against last season’s 2nd place team. The Icemen weathered a 5 on 3 disadvantage, holding the Stingers from adding to their lead. A quick opposition goal to open the second only stiffened our resolve to play hard. Rob Heil and John Cassidy answered back scoring unassisted goals 2-1/2 minutes apart to tie it up. Good fore checking pressure created errant clearing passes where Rob and John snared inside the blue line and found net through screens. Playing with only 9 forwards vs. their crowded bench, it felt like the ice was beginning to tilt towards our end. The first breach came while trying to kill our 4th penalty of the game with a minute and a half left in the 2nd. A quick goal a minute later restored the two goal deficit. Compelled to play more defensively, in order to conserve any remaining energy, made it difficult to mount any sustained attack or take advantage of potential breakaways. Ceding another power play goal closed out the scoring at 6 -2. Positive notes: Dr. Bob made tons of good saves with the support of lots of blocked shots. Everyone gave 100% the whole game.

Icemen claw back at Crabs

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Tue Nov 13th 2012 4:25pm

In our closest game of the young season, the Icemen clawed their way back from a 5 -2 deficit in the 3rd period to almost force overtime. Dr. Bob continued to stone the opposition on breakaways, keeping us in the game on defensive breakdowns up ice. Highlights of the game include John Delaney, Jason Pasley, and John Weiss notched their first goals of the season. “Runway” Matts Berquist got his second of the year, and John Cassidy, Heath Wilson, Chris Black, Paul Sampson, and Jason also added helpers. Adam Zilberbaum is poised to break loose, having come close to scoring a few times. Igol Gladstein and Tyler Spires contributed some good two way play. Next up are the Stingers.

Fish bait turned to chum

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Fri Nov 02nd 2012 2:53pm

The Icemen were given false hope with the return of Sal Crupi on the bench in a 5-1 loss to the Stripers. “That son-of-a-bitch should have stayed on the bench”, star center Jay Burke was quoted after the game. “I only had one good winger to play with. How can you expect us to create sustained offense with that lead footed Crupi slowing us down? Steven Hawking would have been more effective with a dead wheelchair battery!” Even mild mannered Ray Markowski couldn’t hold back: “He stunk worse than burnt hair on a fresh turd!” When reached for comment, Sal replied: “These mo’s don’t realize what my true value to the team is. Little do they know I plan far ahead. This game meant nothing to me. I was there for the playoffs. That’s right – the playoffs. Now I ask you- who else would have busted Ed Slusher scouting the A division game after ours, looking for ringers to put on the other team against us in the playoffs? It takes an experienced captain to look after the team, not that clown who can’t even execute a line change without a penalty!”

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