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Ghosts of Icemen Past Gain New Member

Posted by: Timothy Sampson on Mon Jul 04th 2016 6:18pm

The Icemen seem to fancy one goal games that come down to the wire. After holding onto a one goal lead against APG “D”, they did it again against the Fighting Blue Crabs. Another new face joined the squad as “Buzz Jr.” Nick Nelson made his Icemen debut in a 3-2 victory. New names and faces aren’t the only familiar thing this season, as the first goal against is credited to a skater for the second game in a row. Mats bergquist, not having learned from comeback Greg’s mistakes got cock and decided to yell shutout just before the Crabs scored to make the game 2-1. A new face also entered the rafters as Chad Perkins joins Bryan Hayes in the KPP, or Kyle Protection Program. Not willing to give Kyle the satisfaction though, Chad finished the game moving back from forward to defense with one arm left operational. This move also served to confuse the Icemen as the team still had three full lines but could not manage to figure out how to put Greg, who came up from defense, into Chad’s spot on the wing. All worked out in the end though as the Icemen held on to win the game 3-2.

Ghost of Scorers Past

Posted by: Timothy Sampson on Sun Jun 19th 2016 8:03pm

The outing between the Icemen and the APG “D” team continued the trend of firsts set for the summer 2016 season. Forwards Tyler Spires put his newfound desire to skate towards the puck to good use and tallied his first marker of the season, breaking a drought established back when Chad Nelson first played for the team. While on the subject of overgrown lightning bugs, the Icemen’s own bike reflector impressionist scored the first goal in his comeback season. The goal was almost called back however due to the goalie’s complaint of goalie-interference. Luckily for Buzz Nelson, videos are bad at picking up on goalies being blinded by BMX shorts. Another first of the season, but certainly not the first in franchise history, a skater was credited with a goal against. Greg, the comeback kid, decided he would start bragging about Shane’s impending shutout, not two seconds before APG scored their first goal. Kris Stahle continued to rack up goals in his breakout season to put the Icemen up for a final score of Icemen 5, APG “D” 4.

Ghosts of Icemen Past Raised From Dead

Posted by: Timothy Sampson on Sat Jun 11th 2016 7:30pm

A few unfamiliar faces appeared for the Icemen’s comeback game against the Bayhawks. The ghosts of Sal and Chad “Buzz Lightyear baseball card spokes” Nelson were resurrected for the outing. Chad had not been seen around an Icemen game in eons. Likely not since the eighties based on his gear which featured a rave ready matching glove and BMX shell set in addition to the only ice skates to feature more spokes than ten bicycle wheels. Sal was truly under the influence of the same unholy force that brought him back to life as he made several outstanding saves to keep the game within reach. Sal’s legitimate goal tending wasn’t the only first that night. The Icemen’s resident frenchy, Dylan LaPóis, scored his first goal as an Icemen. This coming in his first game after scoring his first Icemen points. If he keeps this up he may yet earn his work visa and be allowed to stay in the country for the remainder of the season and not be sent to his home in the north. It should also be noted that Chad Nelson was a non factor in the closing minute of the game because the battery in his pants burned out.

Ghost of Hayes Spooks and Specters Icemen to a Win

Posted by: Timothy Sampson on Mon Jun 06th 2016 7:02pm

Due to the inevitable wifely repercussions of Hayes’ last outing with the Icemen, coupled with his absence for the past month, the team can only assume the Brian Hayes has left this world. Surly after playing a game against his wife’s wishes and coming home injured with a torn bicep was enough to do him in. However, he seems to be helping the team from beyond the grave more than he did in life as he was one of the six goal scorers in the Icemen’s 9-0 domination of the Bears. After John Cassidy fought his way through two defensemen (and Rob) to get the puck, he gave it the slightest of nudges, what happened next astounded all in attendance when Hayes’ spirit came down from the rafters and phased the puck through the goaltender and into the net. Hayes also likely possessed Dylan LaPóis who recorded his first two point as an Iceman. There is no other logical explanation because he would never be able to score anything on his own (see failed breakaway in same game) and owes all his career points to referees mistaking him for a player with a similar number. So to monsieur LaPóis we say “félicitations et vive la France”

Ghosts of Icemen Past Get Hayes Busted

Posted by: Timothy Sampson on Sat May 28th 2016 8:14pm

The Icemen’s recent offensive explosion would suggest that the cobwebs and rust have finally been shaken off. With perfect timing as well the Icemen appear to have gotten into the full swing of the season in time to improve their record to 1-2. Five different players found the back of the net to propel the Icemen past the Stingers by a score of 6-2. Everything came together in one game and there was something to see for every type of fan. On two separate occasions there were actual hockey plays made, one on the break-in and another on the breakout. Such unprecedented displays of skill stunned players looking on from both benches. On one particular play forward Kris Stahle carried the puck into the Stingers zone and dropped the puck back to center Tim Sampson who airlifted the puck, almost to Haysean heights, directly behind the defensemen and onto the stick of Stahle. Stahle then scored off of the goalie’s skate to record his second of the night and secure the vital insurance marker to make the score 6 to 2. Icemen goalie Shane Stone became the first goalie to record a win this season and move into a commanding lead in the win category that may take Sal a few games to catch up on.

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