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Icemen get blown up by APG for 7 goals in 7-5 loss

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Wed Jun 03rd 2015 4:48pm

The winning streak came to an end when the Icemen weren’t able to play catch up enough to force overtime and at least steal a point. After being out-played early in the first, the Icemen managed to close the gap to 2-1 when Mats took care of business. The writing was on the wall when we gave up a goal with 8 seconds left. The closing seconds of a period once again was our Achilles heel. Despite being outplayed again in the second, we managed to limit our military friends to only one goal.

“It wasn’t for lack of effort,” lamented Greg. “It’s you guys suck. When are you going to learn that running and gunning with Army dudes is a formula for failure? Trading goals may be entertaining for the fans but doesn’t put a tally mark in the win column!”

Icemen hunt down Bears in 6-1 victory

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Wed Jun 03rd 2015 4:36pm

The tone was set right away as Timmy Clutch scored once again on the first shift of the game, stealing the puck from the goalie behind the net and wrapping it in the open net. A few minutes later, Dan buried his first of the season, assisted by Patrick for a 2 zip lead after one. Over 6 minutes in the first half of the 2nd period, the Icemen averaged a goal every other minute to build a sweet 5 goal lead. Eric got his first of the season wristing it through a screen. Next Paul picked the goalie’s pocket in the corner off a dump & chase and waited for Chad to set up shop in the slot. Chad made no mistake as he one-timed it passed their scrambling D into a wide open net. The Amish Mafia then buried a Sal rebound to complete the surge. Sal picked up his second assist of the night with a turnover behind our net, albeit a phantom assist that won’t show up on the stat sheet, when he made sure Bob would not match his shutout lead. “Damned if he gets more shutouts than me this season!” Greg would close out the scoring a few minutes later.

Highlights – Timmy Clutch got his first Gordie of his young career with a goal, assist and a roughing penalty. The penalty was dubious as all he did was lift beerman’s stick and beerman fell down and went ‘boom’. Beerman’s BAC was the real reason he went to the ice. On the positive, it completed the ‘Gordie’ and the PK was perfect.

Icemen superior to Average Joe’s in 5 – 0 shutout

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Wed May 20th 2015 12:56pm

The Icemen met a new opponent made up of a combination of players from the Aces and some new recruits. All in all, they are a good team and seem like good guys. The game was closer than the score indicates. The combination of getting some good bounces and their short bench were key factors. Two first period goals by Rob & Tim got us off on the right foot. A scoreless second period was a tribute to how well the Average Joe’s played. Unfortunately for them, their short bench caught up to them and led to a 3 goal burst in the third period that finished things off. Rob got 2 more to notch his 2nd straight hat trick and Kyle put on a clinic with a coast to coast goal.

Sal made some key saves and the D cleared all rebounds, preventing second chances. “Obviously they didn’t have the scouting report on Sal” replied Greg when interviewed after the game by the Abingdon Sports Network. “Neither did they watch the warm-ups. Anyone who’s been around Ice World knows that he can’t stop the slow and off speed stuff.” Amish Liam refuted Greg’s analysis, “That knuckle head may not be able to hit a knuckle ball but he sure can hit a knuckle puck. I know because that’s all I can muster and he stops everyone I put his way in our advanced skill practices.” Sal refused to take the bait from the reporter with an emphatic “no comment” but was later overheard saying “where the hell do we get these new guys from? Time for a new GM!”

Icemen flood crab nets 8-2

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Wed May 13th 2015 4:22pm

The Icemen hauled in a nice catch with the first win of the season. Multi point games from a few players and solid defense resulted in a nice bounce back from the prior game. The victory came at a cost though as Tom is now on the DL having suffered a separated shoulder midway through the 3rd period. Greg got things going with 2 goals in the first period. Rob led the way with a hat trick and 2 assists, all using a junior stick. Imagine if he tried using an adult sized stick!

After a 5 goal outburst in the 1st, it was cruise control the rest of the way. Tim picked up where he left off last season, trying to be the team goon, the only player getting a penalty out of the 25 man-games played so far. If this keeps up he will have to plan on his social life in the sin bin and feel shame.

Icemen attempt repeat Champion Season winning formula

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Wed May 06th 2015 12:57pm

The defending champs believe they found the formula to finally winning the championship. New team manager, Mats ‘Pink’ Bergquist, studied last season’s performance and figured “If it worked once it should work again.” The rest of the sheep baaaaaaaaught into the game plan and went out to duplicate last season’s opener by losing to the Nordiques. Keys to ensuring the loss was Rob’s failure to bring enough of his IRS deductions to the game, and newcomer Liam ‘Amish Mafia’ Higgins’ shoddy wooden stick handiwork.

The 3 – 0 defeat was a tough one as everyone played hard. “We just didn’t get the bounces”, said Tyler right before he went into the moon bounce he had delivered to the rink for him to practice getting good bounces. Shaking his head, Eric was heard to remark “that stupid ass should have ordered a ball pit instead.” Disagreeing, Chris and Tim petitioned Mats for funds to buy a trampoline for a team practice. Pissed off at getting a puck scuff mark on his blocker, Dr. Bob lamented the absence of Dr. Orange Crush Nelson – “where is that S.O.B. when we need him to counsel these children I have to put up with?”

Gotta love being on this team!!!

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