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2014 - 2015 season CHAMPIONS !!!

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Thu Mar 12th 2015 6:05pm

The Icemen rolled over the top two teams as well as the most disliked team in the division to sweep the playoffs and win the championship. Upset 1 goal wins over the 2nd place Baltimore City Fire Department and the 1st place Nordiques set up the final match vs. the bears. The tight game victories were rewards for everyone buying in to playing with determination for a full 45 minutes. This carried over to the title match up. There were several keys to the game:
• Tim Scoring on the first shift from the re-united line of Rob, Tim & Paul.
• Kyle following up with a laser goal 2 minutes later to put the bears on their heels.
• No retaliations on cheap shots, letting the bear’s reputation work against them on penalty calls.
• The ‘checking line’ getting an insurance goal from Greg before the first period was half over to encourage us to never let up the fore-check
• The best tripping penalty taken all year when Eric dove to break up a breakaway on the league’s leading scorer.
• Scott shadowing the leading scorer all game long preventing him from getting much of a chance to get open for passes and gather steam.
• Dr. Bob stopping everything thrown at him.
• The solid Defense corps of Eric, Chris, Kyle, Brian, Patrick, and John denying access to rebounds and moving the puck up ice quickly.
• Tom creating havoc in front that lead to both of Greg’s goals
• Tyler, Mats, Dan and Pat on relentless fore-checking and battles along the boards.
Overall, it was tight defense, taking away time & space in all three zones, and capitalizing on opportunities that led to total domination and the most convincing all around 4-0 shutout victory we had in a while.
Unfortunately Chad and Sal were not able to make the game and enjoy the moment. Both were missed as they also played key roles during the regular season and got us to be able to make the finals.
Despite early struggles trying to acclimate to a 25% roster change, the team gelled at the right time.

Icemen barrage APG with 50 shot onslaught in 4-1 win

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Mon Dec 08th 2014 1:15pm

The Icemen recovered from throwing away a point in the previous game with much smarter play in dominating APG. The APG goalie was probably the best player on the ice. The score could have easily gone into double digits if not for him. The defense made smart rushes and the forwards covered when they needed to. In addition, the 4 new Icemen are showing signs of assimilating to the team as we learn their strengths & tendencies and vice versa.

A well balanced attack saw relentless forechecking and goals spread out among 4 people (Mats, Dan, Scott & Paul). Despite falling behind 1-0 in the 1st period, confidence never waivered as we controlled the play in their end almost all the time. Eventually the dam would burst as the pressure never let up for a full 45 minute team effort.

Icemen snatch tie out of the jaws of victory in OT Loss

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Mon Dec 08th 2014 1:05pm

The Icemen blew a 3-1 lead early into the 3rd period and had to settle for a single point in 4-3 OT loss to the resilient Nordiques. A 2 goal game by Dan was squandered as numerous mental lapses lead to odd man rushes resulting in goals. We lost the point as a team despite good individual efforts. The main problem was defense rushing when forwards were too deep and forwards not covering for defense when they rushed. Newcomer Greg Marcinkiewicz put his finger on the ultimate reason when he observed that the blame lies on Rob’s shoulders, “That pompous SOB brags about scoring from anywhere in the ice – or off – yet that no-show didn’t even get a shot off from his house where he has 24/7 home advantage.”

Stingers raise black flag in 5-4 loss to Icemen

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Wed Nov 26th 2014 10:31am

The new look Stingers added a 2nd jersey color, black, to their identity. Despite their late push, the Icemen were able to hold on for our first win of the 2014 – 2015 winter season. Keys to the game were:
• Bob jettisoning his rubber chicken good luck charm and infringing on Sal’s patented “Wop Flop”.
• 3 point performances by Kyle and Paul.
• Key assists by Tyler and Mats.
• Getting in the shooting lanes and blocking shots – including a well-timed sliding block by Tom.
• Scoring insurance goals that turned out to be needed.
• Rolling 3+ lines, keeping fresh legs on the ice.
• Hustle from the new Icemen, Dan, Tom, Greg & Patrick.
• Faceoff dominance by John.
• Superior conditioning regimen led by Scott “Richard Simmons” Chason.
• Rob scoring the winning goal into an empty net from the bench. “Next up - scoring from the penalty box. My follow up to cement my legacy is to score from the locker room.”
• Hayes’ spirit in the rafters smiling down on Eric, his Idol.
• Chris’ navigation expertise.
• Mats’ ability to coordinate a last minute full team wardrobe change – who else could ever possibly be as qualified?
• Tim punching the throats of the Bears who were playing on the other rink so as to set the tone for our game.

Icemen fail to get help from rubber chicken in 6-5 Loss to the Blue Crabs

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Tue Nov 18th 2014 8:42pm

After all the drama surrounding the start of the winter season, it was great to get back on the ice again amongst old friends and welcoming new ones. It was a tough way to start but the good thing is everyone put forth good effort.

Dr. Bob played despite a hyper extended glove hand elbow – the one arm he actually uses too! Like Cerrano in Major League, Bob requested a chicken sacrifice to the rink gods. On short notice all we could come up with was a middle aged female rubber chicken all gussied up for Hunfest. Unfortunately, Bob’s chicken dedication did not bestow it's magic on the entire team.

Appreciation goes to Chad & Rob who selflessly played defense as opposed to their familiar forward position. It is not easy making that transition. We welcomed back Scott after a year on the DL. Great return with a hatrick and a 4 point game! The next game we look forward to welcoming back Jason from a tour in Afghanistan. Looking forward to your contribution on offense and utmost appreciation for your service in taking care of our troops on the front lines!!!

Newcomers Dan, Greg, and Tom got a taste of the “Icemen Aura”, seeing hustle and team spirit on the ice and mental defects off the ice. Boding well for the newcomers is that they contributed a goal (Dan) and an assist (Greg) right out of the gate. What would a game be without Rob abandoning his position just to show he can score a goal – not just from anywhere on the ice, but from any position he plays? Another multipoint game for Rob as he also got an assist. Other assists went to Kyle, John, Paul, Tyler and Scott.

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