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Icemen keep rolling with 4-1 win over APG

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Fri Aug 15th 2014 12:32pm

The Icemen continued their hot streak to boast a 10-1-1 record. With only one more game to go in the regular season, it marks the return of the Icemen to a 1st place finish. Contributions continue to come from throughout the line up on any given night. Mats Berquist notched 3 assists, setting up the first 3 goals – which was more than enough for the win. Feeling his oats, we saw a monster game from Mats as he controlled the puck with authority in APG’s end of the ice. Dr. Bob saw to the low goals against with many key saves. Tom Licata picked up a goal to go along with a lot of hustle back checking. Tim Sampson pestered APG’s breakout attempts and also broke many plays on the back check. Rob Heil got his usual 2 goals, and Paul Sampson added one as well. They deciding factor in the game was the defense squad of Chris Black, Chad Perkins, Brian Hayes and John Cassidy who were miserly in giving up many quality scoring chances.

The Chad Perkins Show goes Crabbing

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Tue Aug 12th 2014 12:30pm

The Icemen boosted their best record ever to 9-1-1 thanks to the standout effort by Chad Perkins who notched 2 goals and an assist in a 4 – 0 win over the Fighting Blue Crabs. Never shy to go into the dirty areas of the rink, Chad set the tone by pouncing on a loose puck at the goal line despite having a couple of Blue Crabs trying to tie him up. The first half of the opening period saw the Crabs come out strong. A goal by Kyle McDermott got us started but Chad’s first of the night less than a minute later established the dominance the Icemen enjoyed for most of the game. Chad set up Tim Sampson for the commanding 3 goal lead on his next shift a few minutes later. After a scoreless 2nd period, Chad closed things out with his 3rd point of the game, scoring unassisted with ~ 7 minutes left in the game.

This summer has truly been a team effort with everyone contributing strong games and stepping up and scoring key goals.

Icemen make Fighting Blue Crabby Pattys in 6-2 win

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Fri Aug 08th 2014 3:46pm

The Icemen continued their hot streak now at 6 wins in a row, led by a 4 goal attack by 'SpongeRob' Heil and ‘starring’ Brian Hayes doing his Patrick tribute by hiding under a rock on the bench. In keeping with the day’s theme, “Throat-punch” Tim skated like Gary the snail and Dr. Bob channeled Mr. Crabs by being miserly in net. The game was closer than the score indicates as the Blue Crabs skated well and hustled all game long. The difference was our ability to outwork the opposition and finish plays.

Credit to the Crabs for playing a good clean game and trying their best. Other notable efforts go to Ray, Tyler, Tom, Eric, Chris, Mats, and John.

Icemen blunt Stingers 6-2

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Fri Aug 01st 2014 2:39pm

Another self-acclaimed outstanding effort (ahem) by Brian Hayes led the team to a victory. “For once in my life I played a whole game without making a single mistake” bragged #15 while making his exit. After he left the locker room and the laughter died down the team decided that this deserves a special tribute to make up for leaving him hanging from the rafters after the last game. Taking a page out of Major League Baseball’s tribute to Jackie Robinson every year, the majority of the Icemen agreed that for the rest of the season, everyone wears #15 on their jersey. Only 2 players dissented. Rob Heil declared “I’ll be damned if I give him all my points for the last 4 games. If he can’t hit a net that’s open for a full 3 periods, he’s on his own.” Chad Perkins had a better point, “If I wear # 15, I’m afraid I’ll suck, as well as everyone else, and the team will lose.”

Dr. Bob meets his match in 8-4 win over the Nordiques to go 6-1-1 on the season.

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Tue Jul 22nd 2014 12:50pm

The Nordiques unsuccessfully tried a bold move to outscore the Icemen by pulling their goalie for the entire game for the extra skater. “It’s that kind of innovative out-of-the-box thinking that makes a great coach” said ageing Icemen captain Paul Sampson. “I wish I thought of that first.” It did pay dividends early as it felt like we were short-handed in the skater department when the Nordiques scored in the first minute of the game and twice more in the opening period. Positioning himself to upstage Paul and build support for an upcoming coup to be the next team captain, Rob “Shrek” Heil set the game strategy by trying to score from all over the ice in setting a new and dubious Icemen record for most goals into an empty net in one game – 5. “What a ‘Bogart’” lamented Igol Gladstein, “that retard has no sense of fairness in a chivalrous game. I could understand if it was against the Bears, but the Nordiques are a classy team.” Tyler Spires wanted to know what a ‘Bogart’ is so Chad Perkins told him “look it up on google and urban dictionary you shut in. You need to hang out on more street corners with Tom Licata.”

Kudos to the Nordiques for playing well without a goalie and making it difficult for us to withstand the man disadvantage in our zone. Too bad not every team has as much class and sportsmanship and it is refreshing to play a game when not one penalty had to be called. It gave us an opportunity to work on our offensive zone puck control while not running up the score (Rob???). The line of Tim Sampson, Mats Bergquist and Igol Gladstein did an excellent job of controlling the puck several times for a full shift in a 5 on 6 disadvantage, helped by Kyle, Eric, Chad and Tom on the points.

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