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Hayes lays an egg in 10 round shooutout victory over Nordiques, 2- 1

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Mon Jun 09th 2014 12:54pm

Fresh off an outstanding performance a few days earlier when Brian set the bar by being the first player ever to score a “Hayes”, it was like he never showed up. “That clearly went to his head” observed Mats Berquist. “If I hadn’t bailed his ass out in the shootout, we’d still be at it until midnight.” Stud netminder Sal Crupi was quick to jump on the ‘Hayes sucks’ bandwagon – “I’ve seen lots of Prima Donna’s like him come and go. My vast experience in D-division team psychology told me something has to be done to put him in his place. That’s why when I went after him in the shootout I showed him what a skilled player is all about!” With full goalie gear on and at full speed (which is not much), Sal took the puck at center ice and ripped a shot from the top of the face off circles, aiming for the top right corner. The Nordiques goalie, coming way out to cut down the angle, got a glove on it, popping it up in the air. It then fluttered down behind him and was on its way to the wide open goal when Sal swooped in and saved it. “2 reasons.” Sal was quoted on why. “Most importantly I had to show Brian that I can top anything he could ever dream of doing, and second, my superior goalie instincts are undeniable.” In back to back games, the Icemen have created a new category for excellence in hockey. We now have “A Crupi” – where one must stop the other team in a shootout, beat their goalie in a shootout, and make a save on your own shot in a shootout.

In the most exciting game of the summer so far, the Icemen rose to the challenge against a strong Nordiques team, who in a couple of years will change their name to the Avalanche. A fast paced game saw the Nordiques take a lead in the first, which would end up being the only time they scored in regulation. Both teams had lots of chances but either the goalies came up with big saves, or the defense was able to prevent the opposition from getting a clean shot off. Finally with under 5 minutes to go in the 2nd period, Kyle McDermott made a sweet stretch pass from deep in the left corner out to Tim Sampson at center ice to spring him in all alone. Tim’s goal tied it up at 1, where it remained through the 3rd period and overtime. After 10 rounds of the shootout, Mats goal secured the 2-1 victory for the Icemen.

Hayes wins game single handedly in 3-1 win over APG

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Fri Jun 06th 2014 12:38pm

Brian Hayes strutted into the locker room before the game, returning from the winter season like he was cross between General MacArthur and Lady GaGa. “I told you I would be back boys, just watch what how I am going to get those guys to submit!” Brian then proceeded to score all 3 goals – assisting on each of them, gave each ref a misconduct penalty for not calling infractions against him, and making 87 saves for a shutout. “Let’s see Gordie Howe top that Hat Trick,” he boasted afterwards, “Goals, Penalties dished out, and a Shutout. Next game I’m going to keep score and run the clock too!” With that performance, Hayes assured himself an entire wing in the Hockey Hall of Fame having been the first player in history to ever score a “Hayes”.

Icemen rusty in season opener

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Tue May 27th 2014 3:56pm

The between season layoff took its toll on the Icemen as we came out flat the first two periods in a 6-2 loss. Dr. Bob had even more rust and cobwebs to shake loose coming off a 5 month hiatus on the DL. He came up bug for us several times or the score would have been worse. Afterwards he was heard fussing at Ed "you inconsiderate SOB - you had to schedule my first game back against one of the upper echelon teams in the sucky D division." We finally settled down and came out on top in the third period but it was too little too late. Missing several key players didn't help either, but that is no excuse as we are used to that! Next up is APG.

Icemen close out successful winter season in Championship Game

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Tue May 27th 2014 3:51pm

The Icemen were beaten 3-0 by the division champion Cobras in a well played game. Having dropped down a division in the re-alignment, the Cobras were the team to beat from the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, we were not able to obtain victory in the final game despite playing them tight each time we faced them during the season. However, we were able to place ahead of everyone else,including the Bears who had most of their players move down a division as well.

Icemen Maul Bears 5-2 in decisive playoff win

Posted by: Paul Sampson on Tue Mar 25th 2014 3:22pm

The Icemen soundly defeated the Bears to advance to the championship game vs. the Cobras. Strong play in all three zones and in net was key to the victory. The tone was set early when Rob won a defensive zone draw, Paul passed back to Ronen, who sent it up the weak side boards where Ray knocked it past their pinching defenseman for a semi break away that he buried short side with only 2 minutes gone by. Buoyed with confidence from the quick lead, the Icemen were able to play a steady game while the Bears frustration increased as the game went on, evidenced by flubbed passes, missed shots, and getting caught out of position. Paul extended the lead when Brian Hayes, at the end of a long shift, intercepted a clearing pass along the half wall and centered it. Pouncing on a loose puck, Paul turned and buried a screen shot 5 minutes into the 2nd.

Hayes played one of his strongest games this year as he was not done with taking hits to make plays, harassing fore checks, and pithy quips from the bench. He added what turned out to be the game winner when he rang a goal off both posts. Rob added a power play goal to close out the 2nd and Chad scored a “Rob goal” from the top of the circle early in the third period to provide all the insurance Sal needed to notch his first playoff victory in net.

The defense quartet of Kyle, Chris, Ronen and Ray were outstanding in frustrating the Bears all night long – breaking up rushes, making solid breakout passes, and clearing traffic on front. Although not on the score board, the efforts of Tyler, Mats, Jason, John Cassidy, and Patrick contributed every bit as much to the win as the others with full ice efforts.

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