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Summer 2010 - Lower 'C' Champion Icemen

Summer 2010 - Lower 'C' Champion Icemen
End of Season Message from the Captain
First of all, congratulations to the summer Icemen. We pretty much dominated the summer league, losing only 2 games in regulation the whole summer and winning the championship game 7-2 against the Stripers. Both of the regulation losses were against upper C team and we put up a valiant effort in both games. Overall, our record was 13-2-2-1, and I believe that it is the first time the Icemen had double digit wins in a season. We averaged 5 goals a game, scoring a league-high 89 goals in 18 games during the summer. As a team we racked up 200 points, averaging 11 points a game. Defensively, we only gave up 41 goals or just about 2.5 a game, a league low. We limited the shots on goal and Bob did a great job stopping whatever got to him. One night against the Bombers, we only gave up three shots on goal. We definitely got better at playing as a team, thanks to the couple of practices we had and to Paul’s whiteboard strategy sessions before the games.
Let’s go over the individual team leaders. Tim wins the Art Ross trophy with 25 pts (12G, 13A). He was followed closely by Paul (13G, 11A) and Jay (14G, 10A) both with 24 pts. Jay claims the Maurice "rocket” Richard trophy with 14 goals. Paul and Tim followed with 13 and 12 goals, respectively. Thanks to all the firepower up front, I led the team with 14 assists. The Tim/Paul/Brian line was consistent all season and provided a lot of key goals. You could tell they have been playing together for a while and each guy always seemed to know where the others were. About halfway through the season, we welcomed a new French Canadian rookie, Bob Guindon, who immediately clicked with Jay and Brad, who together ended up forming a powerful first line. Given more time together, I believe all three could have easily reached the 30 pts plateau. Bob’s soft hands, vision, and instinct combined with Jay and Brad’s power and playmaking ability was something amazing to see. I can’t wait to see these guys reunited in the fall. The third line Patrick, Keith, Rich and Smitty also played extremely well, shutting down the opponents and providing opportunistic goals, such as the one in the championship game when Rich scored the first goal of the game, setting the tone for the rest of the contest.
On the defensive side we had a some rotation, but John, Sal, Brian H., Ray, and myself formed a solid unit, and made life difficult for the other team’s offense. We were of course helped by our forwards who were extremely diligent at back-checking and helping defensively. John and I formed a good defensive pair, mostly, I believe, because the opposing players were afraid of "crazy mountain man” (who btw, easily led team in PIM racking up 32 min in penalty, or about 25% of all the icemen penalty minutes). Out of fear they would always end up on my side and I only had to poke check the puck away from them. The defense also provided a significant offensive output, scoring over 20 goals, including a beautiful penalty shot goal from Ray.
We had 8 players in the "point a game” club: Steve B., Bob G., Tim, Jay, Brad, Paul, myself, and Brian. Of note, Steve averaged a hat trick a game. Unfortunately, he only played one game, but what a game!! Bobby, who joined the team mid-season after being recalled from the Rebels, averaged 2 points a game over 7 games (8G, 6A) and was on fire before getting injured lifting a refrigerator.
In the net, Bob did a great job all summer and kept us in every game. Steve T. and Eric were both superb when called into action.
I would just like to thank everybody for making my job easy and fun. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

The Captain’s awards:
Art Ross trophy: Tim
Maurice "Rocket” Richard trophy: Jay
Hart Memorial Trophy: Jay
Lady Byng Memorial Trophy: Paul, Keith, and Rich
Frank J. Selke Trophy: Patrick
Jack Adams Award: Paul
Calder memorial trophy: Bob G and Jay.
Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy: Smitty
James Norris Memorial Trophy: Ray
Bridgestone Messier Leadership Award: Sal and Brian M.
Iron Man Trophy: John and Paul (played all 18 games)

Special thanks to:
-Sal and Tim for their literary prowess.
-Brian M. for his help discussing line-up and lines issues every week throughout the summer season.
-Sal and Tim for feedback and idea on lines, strategy, etc…
-Paul for his coaching and strategy sessions.
-Jay, Tim, Paul, Bob G, Brian M, Sal, and Brad for scoring all these goals.
-Sal and Brian H. for their versatility, playing both defense and offense depending on our needs that particular game.
-The third line, for being good sport when they had to miss an occasional shift during PP or PK. We tried to keep this to a minimum but it did happen a few times.
-To all, the subs (Brian H., Steve T, Steve B., Tony, Eric Chad, Bob G. and Ray) who came out and played hard whenever they were asked.
-To everybody else for anything I might have forgotten.

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