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Halifax Highlanders Defeat Team White 8-2

Posted by: Bill Almond on Sun Apr 22nd 2018 11:55am

Congratulations to the Highlanders for the dominant performance today against Team White!! The team played hard with a lot of energy and great passing. Congratulations to Nicholas Cavallaro for scoring two goals and receiving Player of the Game honors!

Have a great week! We'll see you at the rink.

First Game of the Season!

Posted by: Bill Almond on Sun Mar 25th 2018 6:04pm

Congratulations to Quinn Kennedy for scoring his and the Highlanders' first goal of the season! Tough loss today but it's always a good day to be on the ice. See you at practice on Saturday. Have great week!

Checking Drills - Dryland Practice

Posted by: Loren Rhoton on Mon Mar 19th 2018 1:00pm

I want to emphasize the importance of body contact this season. We are going to work on getting the players comfortable with the physicality of the game. We put a good deal of focus on checking and body contact at the last practice and will revisit checking and physical play in future practices. In the meantime, I am providing the following Youtube link for dryland body contact drills:

These drills can be done off ice and will help to prepare the kids for on-ice contact/checking. They should get with another player of similar size and practice some of these drills in full gear.

The better prepared our players are to give and take hits, the less likely they are to get hurt or hurt others. And this development will significantly improve everyone's level of play.

Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2018 Season!

Posted by: Bill Almond on Sun Mar 18th 2018 6:26pm

Hello players and parents! Welcome to Bantam/Midget Team Teal (BM2). Coach Loren and Coach Bill are very excited about the season and we hope you are too.

A few reminders:

- Please remind players to think of a team name
- Each player should bring a second jersey to each practice
- Players should arrive at least 30 minutes before each game/practice
- On game days, players should be fully dressed and seated in the locker room 15 minutes before game time

See you at the Rink!

Bantam Rec Season - Teal

Posted by: Bill Almond on Sun Mar 18th 2018 6:34pm

Bill Almond and I will be the coaches for the team this season. I have worked with some of our players in the past and some of them are new to me. We look forward to having a great season and will strive to make sure your child gets constructive and positive instruction in a fun and structured hockey program. Remember that we need you as parents to help us reinforce the qualities of good sportsmanship, teamwork and a strong work ethic. We will have no tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct from either players or parents. Remember, this is to be a fun development league to promote a love of the sport of hockey, which will hopefully become a lifelong passion. As coaches we will expect attentiveness and good behavior during both practices and games. The ice time should not be wasted on unnecessary discipline or repetitive instructions. Again, as coaches we will strive to provide quality instruction in a fun and positive atmosphere.

To ensure that things go smoothly please, please follow the guidelines listed below. Please have your child bring two jerseys to each practice, the teal team jersey and another jersey that is not Teal. This will help us to play more small area games to develop hockey sense and skills. No parents other than the coaches are to be at the bench during games. Players need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to game time. All players must be fully dressed and parents must be out of the locker room 15 minutes prior to start time. Players in bantam are expected to put on their own gear and tie their own skates. If they need help with such matters, they should exit the locker room and seek assistance from their parents. We will meet as a team for 5-10 minutes after the game before parents are to enter the locker room. Please prepare your player to expect that they will be playing multiple positions throughout the course of the season. If your player is unable to attend a game or practice please inform the coaching staff in advance. It is expected that your player will attend practices as well as the games. If a player is not attending practices consistently they will not develop competitively for games.

I look forward to seeing everyone bright and early on Sunday, March 11 at 7:15 a.m. for our first practice. Please feel free and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. The players will need to pick out a team name so please ask them to think on it. Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Coach Loren

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Apr 22 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Highlanders « 3 5 0 8
BM10-White 1 0 1 2
Goal Scorers: Nicholas Cavallaro (06:00 in 1st), Landon Albright (09:22 in 1st), Zach Pace (14:04 in 1st), Quinn Kennedy (00:38 in 2nd), Travis Tuero (12:22 in 2nd), Matthew Chriss (13:50 in 2nd), Michael Hemmeke (14:15 in 2nd), Nicholas Cavallaro (15:00 in 2nd)
Goaltender: Matthew Robinson (W)

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Sat Apr 28th 2018 12:45pm
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Sun Apr 29th 2018 8:30am
Game at BM7-Blue-Sharks
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Sat May 05th 2018 11:30am
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Regular Season Leaders

Points 5 Players Tied 2
Goals 5 Players Tied 2
Assists 14 Players Tied 0
PIM 14 Players Tied 0
SO Matthew Robinson 1
Wins Matthew Robinson 2
GAA Matthew Robinson 3.00