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New Jerseys

Posted by: Jose Rajotte (Player) on Fri Jul 22nd 2016 12:23pm

White Jersey

Looking at getting new Jersey's

Posted by: Jose Rajotte (Player) on Fri Jul 22nd 2016 12:21pm

We are looking at getting new home and away Jersey's for this year; first off let us know what you guys think about what we have picked out. Second they are going to cost $120 a jersey, we are thinking of having the team pay for one and the players pay for the other. If a player is no longer with the team and they return the jerseys in good shape then they get $100 back. Let us know if you guys think this would be fair.

Mitchell shines as Knights take down Bears

Posted by: Jose Rajotte (Player) on Thu Jan 28th 2016 11:43pm

Mitchell scores 4 as the Knights 7 man squad beats a stacked Bears roster 8-7. Dale scored the game winner with a minute left in the game before carrying himself to the bench.

Saturday Christmas party cancelled

Posted by: Jose Rajotte (Player) on Thu Dec 17th 2015 9:56am

It didn't work out to have the Christmas party at Andre's or my dad's and the bowling was booked so the party has been canceled. We will look for a time to have one in the new year.

Coming Up

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Game vs Provost MTM
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Mon Nov 26th 2018 10:00am
Game vs Irma Folded Aces
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Sun Dec 02nd 2018 7:45pm
Game vs Bears
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