London Cobras Bantam

London Cobras Bantam

Team News

No Practice Thursday

Posted by: Terry Wilkins on Mon Oct 24th 2016 9:48am

Sorry folks .... my bad. This was in input error

Tournament Ideas .... Please email your availability. ASAP

Posted by: Terry Wilkins on Sat Oct 22nd 2016 10:53pm

2016 2nd Rochester Red Lamp
December 2-4, 2016

Bill Gray Arena • Rochester, NY 14623

Non-Contact Divisions

Midget (99, 00, 01), Bantam (02, 03)

$1495 USD

Canadian Teams $1295 USD
OneHockey understands that the Canadian exchange rate is not favorable for Canadian teams to participate in tournaments within the United States, making it difficult for them to attend. We have made adjustments to our pricing so our friends from Canada may experience the quality of our events without breaking the bank! If you are a Canadian team, please select the Canadian team pricing upon registration. To qualify as a Canadian team, your organization must be located within the Canadian border. Special pricing does not apply to teams located within the United States or Europe.

This is a limited-time offer, so be sure to take advantage and REGISTER TODAY!

No Checking

OneHockey charges a little more than most other tournaments. Why?
We put on an EVENT while others schedule hockey games.

AAU Licensed

Cobras Colthing

Posted by: Terry Wilkins on Sat Oct 22nd 2016 7:27pm

please check your orders ..... as mentioned previously there is more to come. Thanks for your your patience.

if what you received is incorrect let me know via email and I will forward. If you still want to order let me know

Cobra Clothing

Posted by: Terry Wilkins on Fri Oct 21st 2016 7:52pm

Hi All

I have received Cobra clothing. Lee has said there are some back orders but they should be ready quickly. I will bring what I have to tomorrows game. I will be there around 3.


reminders / updates

Posted by: Terry Wilkins on Thu Oct 20th 2016 9:03pm

please remember to book hotel rooms ....... see previous New Items for tel Numbers

Last Game Result: Nov 05 2016

Team 1 2 3 F
London Cobras Bantam « 1 1 0 2
Cambridge Eagles BANTAM 0 0 1 1
Goal Scorers: L O'Hanley (04:11 in 1st), F Van Brenk (01:09 in 2nd)
Goaltender: K Hopkins (W)

Coming Up

Nothing Scheduled

Regular Season Leaders

Points F Van Brenk 6
Goals F Van Brenk 5
Assists E Burns 3
PIM 3 Players Tied 2
SO K Hopkins 2
Wins K Hopkins 3
GAA C Davakos 0.00