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Posted by: JEFFREY MARCYNUK on Tue Sep 20th 2016 1:54pm

To find out what you or somebody else had for stats last year, go into our Team section. Then click on the player's name.


Posted by: JEFFREY MARCYNUK on Tue Sep 20th 2016 1:49pm

Not getting the puck enough, not getting any power play time, passes are still being received waist high? Then have your say in our Forum section.


Posted by: JEFFREY MARCYNUK on Tue Sep 20th 2016 1:46pm

Welcome back to full time duty, Curt Keil, Scott Waller and myself. After 2 straight years of having the season cut short, I'm donning new goal pads and a new helmet with hopes of playing injury free this season.

Also a special welcome to Brendan Bernakevitch whom has decided to play in his first full time season with the Cyclones! Another 2nd generation player has decided to help keep the legendary legacy of the Cyclones alive. For more information on that please read the History section.


Posted by: Jeff Marcynuk on Thu Oct 08th 2015 8:11am

The schedule will change for many reasons but mostly due to double bookings done by the Brandt Centre. So always use the schedule found on this website to be the most accurate and up-to-date.

When you get a reminder for an upcoming game, please respond to it right away. You can also make a comment indicating that the status might change in the future. We need to have at least 10 skaters for every game.


Posted by: Jeff Marcynuk on Mon Oct 14th 2013 11:23pm

Under the Stats tab you can review your personal points and by clicking on your name you can see previous years' results. However since last year was like a 'locked out' season, the stats look a lot lower. Technically, you could multiply by 2.5 to project what they might've been that season.

The PPG total is actually the game winning goal scored in a mini game up to 5. For example, if we win, 5-0, then the 1st goal scorer of the game has the PPG (which would be the game winner technically). If we win 4-2 (because time has run out), the 3rd goal scorer of the game gets the PPG nod! Those assisting on the PPG will have it shown in their PPP totals.

The official Game Winner total is whoever scored the go ahead goal to win the overall score. For example, if the scores were 5-3, 5-3 overall that would be 10-6. So the player scoring the 7th goal, gets credit for the Game Winner. Our Total Wins will always equal the entire Game Winner totals.

For some reason, when a player is tied with another in points, the website doesn't always seed the player with more goals higher. However you can click on any category and it will reshuffle the order accordingly. For example, if you want to know who has the most GWG, you would put your cursor on that title and hit enter twice.

Last Game Result: Jan 28 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
NORDICS « 5 5 0 10
CYCLONES 2 2 0 4
Goal Scorers: Scott Gherasim (01:00 in 1st), Darren Carlson (02:00 in 1st), Scott Gherasim (01:00 in 2nd), Sam Park (02:00 in 2nd)
Goaltender: Trevor Middelkoop (L)

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Regular Season Leaders

Points Scott Gherasim 76
Goals Darren Carlson 39
Assists Dwayne Daelick 47
PIM Stu Gorski 44
SO Jeff Marcynuk 0
Wins Jeff Marcynuk 11
GAA Jeff Marcynuk 6.79