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Posted by: JEFFREY MARCYNUK on Thu Sep 26th 2013 3:29pm

4 days before each game you will get a website email asking if you're going to be playing in that game. Please reply back as soon as possible thereafter. If you don't reply, you will get a reminder 2 days before the game starts. 1 day before the game starts a team reminder is sent out for everyone. If you don't reply a replacement will be found so that we have at least 10 skaters for each game.

You can change your status up to about 1 hour before the game starts. However if the game is closed on the website and you can't change your status, please email Jeff and Bill to find a replacement for you. Also feel free to use the comment option also when declaring your attendance.

Goals and assists will be kept on the honor system and recorded by the bench players when our team scores. We are giving out a maximum of 2 assists per goal.

If you see an error or something that we need to add to this site, please let Jeff know right away.

Click on the Game to add or change your Status. Save in your favorites, so you can access the site at any time.


Posted by: JEFFREY MARCYNUK on Wed Oct 09th 2013 11:59am
Tropical Cyclone Billy
Tropical Cyclone Billy

You can now enter your comments such as Trash Talking etc. Click on the 'Forum' tab and then on the New Topic tab. Enter your comments for everyone to see. If you want to reply on someone's comments, you can do that also!

The name of the Cyclone is the Tropical Cyclone Billy which was over Australia in 1940.

Last Game Result: Jan 28 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
NORDICS « 5 5 0 10
CYCLONES 2 2 0 4
Goal Scorers: Scott Gherasim (01:00 in 1st), Darren Carlson (02:00 in 1st), Scott Gherasim (01:00 in 2nd), Sam Park (02:00 in 2nd)
Goaltender: Trevor Middelkoop (L)

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Regular Season Leaders

Points Scott Gherasim 76
Goals Darren Carlson 39
Assists Dwayne Daelick 47
PIM Stu Gorski 44
SO Jeff Marcynuk 0
Wins Jeff Marcynuk 11
GAA Jeff Marcynuk 6.79