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Playoff Champions!!!

Posted by: Gary Brown on Mon Jun 26th 2017 6:39am

The Men With Wood take the cake as they come out victorious over the Puckhogs 4-3 in an extremely close matchup. Only one year playing together as a team the MWW go from last place with only two wins that came at the end of their very first season to 1st place in a division higher. Way to go Woodies, keep up the great work.

Division Champions!!!!!

Posted by: Gary Brown on Thu Jun 08th 2017 9:19am

Men With Wood come out victorious to take the division for the championships. In only one year MWW went from last place to first place! Great job guys! On to the playoffs.

Division Championships

Posted by: Gary Brown on Thu Mar 02nd 2017 12:48am

The division championships are among us for the Winter season. Who would have thought a new team such as the Wooded Men would have a chance at the division title? Picture it: a cold, overcast night, freezing rain drizzling off our twigs as we start in to the ice arena. Adrenaline infused thoughts of hat tricks and beer filling our heads as we fill the locker room. As we walk in the musty room that smells like sweaty old pads of dirty death, we can't help but notice the 1/4 keg that was snuck in the back door (thanks Robin).
The Devils win the first face off to the back right, the MWW go to work quickly taking away their passes a making them look like little girls. The puck goes back and forth for couple minutes as the defense hold it in the zone. Scanlan and Haxter pass and throw it on net. Jensen is there to secure the rebound and bury it for the first goal of the game. Later in the period the Devils also pick up a goal to tie the game.
After a hard fought first period the Devils control the boards early as they bring it down the ice and score to make it a 2-1 game. Five minutes into the second period the Wooded Men are fighting hard in the Devil's zone as Ruth throws it back to the point and Khoury fires it on net. Leigh is there to pick up the rebound and slide it deep into their net to once again tie the game. The Devils score two more goals in that period, I'd tell you all the details but let's be honest, we don't care. In this case, the devil is not in the details.
The Devils start hard again in the third period as they come down and trickle one past Chadwell to make it a 5-2 game. Half way through the third period it's looking bleak for the MWW but they will NOT give up. Wiping the sweat off their brow and sharpening their twigs, the Men With Wood regroup. The Woodies bring it down the ice as Cox fires but can't put it between the legs as it rings off the post and out to Kish. Kish gets it over to McGuire who puts it up the goalies ass to make it a 5-3 game. The Wooded Men shorten their bench and take off the lube as they go back to work. The Woodies are getting harder as they come down the ice. The MWW can see the nerves of the Devils as they wonder if they can hold the Wood. With the Devils feeling vulnerable the Men With Wood give them their Cox who buries the next two goals with assists from Morris and Leigh. WTF just happened? the Devils start thinking as the Woodies just came back from a 5-2 deficit to tie the game as the third period ends.
The division championships goes to the shootout as Kish grabs the puck and takes it to the goalie. Kish dekes and goes back hand, but unfortunately the goalie is there to make the save. The Devils first shooter scores. Haxter grabs the next puck and dekes to his forehand where the goalie is solid and stops the puck. The next shooter for the Devils goes down scores to win them the game in the shootout.
Unfortunately the MWW did not win the division title, but it is not over. The playoffs are coming! Great season Woodies, we defied the odds and will NOT hang our heads over that game.

We rest our case!

Posted by: Gary Brown on Thu Sep 08th 2016 9:24am

After a few weeks off of Summer season, the Men With Wood return. A few new cherries to pop on the roster this season as they add Ryan Gleason (Hippy), Jeff Michaelowski (The Law), and James Cox to the roster. The Woodies are hard for some action, you could see the anticipation as they play with their sticks just waiting for the game to begin.

Puck drop: Both teams were skating hard as the 1st period is underway. The Woodies controlled the puck for much of the period; however, Bowser wasted no time in showing support for the other team as he lets the 2nd shot go in. The 1st period would keep that score as there were some decent opportunities, but no quality shots.

In the 2nd period they come out strong again as Reasonable Doubt put two more goals past Bowser. The Men With Wood have had enough as Joe Leigh scrambles in front of the net and puts it in. About six minutes later Erik Jensen grabs a rebound and slides it deep to make it a 3-2 game.

Early in the 3rd period (the crybaby round) Reasonable Doubt gets a penalty for Hooking. Gary Brown was in front of the net for what appeared to be a good opportunity off a rebound when he was hooked. Immediately Reasonable Doubt start yelling and crying to the ref that he held their stick and the penalty should be on him. What had happened was Gary was definitely hooked and in the process the stick got stuck in his pads. You don't want the penalty then don't be hooking you hookers. While on the power play Matt Kish grabs one from the blue line and skates it in, fires, and scores!! About two minutes later there's a shot on the net, a rebound just comes out and sits right at the open side of the net, Engels Arias makes a diving swipe at the puck and sends it into the net to tie the game. Reasonable Doubt sends a puck into Bowser who covers it with his stick and glove, the ref immediately goes to blow the whistle as one of Doubt's forwards hits Bowser's stick and sends it into the net. The goal did not stand as the ref calls "intent to blow whistle". Once again Reasonable Doubt erupts with explosive whineryism (yes that's a new word). About half way through the 3rd period James Cox gets the puck deep in the Woodies zone, makes a pass to Joe Leigh who passes it right back. James skates the entire ice to deke Doubt's goalie and score the game winning goal. Great work guys, see you next game.

Knockouts? Naw more like DBags

Posted by: Gary Brown on Sun Aug 21st 2016 10:15pm

Game started out strong for the Woodies as they came on hard. About 3 minutes in Kyle Wierzbicki dekes a couple defenders on his way to the net then completely fools the goalie as he buries it. About 4 minutes later a shot comes off the goalies pads and Gomez puts it in. Somehow the Knockouts come back with two goals of their own. Lets just say these guys are the biggest Dbags the Wooded Men have faced yet. They were completely weak as they check, hack, slash, and interfere and then act like nothing ever happened. One of the Dbags even jumped a Woodie from behind, immediately taking him to the ground in a headlock knowing that if he actually challenged him he would lose. They would throw many words to our faces but always back down, they apparently will only fight from behind. These guys are classless losers and unfortunately their children will probably pay for it. Knockouts end up winning 6-3 after Matt Kish scored the last goal for the Woodies. Good season Men With Wood, see you in Fall / Winter.

Last Game Result: Aug 18 2019

Team 1 2 3 OT F
Ice Cats 1 1 2 0 4
Men With Wood « 1 2 1 1 5
Goal Scorers: Jeff Morris (01:11 in 1st), Andy Haxter (02:22 in 2nd), Bryan Scanlan (02:23 in 2nd), John Imbronone (03:33 in 3rd), Jeff Morris (00:13 in OT)
Goaltender: Alan Kish (W)

Coming Up

Wed Aug 21st 2019 9:15pm
Playoff Game vs Woodsmen
at Fraser Ice Arena

Playoff Leaders

Points 3 Players Tied 2
Goals Jeff Morris 2
Assists Scott Grooms 2
PIM Engels Arias & Scott Grooms 2

Regular Season Leaders

Points Jeff Morris 16
Goals Jeff Morris 10
Assists Jeff Morris 6
PIM Scott Grooms 8
SO Robin Chadwell 0
Wins Robin Chadwell 5
GAA Robin Chadwell 3.90