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No Doubt About It

Posted by: Gary Brown on Thu Aug 18th 2016 7:03am

First playoff game of Summer Season under way as Men With Wood come into this one the slight underdog. With losing two regular season games to Reasonable Doubt, the Woodies come out hard off the opening face off. Line one was slightly different to start this game as Erik (Diaper Baby) Jensen was going to be late. This nickname was given by none other than Patches McGuire and Jeff Morris. The first period was somewhat uneventful as Reasonable Doubt brought in a goalie that wasn't their regular season player. Can we call him a ringer? I'm not quite sure, but he was stopping a lot of shots. At the end of the first period, Reasonable Doubt was up 1-0.
At the start of the second period Mr. Jensen finally gets his pull-up on and decides to join us. Not too long into the second period there's a slight scramble in front of Reasonable Doubt's net as Gary Brown taps one back to Haxter who buries it to tie the game at 1-1. The rest of the second period would go scoreless; however, the Woodies dominated play the whole game so far.
The third period would prove eventful as Bryan Scanlan passes one over to Erik Jensen who fires and hits the post. With another scramble going on Erik gets the puck back and fires again. This time the goalie makes a mistake and lets a rebound slip out where Joe Leigh picks it up and makes him eat it. With the game at 2-1 now Reasonable Doubt is feeling the pressure. After three more minutes of domination by the wooded men, Reasonable Doubt somehow finds a way off the leash to put another one on the board. The game is tied now at 2-2 and neither team wants to sit out a month until Winter season kicks in. With the puck down on Reasonable Doubt's side of the ice (as it was most of the game) Jeff Morris picks apart the defender and skates it in. Here a deke, there a deke, everywhere a deke deke as the goalie bites and Morris puts it in his back door (which would prove to be the game winning goal). Up 3-2 now, the Men With Wood can taste the victory. Reasonable Doubt pull their goalie with a minute and a half remaining in regulation. With skaters everywhere on the Doubt's side of the ice there's all kinds of scrambling going on. Joe Leigh picks up the puck near the boards and was able to flip it past the defenders to score an empty netter with .02 seconds left in the game. The Men With Wood are victorious in their first playoff game of the Summer Season. Was there any Doubt? Not in this game, the Woodies controlled it from start to finish. Great win gentlemen, keep up the great work.

Detroit who?

Posted by: Gary Brown on Wed Aug 10th 2016 11:36pm

The Men With Wood came into this game as the definite underdog. They came out swinging hard as Mike Butler doesnt take long to put one in the net off the cross-bar. Not too long after that line one is on the ice as the puck flies into the neutral zone. Gary Brown passes under a defenders stick right on the tape of Erik Jensen who buries it. Up 2-0 the wooded men are far from done. Still in the first period the MWW crash the net again, theres a flurry in front of the net. When the puck pops out of the bodies Shaun Moljewski buries it (assists credited to Joe Leigh and Mike Butler). The Detroit Lips were closed at this point and they are noticeably getting frustrated. Early in the 2nd period the MWW start dominating early again. In the Cohos zone again the puck slid out to Jason Bowden who fires it at the net for MWW's 4th goal. At this point Bowser is having the game of his life and is flawless. Up 4-0 Jeff Morris receives a pass from Erik Jensen and lobs it in the net with precision. The Detroit Coho Lips come back with one of their own in the 2nd period but that would be all as the 2nd period ends. I'm not quite sure what happened in the 3rd period but the Lips put up 4 goals quickly to tie the game. The 3rd period would end at 5-5. The action resumed with a shootout in which Bowser was absolutely flawless, stoning every challenger that challenged him. Mww's last shooter was Mike Butler. As Mike skates to center ice to get the puck, the crowd start chanting, Mike! Mike! Mike!This kids been getting hacked, slashed, and pushed all game by the lippy cohos but he showed them with a few quick dekes in which the goalie bites, With the goalie now out of position Mike puts it around him for the game winning goal. Way to finish the season fellas. Happy Birthday Jeff and Robin. Mike we will miss you bud, good luck in your endeavors.

OOOOOHHHH!!! That'll leave a mark

Posted by: Gary Brown on Fri Aug 05th 2016 1:51pm

The game started strong for the Pylons as they score on the second shot of the game from a rebound. Determined to Pylon an ass whoopin to these clowns the Men With Wood come back strong. They crash the Pylon's net hard and there's a scramble. A shot off the goalie's pad leads to the puck bouncing in the air. Shaun Milaszewski flawlessly bats the puck out of the air and into the goal of the Pylons. Not too long after that the Pylons come back with a goal of their own to make the game 2-1. The Men With Wood have been grooming (bitching at) Mike (Youngblood) Butler all season to score his two goals. This game Mike agrees. Now pay attention as this next goal is one for the record books and if you're not focused you may be deked out just reading it. Down 2-1 Mike Butler grabs the puck in the MWW defensive zone. As he skates on butter through the Pylon's defense he goes around the net. As Mike comes around the net there's a Pylon there to challenge him (as if it was a challenge) and Mike fakes to one side and quickly cuts the other way resulting in the defender having to pick himself off the cold ice. (The poor Pylon just wanted to have fun and now he has a soar ass). As soon as that Pylon hit the ground another defender was there who knocked the puck off Mike's stick. Within seconds Mike had the puck back and that same defender is there again. Mike fakes and quickly cuts again causing another poor confused Pylon to fall. As if that wasn't enough, as the defender is about to hit the ground, Mike throws the puck between the defender's legs and goes around him to score. You had to be there to see it. I'm done with this story as there's nothing as exciting as that goal. Bottom line is the MWW lost 6-3. Good game fellas!

Guilty!! and innocent at the same time?

Posted by: Gary Brown on Thu Jul 21st 2016 1:48pm

The Wooded Men started this game with Anthony Gomez (the Mexican Canadian) in net. The Woodies are feeling pretty hard about this since they have never played without Bowser in goal. Unfortunately Reasonable Doubt goes on the board with the first shot of the game. The rest of the first period was fairly bland with no other scores to talk about. There were some good opportunities on both sides, but no capitalization. The second period was a lot like the first in that Reasonable Doubt scored another goal (same shooter) but there was very little to put on paper in that period. This is partly the fault of the Referees that were like old men with cataracts, they didn't see anything. It was late and they wanted to go home so why call a hockey game how it should be called? That would be the right thing to do. With under 2 minutes left in the game, the Men With Wood pull their goalie and throw an extra skater on the ice (Jim Khoury). With assists from Shawn Lodeesen and Jeff Morris, Joe Leigh puts one in the back of the net. After the next faceoff, the Men With Wood move the puck back down to the opposing side and pull Gomez again. A great low shot from Erik Jensen leads to a rebound that falls right on Jeff Morris' tape. He hesitates perfectly as the goalie attempts to predict what is going to happen and Jeff puts it in. The game ended up tied at 2-2 and went to an awesome shootout where both sides went through 7-8 skaters, some scoring, some not, but it remained equal. Reasonable Doubt eventually got the upper hand and won in the shootout, showing that the Wooded men were not beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Guilty as charged! Good game Woodies. Speaking of Reasonable Doubt, Bowser was found innocent on all charges. The jury decided after seeing the plaintiff and the defendant that she could have totally whooped him, he would not have been able to block anything she threw at him and so they acquitted him. Congrats Bowser!

MWW over The Ice Cats

Posted by: Gary Brown on Mon Jun 27th 2016 9:59am

The game started strong for both teams as The Ice Cats were the first on the board. The Men With Wood's Jeff Morris quickly comes back to tie the game. Before the end of the first period, The Ice Cats get an awkward goal off a defensemen's skate to put them in the lead. A little under half to go in the 2nd period Mike (Youngblood) Butler puts in a goal to tie the game. Anthony Gomez puts one in before the close of the 2nd period and that would prove to be the game winning goal. It was all downhill for The Ice Cats after that as they took 5 more on the chin to make it 8-2. Lube was in short supply in this game. Good win fellas.

Last Game Result: Aug 18 2019

Team 1 2 3 OT F
Ice Cats 1 1 2 0 4
Men With Wood « 1 2 1 1 5
Goal Scorers: Jeff Morris (01:11 in 1st), Andy Haxter (02:22 in 2nd), Bryan Scanlan (02:23 in 2nd), John Imbronone (03:33 in 3rd), Jeff Morris (00:13 in OT)
Goaltender: Alan Kish (W)

Coming Up

Wed Aug 21st 2019 9:15pm
Playoff Game vs Woodsmen
at Fraser Ice Arena

Playoff Leaders

Points 3 Players Tied 2
Goals Jeff Morris 2
Assists Scott Grooms 2
PIM Engels Arias & Scott Grooms 2

Regular Season Leaders

Points Jeff Morris 16
Goals Jeff Morris 10
Assists Jeff Morris 6
PIM Scott Grooms 8
SO Robin Chadwell 0
Wins Robin Chadwell 5
GAA Robin Chadwell 3.90