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Steelheads enter the IGXHL!

Posted by: Ben Cunningham on Mon Jun 05th 2017 9:19am

The Steelhead organization is proud to announce that we will be entering into the 3rd biggest league in the world, the IGXHL!!! We will be taking over the record of the Pittsburgh Steel who previously folded their team from the league. The record is 0 W and 3 L so we have some work to do! The Steelheads will kick of the CXHL and IGXHL season this weeked with 7 games!!! Let's win them all! Let's go Steelheads!!!

Exhibition vs Spicy Pokecheck

Posted by: Ben Cunningham on Wed May 31st 2017 10:17am


On Tuesday the Steelheads took on the Spicy Pokecheckers in an Exhibition match. The Pokecheck have played competitively ever since the very first season of the NAXHL and have done fairly well. The Pokecheck are currently in the IGXHL and NAXHL (top 2 leagues on Instagram) They are 1-1-0 in the IGXHL, and are going to be starting the NAXHL this Friday.
It was a very physical game but the Steelheads were able to pull off the 7-1 victory from taking advantage of all the chances they had! Salty had a tremendous performance in net; Cunningham, Marker (Getzlaf) and Waibel did awesome by scoring and setting up plays.
We are very satisfied by the way our team is looking and are extremely excited to prove what we can do!
Go Steelheads Go!!!

Opening Season

Posted by: Ben Cunningham on Tue May 30th 2017 11:21am

The Steelheads are a new organization of the EASHL with players that have lots of experience and are ready for a fun and challenging season. The Steelheads are making their Debut in the Continental Xbox Hockey League for Season 1 and are very excited to get to work and start playing! Being based out of Mississauga, the Steelheads play out of the Hershey Centre in downtown Mississauga Ontario. The CXHL is an Instagram league with 20 teams, 4 divisions, and 2 conferences. We are ready to show our talents in the CXHL and win the Cup! We are looking forward to the season and are hoping to go bigger and better next season! Go Steelheads Go!!!

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