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North Coast Rumored to be Adding Two Ringers from Western Canada

Posted by: Lindsay Aspegren on Tue May 09th 2017 3:41pm

North Coast is looking to add Olly Postanin and Jacob Ardown to the line up for the playoff push. These Alberta natives would come to North Coast with extensive hockey experience from the pro leagues of Bangalesh and the Virgin Islands.

Link: On The Bench.-- The Fundies of Puck - First episode

Former Penn State Hockey Player Cited For Peeing On Two People In Primanti Bros. Bath

Posted by: Lindsay Aspegren on Thu Apr 27th 2017 4:54pm

Former Penn State goaltender and recent ECHL player Matthew Skoff was issued a non-traffic citation by State College police on Apr. 21 for allegedly urinating on two people in the bathroom of a Primanti Bros.

According to the acquired citation, Skoff, 25, “did enter the bathroom at Primanti Bros. and urinated on the leg of two different customers who were waiting or using the restroom.” The Centre Daily Times had reported that Skoff urinated on one person using a urinal, then opened a stall and urinated on another.

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Alex Walsh Leads Coasties to 3rd Place Regular Season Finish

Posted by: Hugo Braun on Sat Apr 15th 2017 6:10pm

After many consecutive seasons finishing the regular season in the lower half of the league, North Coast took a step towards regaining its prior form by finishing the 2017 Winter season in 3rd place. This is the highest regular season finish for the Coasties since a 2nd place finish in the Winter season of 2013.

Alex Walsh led all scorers with 27 points and 17 goals and tied with LaxBro (Darren Millman) for most assists with 10. Clutch scorers Mucho Grande (Dave Grand) and Hammer (Gregg Hammerman) led the team in game winning goals with 4 and 3 respectively.

Overall stats leaders were:

Points – Alex 27, SuperSub (Abe Colwell) 16, LaxBro 14
Goals – Alex 17, SuperSub 9, Hammer 6
Assists – LaxBro 10, Alex 10, Havi (Dave Haviland) 9
Game Winning Goals – Mucho Grande 4, Hammer 3

Canadian Central Bank Asks 'Star Trek' Fans to Stop ‘Spocking’ $5 Bills

Posted by: Lindsay Aspegren on Sun Mar 26th 2017 12:18pm

Dammit Jim, it's a fiver!

Canadian bank officials are asking "Star Trek" fans to stop doodling Spock's portrait on the country's $5 bills in tribute to late actor Leonard Nimoy.

Known as "Spocking fives," the gag involves inking over the bill's portrait of former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier to include the Vulcan officer's trademark pointy ears, eyebrows and matted black hairdo.

Though the goofy art form isn't new, it reportedly took off after Nimoy's death Friday at 83 from heart disease, prompting the brass at Canada's central bank to release a statement asking Trekkies to stop the highly illogical — but not illegal — behavior.

The New York Daily News

Hammerman is in Danger

Posted by: Lindsay Aspegren on Wed Feb 22nd 2017 5:31pm

Due to the tremendous rain in Florida, Gregg "The Hammer" Hammerman is unavailable to play tonight. In lieu of hcokey, he sent this picture to show the extent to which this treacherous winter storm is racking Tampa Bay today. Please send him your thoughts and prayers.

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