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Transcribing Don Cherry Does Not Really Help In Understanding Him

Posted by: Lindsay Aspegren on Wed Feb 01st 2017 6:43pm

Former NHL coach and current CBC commentator Don Cherry tends to speak quickly, and it doesn’t help that his suits talk over him, but Reddit user Doopus16 provided a service to the public by transcribing two of Cherry’s Coach’s Corner segments. The result might not be that beneficial, but the replay value is strong.

Twenty more of these, please.

Bocan Redux

Posted by: Hugo Braun on Thu May 26th 2016 11:45pm

Jeff Bocan took a star turn in Ann Arbor, reprising his role as "The Ringer" for los Piratas de la Costa Norte while on hiatus from his new home base in Newport Beach, California.

Snags bags a Yak

Posted by: Mike Braun on Tue Nov 03rd 2015 10:17am

DNR suspects foul play

Skating Toward Midnight

Posted by: Charles Conrad on Sat Sep 19th 2015 11:40am

The latest analysis of the Fall 2015 schedule reveals a disturbing trend toward later game starting times. The mean starting time for North Coast games for this season is 10:19 PM, approximately 7 minutes later than the Fall 2014 season and approaching the historical worst case during the first half of the 2015 Winter season. This trend appears to be entirely attributable to the loss of ALL early start times (before 9:30 PM) for North Coast.

An unauthorized league source, when confronted with these facts, responded:

"Scheduling is a complex undertaking and beyond the mental capability of hockey players."

It should be noted that while making this remark, the source made a curious gesture, extending their arm with the palm up.


Posted by: Charles Conrad on Fri Sep 18th 2015 11:52am

In light of the recent dramatic loss, players are advised to carefully consider
Chapter 1, Section 2, Subsection 1, Paragraph 3 from the "Diktat of North Coast Hockey":

We win as a team; losing is a different matter.

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