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Snags wins championship!

Posted by: Hugo Braun on Tue Mar 31st 2015 12:22am

Snags, Pat Kurth, led his Mitzel Law team to the winter championship with an exciting 3-2 victory over Cliff Keen on Sunday night. The Rapper, Tim Allen, is also a member of this team and helped guide them through the playoffs to the semi-finals. After The Rapper succumbed to injury while playing for North Coast, Hugs, Hugo Braun subbed for him in the final two games to hep bring Snags a well deserved trophy.

Debunking Start Time Equality (cont.)

Posted by: Charles Conrad on Thu Feb 12th 2015 10:19am

I would like to post more details from the report, but the frustrating penny-pinching technical limitations of our web site have made it ridiculously difficult. Clearly this is a management ploy to control open team discourse.

Debunking Start Time Equality (cont.)

Posted by: Charles Conrad on Wed Feb 11th 2015 12:53pm
Analysis Summary
Analysis Summary

Excerpts from the full report.

Debunking Start Time Equality

Posted by: Charles Conrad on Tue Feb 10th 2015 5:56pm

For far too many seasons, team management has ignored the protests of team members regarding the strong perception that the starting times of North Coast games are (deliberately) biased toward midnight. Typically, team management has brushed aside these concerns with less than persuasive statements about highly sophisticated and unbiased scheduling algorithms, usually accompanied by frenzied hand waving. This misguided, perhaps even manipulative approach has naturally led to rampant conspiracy theory speculation and rumors of significant under the bench payoffs.
Finally, preliminary results from the most complete analysis of game start times in league history have been released. Summarizing:
League starting times are clearly biased (99.97% confidence level) and North Coast gets the short end of the stick.
Stay tuned for more.


Posted by: Mike Braun on Tue Sep 23rd 2014 8:51am

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