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Bulldogs Drop Second Contest for Summer

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu Sep 14th 2017 1:30pm

Coming into the game with a nice 3 - 1 Summer 2017 record, the Bulldogs squared off against old foe the Lords of Flatbush. The Lords feature several roller hockey cronies that are familiar to several key Bulldogs players and the intensity usually carries over from the concrete to the ice.
This game did not play out that way. Both teams had short benches as the Bulldogs skated with 10 and the Lords skated with 11. The teams traded chances, but the Bulldogs did not capitalize of presented opportunities. Mike "you don't know how to warm me up" Holtby was up to the task and made saves as necessary.
After two and a half periods of scoreless hockey, the Lords of Flatbush opened the scoring and put in a goal. With the boys in blue not answering, the final ended in a 3 - 0 loss for the good guys who had many opportunities to score but just had an "off" night of missed opportunities.
Riston "pink" R missed yet another game but is expected to return next week as most summer pop concerts are going to finish touring. Long time key player Jean Pierre Roulette did not play and remains questionable heading into next week with an undisclosed upper body injury that the rumor mill attributes to handling too many casino chips. The Bulldogs summer 2017 record now stands at 3 - 2 where they are still poised for a nice playoff run.

Bulldogs Back on Summer Winning Track

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu Sep 14th 2017 12:11pm

After suffering their first loss of the season last week, the Bulldogs headed into Snipetown in week 4 action. The game presented the perfect opportunity for the team to regain their winning composure as they have previously defeated Snipetown in week 1 and have never lost a game to this team throughout its entire franchise existence.
The Bulldogs were missing several key players from their lineup. Ryan "6th man in" Monahan returned to his dorm room and higher education. Riston "Pink" R was at a teeny bopper concert and Jean Pierre Roulette did not dress for the game due to injury following his 2 goal performance last week.
The first forward line was Drew "endless energy" Taylor, AJ "always early" Bezner and Jared "pimp" O. This line delighted the Bulldogs faithful with deep puck possession in the other team's zone early and often. They set up several back door open looks and fed their open point men often. They created an array of scoring opportunities and pressured their opponent for the entire game.
The remaining three forwards were Espo "scumbag" at center with Jason "the other roulette" O and Frankie "El Capo" Dag. Both El Capo and "the other Roulette" are used to playing the left side on their respective lines. "El Capo" selflessly abandoned his usual LW perch in favor of "the other roulette" and the move paid dividends immediately as Jason "the other Roulette" began the Bulldogs scoring for the night notching a wrist shot into the lower corner of the net. This line featured the ever so fast and elusive toe drag of "el capo" which created room and opportunities and the super stretch speed of Espo "scumbag" that was always a threat to get behind the other team's line of defense.
The Bulldogs defensive core did plenty to make the game worth the price of admission. The Bulldogs blue line featured Peter "chirp" H teaming with Jon "eye in the sky" Cav. The other defensive pair was the roller hockey duo of Jeremy "bear" M and Joe "hopeless romantic" D.
In the first period and already with the lead, the "hopeless romantic" was cross checked by a wiley and rough Snipetown ringer. Coming to his aid, team enforcer Jeremy "Bear" took on the aggressor. The two fighters dropped gloves and traded strong right hands. The Snipetown goon sensed the "Bear's" oncoming attack and clinched sending both fighters to the ground resulting in a hard crash and tumble. "Bear" was pulled from the top of the subdued foe scoring another fight win in his career along with a game misconduct that sent him to the showers early.
Peter "chirp" H demonstrated his relentless tenacity as well. He found himself deep in enemy territory near the goal crease where be battled the opposing goalie and two defenders for an elusive but still loose puck. Despite attempts at coverage, physical contact and stick work from the other team, "chirp" won the battle and poked the puck into the opponent's cage to open up the lead some more.
More fine play was provided by Jon "eye in the sky" Cav. He recorded the teams 5th and 6th goal for the night and put the game out of reach for the Bulldogs. In the waning minute of the game, the score stood at 6 - 0 where a Bulldogs win and shutout for goalie Mike "you don't know how to warm up" Holtby were now imminent. "Eye in the sky" was determined to finish his natural hat trick when he circled the defensive zone with the puck. Perhaps in travelling the path of least resistance, Cav placed the puck into the 5 hole of Holtby completing his natural hat trick and sending the Bulldogs to a 6 - 1 victory over Snipetown and a now 3 - 1 record in division play. Way to go Cav!!!!

Bulldogs Record Falls to 2 - 1

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Mon Sep 11th 2017 11:47am

In week 3 action, the Bulldogs squared off against the Evil Monkeys. This game would be the first time these two teams have met since last season's Aviator Keg Championship that saw the Evil Monkeys drink from the keg for the first time in their Aviator existence edging out the Bulldogs in a close 3 - 2 game. The Bulldogs faithful would have liked to have seen some redemption but this week's contest was not as close.
Credit should be given where credit is due and the simple story line here is that the Evil Monkeys are an even better hockey team than their Championship Keg squad was. A new an improved Monkey summer squad took the ice with several personnel changes that were an upgrade in each circumstance. The Monkey's defensemen stayed home and broke out their forwards. Their forwards received passes and attacked the Bulldogs net during odd man rushes with speed and precision. Although the Bulldogs generated some chances, their passing was not as crisp, their attack to the net was not as organized or threatening and when the final buzzer sounded it was a 6 - 2 Bulldogs loss.
The Bulldogs faithful do not expect their team to win every time. The Bulldogs are still a formidable opponent in this division. But the game puts the only blemish on the now 2 - 1 summer record that reminds the Bulldogs in order to finish all the way and have an Aviator Keg drinking party, they need to be at the top of their game for the better opponents in this division.

Bulldogs Improve Summer Record to 2 - 0

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Mon Sep 11th 2017 11:31am

Heading into Week 2 competition, The Brooklyn Bulldogs faced a new opponent to the Division who called themselves "Dump and Coast." The Dump and Coast hockey squad was reminiscent of an old foe from years ago called the Rebels. Some of the players were there, and they wore similar color jerseys. The Rebels were last seen in the Summer 2016 Aviator Keg matchup that the Bulldogs won in lopsided fashion. Well folks, new name but same result. The Bulldogs poured it on from the drop of the puck en route to an 11 - 3 victory over the helpless overmatched and understaffed Dump and Coast squad. The 3 goals that the Bulldogs gave up were more of a result of Holtby's boredom and indifference than actual finished scoring chances by the opposition. Regardless, every skater registered at least a point and lopsided contests of this nature are never fun for either team involved. Tack on another Bulldogs summer victory.

Bulldogs Open Summer 2017 Season With a Win

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu Aug 10th 2017 2:21pm

The Bulldogs began their Summer 2017 season with high hopes after having previously reached the finals last season along with the memories of being the Summer 2015 and Summer 2016 Aviator Keg Champions - so there is something extra special and exciting about Bulldogs summer hockey.
A disappointing note to start the season is the team has learned that long tome Bulldog Red and Blue player Jay Deezy will continue to skate with league rival the Knights. Though never given any walking papers from the Bulldogs front office, he started as a part time Knights sub and seems to have become a roster mainstay, much to the disappointment of the loyal Bulldog faithful and the tight knit locker room alike.
In similar fashion, the team has learned that Bulldogs star Jack Horowitz - affectionately known as J Ho, has signed a contract to play with defending Aviator Keg Champion the Evil Monkeys. The groans of the Bulldogs faithful were audible upon hearing this as he was never given walking papers either. The rumor mill is swirling that his recent marriage has caused him to get more in touch with his sensitive side and his gentle and peaceful nature is more welcomed by the soft type of play that is accepted by the Evil Monkeys fan base and he was just less comfortable with the rough and tumble style that has become the nature of the Bulldogs. So be it. There is hockey to be played and the Bulldogs were suited up and ready to skate.
So Summer 2017 began against Snipetown. Coincidentally, this is the 3rd or 4th season in a row that the Bulldogs opened against the league's doormat. The Bulldogs as a franchise have never lost a game to the bunch from Snipetown - but rosters change quickly in the Aviator league and there were a brand new bunch of hockey players on the opposing bench that clearly will take that franchise out of the league's basement. Captain Frankie Dag immediately sensed the threat of this newly refined opponent and cautioned his team about starting too slow. Despite doing all he could to wisely rally his troops, the Boys in Blue did not heed their captain's warning of a slow start and the Snipetown team got on the board first.
Midway through the 2nd period, the Bulldogs found themselves on a 5 - 3 power play with a faceoff in the Snipetown end. Upon winning the faceoff, the Bulldogs team set up and began passing around. After several passes and setting up imminent danger, there was no telling who the next pass was going to. Defenseman Peter "chirp" Hatzi slowly skated down the left side while surveying the setup and threatening to dish. He clearly tricked the Snipetown defense who was poised for this threat as he snuck a well placed shot short side between the goalie and the post to start the scoring for the Bulldogs season while tying the game at 1.
Third period action was highlighted by more Bulldogs puck movement. The tie was broken with a deep forecheck where the Bulldogs wingers won the battle behind the Snipetown net. The puck was sent to open point man Joe "Hopeless Romantic" DeAngelo (f*ck the apostrophe) whose well placed low shot was redirected by Riston "Angry Dragon Expert" R into the net to give the Bulldogs a 2 - 1 lead.
Later in the period, the Bulldogs forwards were pressing hard again. Rapid shots on goal and front of the net presence earned the Dogs several shots where they put back rebounds and kept battling. AJ "Always Early" Bezner put back a rebound to give the Bulldogs a much needed insurance goal that secured a 3 - 1 win for the Bulldogs and created a 2 game personal goal scoring streak for AJ dating back to last season's championship game.
The win was made possible by Mike "you don't warm me up properly" Holtby who made several tough saves along the way that gave his team the confidence and room to put some goals up and eventually win the game.
Also of note is the bark and the bite of the Bulldogs skaters. Perhaps the new Snipetown roster thought the Bulldogs recent player suspensions or indefinite bannings were just rumors. A bush league spear by an opposing player to the Bulldogs goalie wasn't answered with a game penalty by the referees. But that didn't matter. Riston "Angry Dragon" R lead the charge with a supporting cast that followed in punishing the uncalled foul worse than any league penalty.
Additional enforcement was noticed by Jeremy "Bear" M who showed little tolerance for cheap talk from Snipetown. When The Bear heard the chirps of his opponent, he rose to the challenge more than one time willing to give the fight the Snipetown team realized would be a bad idea for them. Wisely, the several Snipetown players took a Bear claw upside their head and left the ice defeated and beaten with the hope of better luck next time choosing not to make good on their original fight threat that was clearly just soft.
As for the Bulldogs, it's summer. Doesn't seem there's much else to say.

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