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Bulldogs Win Streak at Four as They Spank Their Evil Monkeys

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu Jun 22nd 2017 8:53am

We are now late in the Spring 2017 Season as the Bulldogs took on the Evil Monkeys in Week 9 action. History usually dictates that the Bulldogs have had trouble with the Evil Monkeys during their previous few regular season meetings including dropping a contest to them earlier this season in week 3. However, the Bulldogs are rolling right now and appear to be unstoppable as of late.
The game played where the teams were trading chances. The Bulldogs generated many scoring opportunities that they just didn't seem to finish. The Evil Monkeys were kept to bad angle shots - when given opportunities and Mike Holtby was more than up to the task.
The game's first goal was scored in the second period. Joe "I Care What People Think of Me" Espo took a shot on goal that was kicked into the corner. Jean Pierre Roulette retrieved it for a quick centering pass to Riston "Pink" R who waited out the goalie and slid the puck around him with a patient, nifty move in traffic. The tempo of the game created the possibility that it just might end with an uneventful 1 - 0 score.
Midway through the 3rd period, the Evil Monkeys tied the score. A minute later at the 6 minute mark, Smokey "The Bear" Mangano picked up the puck in his own end (allegedly from Ryan "6th Man In" Monahan). Bear travelled coast to coast where he earned himself a breakaway headed deep toward the net on his backhand. His speed and tenacity had everyone on the ice fearing a quick deke. Wisely, he slid the puck softly past an over committed and fooled Evil Monkeys goaltender to regain the lead. Shortly thereafter, with 3:32 remaining, the Evil Monkeys again tied the game.
With under 2 minutes remaining, the Evil Monkeys attempted to gain the Bulldogs zone. A defensive stand chipped the puck into the neutral zone where Joe "head down" Espo and Smokey "the Bear" Mangano raced down the ice with an impressive burst of speed. They passed back and forth and put a shot on goal that was left sitting on the goal line. Riston "Pink" R followed the play and finished the job for the game winning goal.
With their record now at 6 - 3, the Bulldogs are making a strong case for Aviator league Playoff contention. Next week is their final regular season contest. They will take on the Yachtsmen in week 10 action. The Bulldogs were victorious against this team earlier this season in week 4 - but that was 6 long weeks ago. Let's Go Bulldogs!!!

Bulldogs Dent the Knight's Armor to Continue Winning Streak

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Fri Jun 16th 2017 8:55am

Heading into week #8 with a 4 - 3 record and sporting a 2 game winning streak, the Bulldogs squared off against the Knights. This was set to be an interesting contest as the past few games against this division foe have resulted in fighting and bad tensions. Two seasons ago, a Bulldogs player was sucker punched after the game on the hand shake line. Last season, that same player attacked Bulldogs scorer and speedster Joe "not a scumbag" Espo in an unprovoked unnecessary attack. Heading into this week #8 contest with playoff implications on the line, there was a good amount of uncertainty.
Absent from the Bulldogs lineup was the Captain Frank "Night Court" Dag, his attorney Peter "I can get you off" Haz, Jared "Always Pimpin" O, and Riston "Will pop any pill" R.
First period action started off with the Bulldogs jumping out to a 1 - 0 lead. Smokey "the Bear" Mangano collected a puck deep in his own end. He circled around his cage with speed and head manned it out to Ryan "6th man in" Monahan who received a perfect pass in stride. His speed was too much for the Knights defenders and the 6th man in finished the play with a sweet goal to put the Bulldogs on top.
With the score tied at 1 - 1, the Bulldogs had a faceoff deep in Knights territory. Fan favorite Jean Pierre Roulette took a puck off a defender and placed a shot on goal from a bad angle. He recollected his shot behind the net where the goalie was expecting and fearful of a wrap around attempt. JPR had already passed in front to Jason "the other Roulette" O who put the puck into the open side of the net for an easy goal on the confused Knights goaltender who had lost sight of the puck. The same shift saw the Roulette brothers pass cross ice to each other and then finally to Smokey "the Bear" Mangano who finished the accurate puck work by defeating the Knights goalie with a devastating wrist shot that sent the Bulldogs into the first intermission with a 3 - 1 lead.
Second period action saw Jean Pierre Roulette collect a Knights clearance attempt along the boards within the offensive zone. With the defense out of position from the expected breakout, he fed Ryan "6th Man In" Monahan in front of the net who tallied his second of the game. Second period action ended with the Bulldogs leading 4 - 3.
Third Period action was highlighted by Joe "not a scumbag" Espo. With 4 players out of the lineup and players fatiguing, Espo continued to skate with the tempo he originally won the Bulldogs fan base over with upon originally joining the team. Perhaps the whispers of a slump were heard by the scrappy speedster who responded by owning the 3rd period. The defensive core of John "Isotopes still remember both beatings I threw them" Cooz, Jon "Eye in the Sky" Cav, Smokey "the Bear" Mangano and Joe "helpless Romantic" D threw Espo several stretch passes where he demonstrated his talent, stick handle and speed. Lining with superstars AJ "All Day" Bezner and Drew "Endless Energy" Taylor, Espo exploded for two 3rd period goals and this line itself boasted a +3 player rating for the night - where all 3 goals were scored in the 3rd period to solidify the Bulldogs 3rd straight win to a now 5 - 3 record. At the final buzzer, it was Bulldogs 7 and the Knights 4.
Plays worth mentioning are Joe "not a scumbag" Espo drawing a 3rd period penalty. He was unnecessarily attacked on a play by the same player who has been known to attack the Bulldogs in the past. Espo did not retaliate in this instance and that power play helped the Bulldogs preserve their 3rd period lead.
Further credit should be given to the Bulldogs defenders who assisted their goaltender by giving up their bodies to block shots. Defenders specifically noted for being selfless and risking injury were Jon Cav, John Cooz, and Joe D.
The Bulldogs got strong goal tending once again from Mike "nobody knows how to warm me up" Holtby who staved off an early Knights rally that allowed his skaters to comfortably gain control of the game.

Bulldogs Pull Off Stunning Comeback to Steal Victory

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu Jun 08th 2017 2:01pm

Heading into Week #7 with an even 3 - 3 record, the Bulldogs were scheduled to take on the Desserters. Bulldogs fans remember this opponent well as these two teams squared off in an epic championship game and have also had episodes of fighting throughout their recent contests.
The Desserters came out fast and the Bulldogs were juggling personnel and adjusting lines as Jeremy "Bear" Mangano was abruptly given a 10 minute misconduct and Drew "Endless Energy" Taylor also took a 2 minute penalty. The Bulldogs fell behind 3 - 0 throughout the progression of the first period of play. With a seemingly harmless faceoff in their own end and 13 seconds remaining, the Bulldogs won the draw to Jon "Eye in the Sky" Cav. He sent the puck to Jason "the other Roulette" O who fed Jean Pierre Roulette as he crossed the Desserters blue line. JPR took another one of his thunderous clappers that resulted in a bar down clang as the Desserters goalie helplessly waved his glove as he ducked for safety. The Bulldogs took some momentum with a 3 - 1 deficit into the 1st intermission.
In the second period, RAC found himself in a neutral zone battle. JPR provided assistance and took the puck from the scuffle over the Desserters blue line. Frank "El Capiton" Dag created some separation from his defender and received JPR's cross ice pass. Frank then demonstrated his ever so dangerous wrist shot into the upper corner of the net to cut the deficit to 3 - 2.
After the Desserters added a goal, JPR collected a dump into his own end. After collecting the puck, he carried it out of his own end and into the neutral zone. He surprisingly continued to rumble through the offensive zone with defenders harassing him for the turnover. His shot on goal was unsuccessful but line mate Drew Taylor was hustling through the zone for the entire play. He finished the play to cut the deficit to 4 - 3.
The Desserters again added another tally to re create their 2 goal cushion. RAC picked up a neutral zone turnover and crossed the opposing blue line down the left side. With defenders in place to greet him, he placed a laser wrist shot off the far post and into the net through a tiny window of opportunity to send the Bulldogs into the 3rd period down 5 - 4.
The 3rd period saw the flow of play remain steady and also saw the frustrated Bulldogs take penalties. The Bulldogs killed off their penalties, but the Desserters added another goal to once again create their 2 goal cushion. Time was running out and the Bulldogs had the face off in their own end after yet another stellar save by Mike Holtby. As soon as the puck dropped, RAC took the faceoff, the puck, the momentum and the energy right down the ice through the other team for his second unassisted goal of the game giving the Bulldogs hope that perhaps they might be able to tie it. About 2 minutes remained when it almost seemed like instant replay. RAC again skated coast to coast and earned his own break away. The Desserters goalie put his entire effort into luckily stopping Rac's breakaway and Jean Pierre Roulette opportunistically followed the play to tap in an easy game tying goal.
Under a minute remained with a 6 - 6 tie and it seemed the Bulldogs were headed for another controversial shootout. Jeremy "Bear" Mangano picked up the puck in the neutral zone and carried into Desserters territory. Although he was wide, he turned on the jets for a burst of speed that earned him the room to get off a dangerous wrist shot. Drew "endless energy" Taylor was crashing the net on the play and was awarded the tally that solidified the comeback and secured a 7 - 6 Bulldogs win.
Additional Game Notes:
A. The Bulldogs only lead in this victory was with under a minute left in the game.
B. Drew "Endless Energy" Taylor and Jeremy "Bear" Mangano were permanent fixtures in the goal crease as they frustrated, annoyed and even infuriated the Desserters goalie. The result was the goalie skating around his zone attacking and verbally threatening Bulldogs skaters. Drew "EE" Taylor and Jeremy "Bear" Mangano ended up with the last laugh by combining for the game winning goal.
C. The Bulldogs were without key players Riston "needed to get laid" R, Joe "scumbag" Espo, and Jared "All Nighter" O which forced Frank "El Capiton" Dag to make some lineup moves. The Desserters, as a result, have protested the game.
The Aviator league officials seem willing to entertain the protest despite the fact that the Bulldogs are the longest running and most consistent team within the Aviator league. Further, it only took 1 day for Aviator league officials to not stand by their empty threats sent to our captain that clearly stated any goalie "involved in an altercation... forfeits for his team"
D. Mike Holtby played amazingly well, as usual, but was assessed his first minor penalty of the season as well as his first "scumbag of the game" award for playing "fetch" with the referee after whistles thus filling the void for the absent Joe Espo.

Bulldogs Defeat Defending Champions to Even Record at 3 - 3

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu Jun 01st 2017 10:08am

The season looked as if it was headed to the Dog Pound as the Bulldogs squared off against last season's defending champion The Lords of Flatbush without much room for error in the standings. The Bulldogs bark was just as loud as the goal buzzer as they lit the lamp early and often to bring home the victory.
The scoring began early in the first period. Offensively skilled defenseman Joe D picked up a puck and from a seemingly harmless position of being on his backhand roofed a nasty shot under the crossbar that the goalie had no answer for. The Lords tied the score at 1 - 1 later in the period, and then the fisticuffs began.
Joe "less and less of a scumbag" Espo was tangled with a Lords defender. After trying to skate away to no avail, Espo dumped the determined to tangle hemorrhoid accordingly. A fight then ensued where Espo had the clear advantage against a physically larger opponent whose teammate provided an unpenalized assist with being the 3rd man into the fight to help turn the tables in an unfair fight. The fighting resulted in a Bulldogs Power Play that would carry over into the 2nd period.
Second Period highlights begin with the Bulldogs winning a faceoff deep in the Lords zone. Point Man John "Isotopes are my Bitch" Cooz slid the puck across the blue line to Joe " Backhand" D who put a hard shot wide off the backboard to Riston "No Longer a Virgin" R. Riston was looking for Espo in the dirty area but his pass took a fortuitous bounce off of a Lords defender and found the back of the net. The tally put the Bulldogs up 2 - 1, but the lead did not last long as the Lords immediately tied the game on the next puck drop.
More second period action saw Jean Pierre Roulette receive a cross ice pass from Joe "Backhand" D across the blue line into the Lords zone. JPR took another one of his blistering clappers that the Lords goalie miraculously was able to fight off. The resulting rebound was ugly and in a dangerous area and AJ "all day" Bezner was rewarded for his hustle to the net as he deposited a fluttering rebound into the upper corner of the net to once again put the Bulldogs on top. Much as the story goes, the Lords again tied the score shortly thereafter.
Almost like an instant replay, Joe "Backhand" D put the puck down the boards for another breakout play to JPR. From the same area on the ice as his previous shift, JPR stepped into another devastating clapper that stunned the Lords goalie who had seemingly very little reaction as the back of the net caught the puck and the Bulldogs took a 4 - 3 lead into the 2nd intermission.
About one minute into third period action the Lords tied the score for the 4th time in the contest. Skating with the score tied at 4, both teams had their chances but midway through the third period, Joe "backhand" D meandered his way down the right side into the Lords zone. Seemingly closed off and on his backhand, he earned his 5th point of the night as he served up some sweet tasting sauce to John "eye in the sky" Cav who put the exclamation point on his return to the Bulldogs by hustling to the back door and one timing the sauce to a tasty 5 - 4 lead.
The referees became very generous with the Power Plays they granted to the Lords. In order to make the 5 - 4 lead stand up, Joe "backhand" D, Jeremy "Bear" Mangano and JPR cohesively worked together to kill off a 5 - 3 Lords advantage. In the waning seconds of yet another Bulldogs penalty kill late in the 3rd period, Jon "eye in the sky" Cav made an alert pass out of his own end to John "Isotopes are my Bitch" Cooz who raced out of the penalty box to pick up the puck behind the play. With the defenders nipping at his heels, he converted his breakaway to give the Bulldogs an insurance goal and a 6 - 4 lead. In the waning seconds, the Lords answer was relatively unheard as the buzzer beater goal officially made the score 6 - 5. The Bulldogs message is what made the noise and their loud bark and sharp bite have them at a respectable 3 - 3 record on the season and in a position to make a post season qualifying run. It is encouraging to note that the Bulldogs were able to put up 6 tallys against a formidable opponent and the 6 goals were each scored from 6 different individual goal scorers. Here we go Bulldogs!!!!

Bulldogs Record Drops to 2 - 3

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu May 25th 2017 8:37am

The Bulldogs squared off against long time foe the Isotopes last night. These two teams know each other for many seasons and over time there are certain attributes to these games that have become commonplace and typical. Last night was no different.
The games between these two teams are always close - last night's game was no different as it was decided in a shootout.
The Isotopes like to take cheap shots and then cry to the referee with a sob story after they get their ass kicked. True to form, the Isotopes literally lost every fight despite starting all of them.
The game itself started well. From the opening puck drop, Joe D sent a shot in on the usually shaky Isotopes goalie that found the back of the net to give the Bulldogs a 1 - 0 lead. Assists were credited to Jason O and Riston R.
The Isotopes then answered with 3 consecutive goals to take a 3 - 1 lead. Mike Holtby was strong in net but was forced to see a lot of action and had to make many good saves to keep the game this close.
Midway through the 3rd period and still trailing by the same score, the Bulldogs were set up in the Isotopes zone on a power play. Jean Pierre Roulette collected a rebound behind the net, passed to Jeremy Mangano at the point whose shot was redirected by Jason O into the Isotopes net to make the score 3 - 2.
A furious Bulldogs attack toward the end of the game saw the Isotopes take several icings in a row in a desperate attempt to get out of their own end. The ensuing faceoff of one of those icings was won by Joe Espo to Joe D at the point whose blazing clapper overcame the glove of the Isotopes goalie to tie the score 3 - 3.
The game would be decided in a shootout where the Bulldogs lost 1 - 0 ultimately pinning them with a 4 - 3 loss and dropping their record to 2 - 3 at the midway point of the season.
It should be noted John Cusmano mistook an Isotopes player for a Rag Doll and threw him around for a while like a boss.

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