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Bulldogs On Track

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Tue Feb 24th 2015 10:57pm
The Bulldog
The Bulldog "Bitches" ( Get it? )

The Bulldogs have a way to go but find themselves on a 1 game winning streak. The First winning streak of the season. They are now 2 wins away from 500 and have a full head of steam after Wednesday nights win against the rebels. All lines were clicking, Chris ruck seemed especially himself having 12 blocked shots. Ruck has not looked this good since the 2014 Fall season. He has recently been seeing the team psychiatrist about his nightmares about game 7 of the finals last season. His recurring dream ... falling to block the shot in overtime but the puck goes straight through his body into the net. shortly after all the bulldog fans stone him with hockey pucks to his death.

Stars of the Game

1) Joe DeAngelo 1 Goal 1 Assist
2) Lou M..... 36 saves
3) J-Ho 2 Assists

Drowning Bulldogs are in Trouble

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Thu Feb 12th 2015 11:50am
The Bulldogs are Gasping for air in 2015
The Bulldogs are Gasping for air in 2015

The Bulldogs are underwater and cant seem to catch their breath. 4-1 loss to the defending champions last wed night left the bulldogs in a 0-3 hole this season. For the first time ever late in the 3rd period "Fire Overeem" Chants were heard in the crowd. In NY, your only as good as your last win as far as the fans are concerned, and GM Overeem is feeling the heat. Coach Overeem is desperately trying to find lines that work.. In the post game conference, The coach was asked if he thinks hes still the right guy for the job, He may know how to coach a winning team, but how about this new Bulldog team?

Coach Overeem: "Its definitely something we are not used too, I think we are all frustrated... The Players, the Fans, and me. We had a similar start last season ... 1-4-0 in the first 5 games.. and we went to The Final.. This team is going to figure things out, we just have to work harder."

The critics are saying that the era of the winning Bulldogs are over. Most agree that the GM knew this when the Bulldogs couldn't hold on to their franchise goal scorer and points leader Jean Pierre Roulette. The Gurreries may not have shown it in the stats box, but they played an important chemistry roll on the Bulldogs..

The twitersphere was abuzz with discontent after the loss:

Mastranjello311: "When you break up an Aviator cup team and start changings parts and players, it just isn't the same..."

Dagostinowitz445: "The Bulldogs are done, The whole Ferri - Overreem Reunion is nothing more then a Marketing and publicity stunt. They are Dinosaurs and they cant be serious... Its time to clean slate, free up that salary cap for new young players. New captain please!"

Bearismycopilot2: "Bring Back JV in net! "

Bulldogs Next Game:

Bulldogs Vs Rebels

Bulldogs Downward Spiral

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Fri Feb 06th 2015 2:01pm

The Bulldogs are off to a Rocky Start. losing to the Iceotopes 4-2. Justin Valliant, Bulldogs 3rd string Goalie was called up for some reason for last Wednesdays game. No one seems to know why... but Goalie Coach Lou Manastrangalsoao felt after tons of practice in NHL 15 Goalie Mode, that Justin was ready for the big leagues. Down 3-2 with 1:30 left in the 3rd Coach Jared Overeem made a questionable decision to not put out Bulldogs Highest Paid Players Lou and Rich. When Asked in the Post game conference he stated that lou and Rich had not produced all game and were a minus -1.

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Bulldogs fall short in season opener

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Thu Jan 29th 2015 1:33pm

The Bulldogs looked off in the season opener. The New Era Bulldogs look promising, but just are not clicking just yet. Coach Overeem stated that he is not worried in his post game press conference. " There are new faces, new lines... We are getting used to each other. Rich Sherron will be back from IR next week, that will give us a boost as well.

Next game Bulldogs VS Isotopes

2015 Roster Moves

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Tue Jan 27th 2015 6:39pm

Winter 2015 Roster Moves

Extended contracts

Rich Sherron #15
Lou #33


Jean Pierre Roulette
Jason Orsky


Albert Mizrahi ( Looney Tunes)
Jack J-Ho Horowitz ( Looney Tunes)


Gary Gurreri
David Gurreri


First Round Draft Pic
Joey Kubie

New Contract

Mike Ferri

Coming Up

Nothing Scheduled