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Posted by: Jared Overeem on Mon Jan 26th 2015 6:06pm

The bulldogs threepete falls short by 1 goal in overtime. Not bad for the way we started the season GM Overeem said.. It was a heart breaker, but in all honesty, we weren't even suppose to make it that far.

The end of the 2014 Fall season left many bulldog star contracts in question. After many negotiation attempts the Roulette Brothers did not sign with the bulldogs for another year. When asked by the GM what it would take to keep the brothers in Blue.. Jean Pierre Roulette simply replied " 2 billion dollars" (Currently owed to a Loan shark) The Roulette brothers were not the only pair lost. The Gurerri Brothers also have left the franchise in search for a team that will better accept their sexually obscure comments in the locker room.

The Bulldogs Signed Isotopes Fwd Mark Kern
and Resigned Star Fwd Rich Sherron and Goalie Lou Manastranalalogololo

But the biggest news is yet to come - after a long chat with Captain Jared Overeem and GM Overeem Mike Ferri attended the Winter Classic Training camp. There were roomers of Ferri's Return to the AHL and now it is official . #14 is out of retirement and looking to help the bulldogs get another Aviator Cup .

The Ferri Overeem Pair won 2 Cups early in their career when they were drafted to the Long Island Gulls House League. Then together to capture the first bulldogs cup in franchise history in 2012. Some say this is just a publicity stunt to yet again increase Brooklyn Bulldog Revenue. Will the famous Duo Be as effective as they were in their earlier years? Either way, we are in store for an action packed season.

Watch the 2015 Bulldog Promo Video here -


Posted by: Jared Overeem on Sun Jan 18th 2015 6:14pm

The Bulldogs Defy all odds, after being ruled out by the critics for even making the playoffs. The bulldogs squeeze in to the last seed. Last week the unexpected happened. The Bulldogs Took out the favorite local 3 to go to the championship.

Now The Bulldogs will look to be the first team in aviator History to win 3 Championships in a row

Bulldogs Godors Endorsement

Bulldogs Championship Promo


Bulldogs Face Extinction - The Playoff Race is on

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Tue Dec 09th 2014 5:54pm

Is the idea of a Bulldog "Three-Pete" looking more like a Fantasy? The Bulldogs have been playing mediocre hockey all season and have been the most inconsistent team in the AHL. They are currently in the 5th position wich does not give them a playoff birth. If the bulldogs want to make the playoffs, they are going to have to win the remaining games.

1)Local 3 wins (5)
2)Isotopes wins (5)
3)Spartans wins (5)
4)Lords wins (5)
5)Bulldogs wins (4)
6)Rebels wins (2)
7)Knights wins (0)

With only 2 games left to play and their 2nd opponent TBD The Knights Game tomorrow night is a MUST WIN - The bulldogs must win to tie the last place seed for the play offs and then win the final game of the season to be in

2014 Fall Season Bulldog News

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Thu Oct 16th 2014 12:18pm
Bulldogs Mascot Ready For Home Opener
Bulldogs Mascot Ready For Home Opener

Hockey Season has started and The bulldogs Split their road start 1-1 Steamrolling the Lords on the road but losing to the Spartans 4-3.
Big trades, signings, and roster moves this season. With the Retirement of 3 time Bulldog AHL cup Champion Paul weiss, The Bulldogs Signed All star Free Agent Rich Sherron from the arch Rivals "Bulldogs Red" The Bulldogs Red Fans are calling Sherron a "Sell out" and are burning his #15 Jerseys all over Brooklyn. Rich Sherron Said " At this point in my career I feel like this was the right move for me, I want to help the Bulldogs Blue Threepeate, and I love the way this organization is run ... and they also offered me a shit load more money in my contract.... "
The Bulldogs also traded Veteran Defensemen John Brinkner for some new talent Chris Frazzetta - John Cav has been sent to the minors and will be called up when needed.. Rumor has it that the Stardom got to Cav , and he is now in rehab for excessive alcohol use. The Bulldogs First Home Game will be against the Ice-O-Topes - The already sold out crowd will watch the 2014 Summer Season AHL Cup Banner Raised up in the rafters next to the other 2 championships.


Posted by: Jared Overeem on Thu Sep 18th 2014 10:54am
2014 Summer Champion Team Photo
2014 Summer Champion Team Photo

The Bulldogs Seem to have a Dynasty on their hands.. An original six team that had never been a contender, finds itself with (3) Franchise Championship Tittles, 2 of which were obtained in the last 2 seasons. Jared Overeem #16 The Bulldogs 4th Caption in history, Along with Coach Overeem, Have brought the Bulldogs to 3 Aviator Cup Finals and have come home with 2 , making the Coach / Captain Combo the Greatest team in Bulldog History to Date!

The Bulldogs were the underdogs This entire season, but managed to climb their way to this epic Rematch for the Aviator Cup. They Came out strong scoring 3 first period goals. The first came from bulldog Veteran John Cav fooling the Goalie with a change up back hand, Goal #2 Lou Mastrangelo Fresh off of injury took it coast to coast passing 3 men to score.. The Third came from Some Hard work in the corner, Captain Jared Overeem battled 2 Spartans in the corner and managed to Tear the puck away from both men by himself, then slid the puck to Joe D who rocketed one past the Spartans Goalie top shelf for a 2-0 Lead.

All was looking good but then the bulldogs had their infamous second period that they have seemed to have all season. 2 unanswered goals were scored by the Spartans and we are now 3-2 going into the 3rd. At the start of the 3rd it seemed as if the Spartans had reached their highest Gear. The Bulldogs, Constantly being pinned in their own zone and turning over the puck numerous times.. It seemed as if it were only a matter of time before the Spartans Tie up the game. A quick unexpected goal by Jean Pierre Roulette from AJ Bezner gave the Dogs some breathing room 4-2 ..
The Bulldogs could taste their Championship repeat. The Fans were on their feet 2 min to go in the 3rd up 4-2 . The Bulldogs fans were already celebrating, but it was too soon. The Spartans were the #1 seed in the AHL for a reason.. Pulling their Goalie , and Having all 6 of their all stars on, they put in 2 goals in 2 min forcing the Championship into a non Shootout, sudden Death over time.

One this is for sure , in the 1st over time period both teams gave it their all! the entire period was a nail biter. Andrik Stylqvist of the Bulldogs made a high blocker save that saved the game and will be playing on sports-center the entire summer.. Chris Ruck Blocked shots and smothered pucks , It was a defensive show by both teams.
Still no Hero, as we go into the second OT which was a 4 on 4 . After a long Battle - It happens,,,, and there is a phrase that will forever go down in bulldog History and will be played over and over again at Games for decades to come. -Jean-Pierre- ROULETTE was the Chant as Lou Mastangelo slid one across the crease to him to score the Double OT Championship winner !!

The Bulldogs are Once Again Aviator Champions!

The Bulldog Parade Will take Place Saturday Afternoon October 4th. Parade start will be at the Overdrive Mansion In Howard Beach Queens.

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