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Bulldogs Downward Spiral

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Fri Feb 06th 2015 2:01pm

The Bulldogs are off to a Rocky Start. losing to the Iceotopes 4-2. Justin Valliant, Bulldogs 3rd string Goalie was called up for some reason for last Wednesdays game. No one seems to know why... but Goalie Coach Lou Manastrangalsoao felt after tons of practice in NHL 15 Goalie Mode, that Justin was ready for the big leagues. Down 3-2 with 1:30 left in the 3rd Coach Jared Overeem made a questionable decision to not put out Bulldogs Highest Paid Players Lou and Rich. When Asked in the Post game conference he stated that lou and Rich had not produced all game and were a minus -1.

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Bulldogs fall short in season opener

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Thu Jan 29th 2015 1:33pm

The Bulldogs looked off in the season opener. The New Era Bulldogs look promising, but just are not clicking just yet. Coach Overeem stated that he is not worried in his post game press conference. " There are new faces, new lines... We are getting used to each other. Rich Sherron will be back from IR next week, that will give us a boost as well.

Next game Bulldogs VS Isotopes

2015 Roster Moves

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Tue Jan 27th 2015 6:39pm

Winter 2015 Roster Moves

Extended contracts

Rich Sherron #15
Lou #33


Jean Pierre Roulette
Jason Orsky


Albert Mizrahi ( Looney Tunes)
Jack J-Ho Horowitz ( Looney Tunes)


Gary Gurreri
David Gurreri


First Round Draft Pic
Joey Kubie

New Contract

Mike Ferri


Posted by: Jared Overeem on Mon Jan 26th 2015 6:06pm

The bulldogs threepete falls short by 1 goal in overtime. Not bad for the way we started the season GM Overeem said.. It was a heart breaker, but in all honesty, we weren't even suppose to make it that far.

The end of the 2014 Fall season left many bulldog star contracts in question. After many negotiation attempts the Roulette Brothers did not sign with the bulldogs for another year. When asked by the GM what it would take to keep the brothers in Blue.. Jean Pierre Roulette simply replied " 2 billion dollars" (Currently owed to a Loan shark) The Roulette brothers were not the only pair lost. The Gurerri Brothers also have left the franchise in search for a team that will better accept their sexually obscure comments in the locker room.

The Bulldogs Signed Isotopes Fwd Mark Kern
and Resigned Star Fwd Rich Sherron and Goalie Lou Manastranalalogololo

But the biggest news is yet to come - after a long chat with Captain Jared Overeem and GM Overeem Mike Ferri attended the Winter Classic Training camp. There were roomers of Ferri's Return to the AHL and now it is official . #14 is out of retirement and looking to help the bulldogs get another Aviator Cup .

The Ferri Overeem Pair won 2 Cups early in their career when they were drafted to the Long Island Gulls House League. Then together to capture the first bulldogs cup in franchise history in 2012. Some say this is just a publicity stunt to yet again increase Brooklyn Bulldog Revenue. Will the famous Duo Be as effective as they were in their earlier years? Either way, we are in store for an action packed season.

Watch the 2015 Bulldog Promo Video here -


Posted by: Jared Overeem on Sun Jan 18th 2015 6:14pm

The Bulldogs Defy all odds, after being ruled out by the critics for even making the playoffs. The bulldogs squeeze in to the last seed. Last week the unexpected happened. The Bulldogs Took out the favorite local 3 to go to the championship.

Now The Bulldogs will look to be the first team in aviator History to win 3 Championships in a row

Bulldogs Godors Endorsement

Bulldogs Championship Promo


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