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Bulldogs Lose Close Game With Short Bench

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu May 11th 2017 12:15pm

Heading into week 3 with a 1 - 1 record, The Bulldogs squared off against the Evil Monkeys. Recent history has consistently shown that the Bulldogs have struggled against the Evil Monkeys during regular season play but have always defeated them during post season action when the games were most important. Tonight stayed true to form.
The Bulldogs started the contest with only 5 skaters. Midway through the 1st period, 2 more players joined in. By the end of the first period, the Bulldogs had 10 players in attendance but faced a 1 - 0 deficit.
In the second period, Jean Pierre Roulette started the scoring for the Bulldogs. He took a nice breakout pass from alert defenseman Drew Taylor. After beating a defender in a 1 on 1 situation Roulette then placed a wrist shot into the upper corner of the net that tied the score at 1 - 1.
The Bulldogs were then awarded a power play that resulted from the hard work of Riston "no longer a virgin" R drawing a penalty with his tireless effort that lasted all game. With a neutral zone faceoff, the Bulldogs lined up in atypical fashion and executed a designed dump in trap play. This resulted in Jason "the other roulette" O and AJ "all day" Bezner trapping a monkeys defender behing his own cage. As he desperately tried to escape with the puck to safety, he was met by JPR who poke checked the puck into a dangerous area in front of the net. Joe "helplessly in love" D creeped in from his defensive perch with a blazing wrist shot that rolled around the back of the net to make the score Bulldogs 2 and Evil Monkeys 1. It appeared the Bulldogs had settled down and were on their way to a successful game.
It was not to be. After giving up a goal late in the 2nd period off of a bad turnover that tied the score at 2 - 2, the Bulldogs gave up another goal late in the 3rd period that was the result of a fortuitous bounce for the lucky Evil Monkeys. Facing a 3 - 2 deficit late in the 3rd period, the Bulldogs emptied their net in favor of an extra attacker. Despite nearly tying the game on 2 occasions, the Evil Monkeys added the empty netter as time expired - dropping the Bulldogs to 1 - 2 on the season with a 4 - 2 loss.

Bulldogs Fail First Test of Spring 2017 Season

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu May 04th 2017 12:43pm

Coming off of a lopsided blowout win in week #1, the Bulldogs squared off against known proven foe the Desserters in their first contest against solid competition for the season.
The Desserters came out fast and it stunned our Dogs. They found themselves down 3 - 0 before they were able to get up to the tempo that the Desserters were maintaining. Joe D put the Dogs on the board with a nifty wrist shot to begin the scoring.
Down 4 - 1, the Dogs got goals from Jeremy "stretch" Mangano and Jason "the other roulette" O to cut the score to 4 - 3 and bring the fans to life. The Desserters added an insurance goal when the Bulldogs had trouble clearing their own end. The game ended the same way the championship match between these 2 teams ended 2 long seasons ago.... with an ugly brawl and a Bulldogs loss. Although no suspensions were handed down, the loss is painful enough as it drops the record to 1 - 1.
The Bulldogs showed solid goaltending and hard working defensemen but their forwards are going to have to produce more threatening offense if the team hope to make a playoff run.

Bulldogs Open Spring 2017 Season With Win

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu May 04th 2017 12:04pm

The Bulldogs began their Spring 2017 campaign with a win against regular jobber opponent Snipetown. After missing the playoffs last season, the Bulldogs are determined to post a better record and qualify this year.

Goals were scored early and often and the Bulldogs got their usual good goal tending. The final was 10 - 2. The Brooklyn Beatwriter and the Bulldogs faithful are happy with the lopsided win to open the season, but it is also known that the Division has become stronger. From League Champions, to League Finalists, to missing the playoffs last season, the level of competition has grown exponentially. We are hoping the Bulldogs rise to the task.

The first test will be next week when the Bulldogs skate with the Desserters - the team that knocked them off of their championship throne 2 long seasons ago.

Bulldogs Losing Streak Continues... Season Ends in Animal Hospital

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Fri Mar 31st 2017 9:53am

The Bulldogs took a 3 game losing streak into the final contest of the season against the Knights - a team they previously lost a close contest to just 2 short weeks ago. Despite their recent losing streak, the Bulldogs were still in a position to qualify for playoff contention.
The Bulldogs got off to a slow start. They found themselves down 5 - 0 at the end of the 1st period. The rest of the way, the Bulldogs played an even game with the Knights where each team scored 2 goals each. Unfortunately, the final score was a 7 - 2 loss, continuing the Bulldogs losing streak (now 4 games) and putting them out of playoff contention, ending their season on a disappointing note.
Highlights of the game were 2 goals from Captain Frankie "the chin" D'ag as he displayed his dangerous wrist shot that sent the goalie collecting his water bottle in the second row of the arena and added his 2nd goal of the game by putting back a rebound he battled for with his imposing presence in front of the net.
The Bulldogs season overall started well. They were scoring 7 - 8 goals per game and they were off to a fast 4 - 1 start. Perhaps they simply ran out of steam as the season carried on. Perhaps the competition of the division is continuing to grow?
Further noted is the playoff qualifications were different this season and worked against the chances of the Bulldogs qualifying. 8 teams were in the league, separated into brackets of 4 and 4. Because the Bulldogs have been a championship league nemesis, they were placed into the stronger bracket with good reason. League rules advanced the top 2 teams from each bracket into the playoffs, meaning the Bulldogs will watch teams that they defeated head to head move on to post season play without them.
Bracket 1 Bracket 2
Isotopes Lords
Evil Monkeys Knights
Bulldogs Yachtsmen
Deserters Snipetown

Essentially, the Bulldogs ended up with an even record with the Evil Monkeys, but lost the tie breaker in head to head season play dropping them to 3rd place in their bracket and ending their season. Ironically, last season's champion the Deserters ended up behind the Bulldogs in the standings. This means that both teams from last season's championship game (Bulldogs vs. Deserters) did not even qualify!!!!
Despite some questionable league rules that may not have necessarily sent the strongest teams into post season play, the Bulldogs were still in a position to control their own destiny. They have been here before, and we know they will bite back stronger next season.

Bulldogs Drop 3rd Straight... Fate of Team is Uncertain

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Wed Mar 29th 2017 3:14pm

Our Brooklyn Bulldogs have gone from Championship finalist to on critical life support within a season.
In their contest against the Evil Monkeys, the performance of the team was a mixed feeling of hope and frustration for many fans. The game was there for the taking but our boys in blue simply weren't taking it.
Despite hitting some posts and generating mostly weak shots in the early part of the game, the Bulldogs found themselves behind a manageable 2 - 0 midway through the 2nd period. Jon "eye in the sky" Cav , who has demonstrated a personal surge this season, made the score 2 - 1 leaving his defensive post to pick up a centering pass in front of the net for the tally. The Bulldogs then were granted a power play where Jon "eye in the sky" Cav went coast to coast for the 3rd time this season for another unassisted tally that tied it up at 2 - 2.
The game had the feeling of a possible OT / Shootout for the 3rd consecutive week when the Bulldogs broke down physically and psychologically and gave up the lead late in the 3rd period en route to a 4 - 2 loss which dropped their record to 5 - 4 on the season.
Perhaps the mumbling and rumors are distracting our players and are to blame for the 3 game losing streak. The Aviator League and Bulldogs brass have not been in agreement on profit sharing and the result has been Bulldogs brass not forking over the cash initially stated in the contractual agreement between the team and the league. Bulldogs management has stood firm with shorting the funds to the Aviator league all season, but now the league is responding by threatening to cut off all ties to the Bulldogs franchise - effective possibly as soon as playoffs if they qualify.
The discounted merchandise at the souvenir stands may possibly be in reaction to decreased sales from poor play, but could also mean the Bulldogs are facing bankruptcy as a franchise. For a team that has been in existence with amicable relations with the Aviator corporation for over a decade, how could it come to this so quickly??? Aviator has made it known that they do not care.... but do our players and management?

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