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Bulldogs Fall Short In Shootout..... Again

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Mon Mar 20th 2017 10:35am

The Brooklyn Bulldogs squared off against the Deserters in a Championship rematch of last season. The Bulldogs carried a beefed up lineup into this game, as did the defending champs. The action was faster than typical Division 5 / 6 play, but the Bulldogs were up to the task. They got solid goaltending and controlled the tempo jumping out to a 2 - 0 lead.
But complacency seems to be the problem. The Bulldogs seemed to not want to put their vulnerable opponent away when given the chance, and suddenly found themselves behind 4 - 2.
Within a 20 second time span, the Bulldogs easily added 2 more goals to tie the score and took an eventual 3rd period 5 - 4 lead. Reminiscent of the previous week, the opposition tied the score late in the 3rd period to force a shootout.
The shootout went 8 rounds before a winner was decided. Our Bulldogs came out on the losing end of the shootout for the second straight week dropping their record to 5 - 3 on the season.
The Bulldogs have shown they can play with the better teams in this bracket and even gain a convincing lead. They are having trouble finishing their games and putting their opponents away. As the playoffs loom, we are hoping they can stay true to their name and remain tough for the duration of 3 periods.
The Evil Monkeys are on the schedule for the upcoming week. An old foe of the Bulldogs, they are a team that the Bulldogs have put away in the playoffs the previous 2 seasons when winning was necessary. However, the Evil Monkeys also breed the complacency that plagues our Bulldogs who were swept by this team in both of last season's regular season contests despite the fact that the Bulldogs controlled the flow of play in each game. Let's hope the Bulldogs can bite their way back on track and end their losing streak.

Bulldogs Fall In HeartBreaking Shootout Loss

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Thu Mar 09th 2017 9:19am

The Brooklyn Bulldogs squared off against the Knights in Aviator Division 5/6. It was a nail biter of a contest with bursts of ups and downs.
Both teams traded goals to begin the contest and the game stood at a 1 - 1 tie. The Bulldogs then scored a 3 goal burst making the score 4 - 1 and seemed to have the game under control heading into the second period. To start the second period, the Knights answered with a 4 goal burst of their own within a 3 minute time span to take a 5 - 4 advantage. Captain Frankie "the chin" Dag wisely used a time out which proved to be strategically brilliant as the Jason "the other Roulette" Ocharsky then tied the score on the ensuing faceoff after the timeout bringing the momentum back onto the side of the Bulldogs and chasing the Knights starting goaltender from the game.
About halfway through the 3rd period, Jason "the other Roulette" Ocharsky battled in the gritty area in front of the other teams net and was rewarded with his 3rd of the game to complete his hat trick and put the Bulldogs up 6 - 5. The Bulldogs took two penalties late in the 3rd period trying to preserve the lead. The first penalty was killed successfully, but the Knights ultimately tied the game in the waning seconds of the second penalty in the final minute of the game. The Bulldogs ultimately lost in the shootout, dropping their record to 5 - 2 on the season.
It should be noted that the Bulldogs struggled with personnel and positioning during the fatal Knights 4 goal outburst that ultimately let them back into the game. An undisclosed upper body injury to Joe "I will not acknowledge you on Social Media" D forced him to leave his usual defensive post to play wing. In turn, this took the Bulldogs recently hot weapon Jon "eye in the sky" Cav off of his new position at forward and dropped him back to defense where he saw his goal scoring hot streak cool off as he was forced into a more defensive role.
Assistant Captain Jared "the pimp" Overeem showed his frustration after the game. When asked for a comment, he quipped "Everyone looks good against Snipetown" before storming out of the media room and not taking any further questions.
Jeremy 'not a gay Bear" Mangano had 2 goals continuing the Bulldogs streak of defensemen adding to the scoring.
Tougher competition is ahead as the Bulldogs have a championship rematch looming next week against the Deserters. Hopefully the Bulldogs and are ready to avenge their loss.

Bulldogs Maintain High Scoring Power to Defeat the Lords of Flatbush

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Fri Mar 03rd 2017 9:13am

Coming off of their previous 8 goal performance, the Brooklyn Bulldogs squared off against old foe the Lords of Flatbush. Several seasons ago, the Lords were a nemesis to our boys in Blue. Fans remember the heartbreaking championship game loss in OT that saw the Lords raise the cup and did not allow the Bulldogs to 3peat. The Lords then departed that division to face even tougher opponents and have now returned to Aviator Division 5 / 6. Last night, the Brooklyn Bulldogs did not make the Lords return pleasant.
First period action saw a fast tempo of play with each team trying to establish an advantage. Both teams had multiple scoring opportunities, but the solid play of Mike Holtby in net and a Joe "not really a scumbag" Espo goal in the waning seconds of the period put the momentum on the side of the Dogs as they headed to the intermission with a 2 - 1 lead.
Second period action saw Jon "eye in the sky" Cav score his second of the game one minute into the period and he finished off his hat trick just one shift later giving the Bulldogs a 4 - 1 advantage.
After developing a convincing lead that caused "running time", both teams traded goals in a high scoring final period. Although the Lords had a late goal surge, it was too little, too late as the Bulldogs posted a convincing 9 - 5 victory and improved their record to 5 - 1 on the season.
It should be noted that Captain Frankie "the chin" Dag missed this game due to injury. The Bulldogs missed his presence, but took it upon themselves to create a lineup change. A newly formed trio of defensemen Jeremy "not a gay Bear" Mangano, Joe "I will not acknowledge you on social media" D, and Drew "endless energy" Taylor anchored a defensive threesome that was energized, moved the puck and created many of the offensive opportunities that the Bulldogs forwards were able to finish. The lineup change also allowed for Jon "eye in the sky" Cav to play center where he posted his 2nd multiple goal game in a row. It will be interesting to see the lineup in the upcoming challenging contests and if the Bulldogs can continue their high powered scoring attack.

Bulldogs Regain Winning Form

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Wed Mar 01st 2017 11:26am

After dropping their first contest of the Winter 2017 season, the Bulldogs headed into Snipetown - a team they have never lost to within their franchise existence. The Snipetown team showed a new look and new lineup, but the end result was the same as the Bulldogs turned in a convincing victory of 8 - 0.
This was Mike Holtby's first shutout of the season as he was true to his usually stingy performance in net. Hiss GAA this season is at an all time low as he has also turned in several 1 goal against performances.
The breaking story of the night is the defensive core of the Bulldogs which consisted of Jeremy "Bear" Mangano, Joe D, and Jon "Eye in the Sky" Cav. This defensive core started off the game by turning in one goal each. Combined with a devastating bar down backhand by Joe "Not Really a Scumbag" Espo, the defensive core accounted for 3 out of the first 4 Bulldogs goals. In the 3rd period, these 3 defenseman transitioned up to play forward where their scoring only continued. They each ended up with a multiple goal game marking the first time in modern Bulldog history that each Bulldogs defender had a multiple goal night. Their prowess proved to be too much for a once again overmatched Snipetown Team.
At the now half way point of the season, the Bulldogs are off to a powerful 4 - 1 start that has placed them in serious playoff contention as they get ready to play out the second half. It should be noted, however, that the Bulldogs have benefitted from an uncustomary softer schedule where 3 of those 4 wins were against non playoff contending teams. The Bulldogs will now face stronger challenges as they have yet to play against past powerful foe the Lords, the always tough Knights, the fast and pesky Evil Monkeys and the defending champions the Deserters. It remains to be seen if the Bulldogs can elevate to these challenges and finish out the season strong. It is evident, they are off to an impressive start.

Bulldogs Lose First Game of Winter 2017 Season

Posted by: Jean Pierre Roulette on Fri Feb 17th 2017 9:54am

The Bulldogs 3 game winning streak to begin the Winter 2017 Season has come to an end. Last week, the Bulldogs contest was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. The one week layover seemed to negatively affect the Bulldogs as they turned in a lackluster performance that ultimately saw them lose to the Isotopes 3 - 1.... a team they defeated by the same score just 2 games ago. This now drops the Bulldogs record to 3 - 1 for the season. The next game will be against Snipetown - a team that is winless against the Bulldogs in all time meetings. Perhaps the Bulldogs can get back on track next week.

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