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Bulldogs Beat Spartan

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Thu May 14th 2015 4:20pm

The Bulldogs Found themselves with a short Bench Wednesday night. Only 7 Players in total. But the 7 Players were the Heart of the Bulldogs Team and were able to claw their way to a 3-2 win over the spartans.

In other News GM Jared overeem is at it again and makes a blockbuster deal today at 4:25PM

Mark Kern was called into the office to find out hes been traded.

Mark Kern - 1st and 2nd round Bulldogs Draft pics - A Can of Redbull and a Bottle of Goders


Jack - Jho Horrowitz

Jho and his family are being moved back to NY at the end of the week and Jho is expected to play his First game this up coming Wednesday

Bulldogs Drop Home Opener to Lords

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Sat May 09th 2015 10:44pm

in a wild home opener the Bulldogs fall one short to the Lords losing 9-8.

Jon Cav Sent to Minors

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Tue May 05th 2015 12:13am

after having a low scoring season, and not having enough room on the roster with all of the new talent, Jon Cav has been sent to The Brooklyn Morkies To brush up on his Hockey and build more confidence.

New Season - Roster Changes

Posted by: Jared Overeem on Tue May 05th 2015 12:02am

The Bulldogs made some Big Changes over the winter to spring break -

The big move was:
JHo (Point and Goal Leader of Winter season)
Miz ( 2nd Point Leader of the Winter season)
Kubi (Rookie of the year Winter season

Traded for Star Defensmen Tom Votto #22

Mike Ferri Retired again....
with the freed up salary cap:
Resigned were The Roulette Brothers
Jean Pierre Roulette and Jason Ocharsky

Louie Mastrangelo has also been signed as fwd

Lots of talent traded for defense - The eyes will be on the new Fwds to see if this was a good move by bulldog GM Jared Overeem

Mike DaGoalie is the Bulldogs New starting Goaltender

on another note Martan Brodeur signed with the Bulldogs as their 3rd string goalie - His contract for 1 redbull a game was turned down but the GM and brodeur settled for Jean Pierre Roulette's Empty red bull cans after the games.

Jon Cav has been sent to The Bulldogs Farm Team "The Brooklyn Morkies"

Note: This season The HBO Bulldogs 24/7 will be filmed


Posted by: Jared Overeem on Mon May 04th 2015 11:22pm

The Bulldogs Season Ends with a first round KO 4-0 LOSS

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