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2nd Blue & White Contest

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Mar 11th 2016 6:26pm

Legends Arena Thursday Mar 10, 16

You may have noticed a little discrepancy in dates. Apparently this is close enough to the end of the season to not matter much! The right date is on this posting.

Let's get the thanks out of the way first. Nate Sabyan, battling a hefty flu wore #2. Ever on the ball, Mike Rogoski wore #5. Our newest acquisition, Mark Lepage donned #25 and Chris Hawkins wore #12 but is on the roster as #39.

Well sports fans these Blue & White games are shaping up to be one of the highlights of this year. Let's hope they will be a thing of the past next year, but in the mean time the Dogs can revel in these EXTRA games. The group of guys that are coming out to these events are sons & daughters & friends. It's a good group that skate hard and play hard. The Dogs themselves are no slouches themselves. I think this is a great combination that brings out the best in both sides.

Great net minding from Alex Shure & Mark Middlehurst gave the fans their monies worth for sure.

Spectacular daring do by the likes of #12 Chris Hawkins with his ring around the goal before scoring left little doubt of his prowess with the stick (just ask him!). The Sabyan boys had a great time last night (in spite of Nates illness) combining for 6 points on the evening.

Don't forget guys, Extra game vs. HIM Sunday at 1200 noon.

The next two dates Sun & Thurs will see a lot of talk around the dressing room regarding sleeping arrangements for the Bancroft tourny, so if you're not going to make the next few games, make sure you touch base with the guys with the cottages.

See ya at the rink.

Hands keep themselves In Motion

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Mon Mar 07th 2016 4:12pm

Newcastle Arena 6 Mar 2016

Well sports fans you missed a good one on Sunday. Looks like the change in Colours has struck a chord with the Dogs. More about the game later on.

The Dogs welcomed their newest member on Sunday. Mark Lepage made his Rookie debut in grand style, scoring two goals. The head office kept a close eye on young Mark throughout the game and when asked what was thought of the kid, they had this to say, "Young Lepage shows promise." "He looks like a good fit with the Hotdog franchise."

Due to trade deadline issues, Lepage wore #25 on this outing. He will however, be issued with a permanent number before the start of the 2016-17 season. Also in the lineup on Sunday afternoon was Claude Blanchet # 31, Greg Adams # 4, of the storied Adams Family, James Scollard # 5, on loan from the DRP and in a suprise move young Chris Hawkins formally # 5 was wearing # 12 this day. When contacted, his agent had, "No Comment at this time", but assured this reporter that a statement would be forthcoming. Stay tuned folks for further developments!

The battle waged back and forth through 2 ends with the Boys In Blue ahead by a single goal leading into the third. The third was not to be our boys period. HIM scored the tie at 14:35 of the third and went on to score 2 more before the close of business this day.

Thursday night is a Blue and White game. As usual these games afford the spectator the opportunity to root on their favourite players, but also to get a look at the up and comers!
Stay tuned here for new information.

See ya at the rink!

Mirror Image

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Mar 04th 2016 10:15am

Legends Arena Thursday Mar 3, 2016

Mark Middlehurst must have thought he was looking into a mirror last night. He absolutely redeemed himself after last week's confrontation with Riordans, but the score was the mirror opposite! A loss of 5-0 last week and a win of 5-0 this week against the Cops.

Before I get to ahead of myself I have to take care of some chores. Thanks go out to Mike Rogoski wearing #12 on the ice but # 39 on the scoresheet. Thanks also to #2 Andy Shure and #25 Tyler Parrish. And I would truly be remiss if I didn't make note of our cheering section. Thanks Hazel, you're the Modern Age Mary!

The game was a steady back and forth affair. The Cops were shorthanded for this game as well and brought out two young forwards and a young goalie. In our end the two young forwards were the standout for the Cops this night. Both were involved in every play when they were on the ice. At the other end the youngster between the pipes had a somewhat rocky start letting three slip by before the half way mark. But he settled in and denied another goal until the 40 minute mark. Hats off to the young lad.

It was a well fought affair with a little bit of, "How's Your Mother" between #4 of the Cops and our own #23 Al Wright, newly back from a lengthy recovery after sustaining a lower body injury. I guess Al had a little pent up energy to get rid of. Good going Al!

Both teams had penalty shots. # 7 Rich Lafoy was tripped and did some remarkable dipsy doodling around the net only to be denied by the post! At our end our same #7 tripped up one of the kids and he came in on Mark but was also denied by some Goalie Acrobatics. One really nice note by this reporter, after the shot the young Man from the Cops gave Mark an atta boy. Not enough of that going around if you ask me. BZ to that young Man!

Now to the goal that should be on the Dogs 2016 highlight reel. #15 Jeff Donaldson takes the puck behind the goal, trips while still in possession of the puck. Stick handles on his knees, gets up, still in possession of the puck and scores a goal! The old war horse still has a little gas left! Good goal, Jeff

Confirmation came last night that the Bancroft Tourny is a go. March 18-20. Please contact Jeff, John or myself if you haven't done so already about your availability.

Don't forget that our next game is Sunday March 6th in Newcastle against H.I.M.

The New Sweaters are looking Great!

See ya at the Rink.

The Times They Are A Changing

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sun Feb 21st 2016 2:39pm
The New Colours
The New Colours

Legends Arena Thursday February 18th, 2016

The wait is finally over. Thursday night's game saw the debut of the Oshawa Flying Hotdogs new sweaters. 2002 was the last time the Dogs changed colours. back then it was Toronto for Montreal, this time Montreal for Winnipeg.

Thursday night saw the boys in a Blue and White game. On hand to facilitate the hand over from Red to Blue was one of the Founding Fathers of this Great Team, Cliff Lehman and his trusty side kick and wife and Original Member of The Official Cheering Section, Mary, or Mom to more than a few of the guys!

Thanks go out to Andy Shure for bringing out his brother and sister and countless other players all under 30 yrs of age to go up against his father's team!

Thanks also go out to Mike R. & Nate S. for filling out the Dogs roster. To say it was a action filled game would be an understatement. The action and scoring went from one end to the other all night, and the Blue Man Group! held out for the win, but not for lack of trying on the part of the opposition. Every one came away from the game tired, but with the knowledge of a battle well fought.

Part of the post game festivities saw the team present Cliff with an Official Sweater bearing his number, 27 and his name on the back. I'm not afraid to admit that there were a few moist eyes over that one.

I left the end of this to two people without which the evening would not have happened. First off Ed Shure for his generous donation of the teeth on the shoulders of the jerseys. Thanks Ed!. And last but certainly not least, this reporter would like to offer his thanks to the team's main sponsor and owner of Hawk Construction, our own Chris Hawkins. I know I speak for the team in wishing you our most sincere thanks in the purchase of the sweaters!

Next Thursday pits the Boys in Blue against Riordan's Burnt Steaks. Always a grand evening of Canada's Game.

See ya at the Rink!

Police Sing,

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Feb 12th 2016 8:31am

Legends Arena Thursday Feb. 11, 2016

The Cops were singing, Can't Stand Losing (To) You last night at the Arena as they faced off against what could be the last time this reporter refers to our guys as the Redmen.

If all goes well the projected delivery date of the new sweaters is the 17th of Feb. I'll have to start thinking of New nicknames for our intrepid Puckmeisters!

Thanks are in order before taking on the business at hand. Firstly thanks go out to Mike Rogoski, #26, our latest add on to the team. Mike has graciously volunteered his skates and stick to a most worthy cause, The Annual, "Hotdogs After the Tournament Roster Boosting Charity!" We have several people donating to this worthy charity this time of year and this reporter will make mention in this august tome as they donate.

Next comes Connor Blanchfield, Kevin & John's nephew. Connor stepped in last night to take the reins as Ref du Jour. One thing that reinforces my pride in this team we refer to as, The Dogs is the depth of family involvement. Brother & Brother, Father & Son, Uncle & Nephew. The depth of the well of talent we dip into on a regular basis seems endless. Way to go Team!

So, what about the game. Even with the short bench, the Boys In Red brought their "A" game and the Police brought their "B" game. Young Mike R. opened the scoring 10:40 of the first with a beautiful little assist by John K. Eddy S. fed Brad L. at 17:32 to make it 2-1.

The best goal of the night saw Jeff D. nail a long pass from deep within his own end, to a waiting Brad L., loitering just this side of the Cops blue line. Brad took the pass in an with a little deek scored a picture perfect goal, to bad there was no film in the camera! The two line pass rule was dropped by the NHL in 2005, it looks like our guys are finally getting it. Who says you can't teach an OLD DOG new tricks!

Let's not forget the last Red goal. A class was held in front of the Cops net entitled, The Tick, Tack, Toe Play. On hand to demonstrate were Jeff D. & Ed S. Jeff, in front of the net on the right side feathered a perfect pass to a waiting Ed.S on the left side. Ed immediately passed it back to Jeff who scored. Great goal guys!

As mentioned earlier, the end of an era is close at hand. If all goes well, we are expecting delivery of the new sweaters next Wednesday, the 17th. The team has decided to go with Winnipeg Jets colours and an updated logo. We are looking for max participation and as many fans as possible to attend the game. This reporter's protege, Sophie L. has graciously donated her considerable talents behind the lens to take both team & individual pics of this auspicious occasion.

See ya at the Rink!

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