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Red Dogs go for a Stroll in the Park

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Jan 17th 2014 8:27pm

Legends Arena 16 Jan 14

Well music lovers the Dogs went for a stroll last night and that's for sure.

We all know that they were psyching themselves up for the Weekend's Festivites, so it was no suprise that the Red & White game was a little one sided.

The score does not reflect the true nature of the game. Joe Col, Cory H and Brad L all played for the White's and as such the only way I could figure to include their stats for the game was to add goals to the Hot Dogs Sheet.

You can do the math yourself. Suffice it to say it was a little one sided.

Tomorrow night I will be reporting from the Hotel in Waterloo. See ya there sports fans.

Welcome Back Sports Fans!

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Jan 10th 2014 8:12am

Legends Arena Jan 9, 2014

The boys in Red started off the New Year in odd fashion.

Welcome back sports fans. Yours truly hopes that Santa brought you everything you wished for and that the New Year found you surrounded by those you love.

To say the game had an inauspicious beginning would be an understatement. I think some of the Dogs had a vision or two still dancing around in their heads.

Two weeks off is to long for such highly toned athletes!

Ed Shure started of the night's festivities with a smart little backhand at m10.

Four minutes later Cory Hawkins made a nifty little Alley Opp clearing play deep in the Dogs end out to a Streaking Marc Adams hustling up the left boards. Marc took the pass at center ice and blazed alone to the net where he took a shot. The DRP goalie stopped the shot but ever vigilant Ed Shure was trailing the play and added another backhand goal to his tally for the evening.

Ed was not finished. At m32 he was tripped and awarded a Penalty Shot. Dead-Eye was on the mark and scored his third goal of the evening. Nice Hat Trick Ed!

Marc Adams and Chris Hawkins both added their names to the scoring sheet to round out the evening.

Young Cory did his part for the team last night, assisting on the 2nd, 4th and 5th goals. Good job Cory!

Let's not forget the netminder. George had a good night fending off the DRP advances. He was tested solo at m48 with a Penalty Shot. Coming dangerously far out of his net to cut down the angle he thwarted the puck handler and saved the goal.

In typical fashion the Hot Dogs pulled disaster from the fire to end the game on a positive note. Well done Guys!

See you next week in the Temple of the Puck.

Riordan's Gnaw at the Dogs

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Tue Dec 24th 2013 5:03pm

Legends Arena-Thursday Dec 19, 2013

To say that Riordan's ripped a chunk out of the Dogs hide would be an under statement, not that the old guys didn't show some promise at the start.

Marc Adams the ever stalwart Captain, led things off for the Dogs at m11 with a nifty little penalty shot.

George stopped a penalty shot himself with a save on his right pad, nice splits George.

There were two additional tallies from Jeff and Mike at m19 and Chris and Mark at m31, but that was it for the Dogs.

Riordans were just too strong.

I know that I said Merry Christmas to you all last week, my circumstances changed and I was able to attend this last game, so this week I'd like to take a second to thank those who, without their help, the season would be just that more difficult. I refer to our Referees, Nathan & Jordan and our Assistant Coach and Score Keeper and recent Song Tunestress, Maggie.

Thanks for all the help this year, and I hope to see you next year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Harvesters Return The Favour!

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Dec 13th 2013 8:48am

Legends Arena Dec 12, 2013
As they say, You Reap What You Sow, and Sunderland laid a "Reaping" on the Dogs last night.

Not to say the Old Guys didn't have their say. John Kelly opened up scoring at m21 with a Nifty little Penalty Shot over a tripping incident. If patience is a virtue then John had it in spades as he waited what seemed an eternity to get the goalie to commit and he did.

At m22 Marc Adams scored from a great feed by Chris Sabyan.

And that, as they say, was that.

Sunderland scored 6 unanswered goals starting at m23 and controlled the remainder of the game.

Kudos go out to George Gautier. The score does not reflect the job he did between the pipes.

Next game is against Riordans. It's the last game before the Christmas Break, so if you have nothing to do and want some good inexpensive entertainment, come on out and cheer on your Dogs!

I have family committments and will not be able to attend next week's game, so let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year!

See ya in 2014!

Harvesters Harvest Lacking

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Mon Dec 09th 2013 7:13am

Legends Arena Thuesday December 8, 2013
Lets start off with the substitutions for the game. #4-Jarret Bilous, #19-Dave Kewin, #31-Sean Brown.
To say that the evening was a spirited affair Would be an understatement! The Redmen came out to play, and play they did.
Eddie Shure back from all things dental led off the night with a nifty goal at m17.
Bouyed by Ed's efforts Brad Landry started off on his scoring crusade and tagged his 1st of the evening, a solo effort, at m19. He would go on to score a Penalty Shot at m21 and a third, with the help of Jarret Bilous and Dave Kewin, at m45 to complete the tri-fecta and score his first "Hat Trick" with the Hot Dogs. Good going Brad!
Mark Hawkins, after approx. 17 attempts finally put one between the pipes at m30. Thers's something to be said for tenacity!
Jarret Bilous scored both a goal at m42 and followed it up with an assist at m45. Good going Jarret and come back soon!
And let's not forget the Pipster. George had business that prevented him from attending the game and Sean Brown stepped in to help out.
Sean stimied "The Farmers" until m25. It was fun to watch. Both our bench and certainly the Harvesters were not ready for Brown's style. His seemingly nonchalant attitude between the pipes left Sunderland thinking this would be a rout. Mr. Brown had other ideas and kept house, including a beautiful breakaway attempt at m36. Thanks for coming out Sean!
My apologies for filing this so late, Christmas is upon us and duties prevented me from attending to this task until this early hour.
Take care Sports Fans, see you at the Rink.

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