Oshawa Flying Hot Dogs

Oshawa Flying Hot Dogs

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Burnt Steaks Scorch The Dogs-

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Nov 29th 2013 9:39am

Legends Arena
Well BBQ fans it was a hot time in the ol town last night.
To bad it wasn't in the Dogs favour.
It started out to be a tight little match up as it is quite often with the Steaks.
First blood was drawn at m8 by the Steaks with the Dogs following suit at m10.
The battle raged up and down the ice until m24 when the Steaks struck again.
Two more unanswered goals at m35 and m45 sealed the Dogs fate.
Thanks go out to Cory for coming out at the last minute.
See ya next week hockey fans

Hot Dogs Arrest Cops In Shootout

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Nov 22nd 2013 7:38am

Legends Arena 21 November 2013
Well sports fans you missed a good one last night! 13 skaters laced 'em up last night in what only can be described as, The Shootout At The OK Arena!.
Lets start with the subs. #4 was JP Luciuk and back for another go at the Dogs was Dave Kewin wearing #19.
It should also be noted that #25 is in fact Dan O'Neill, and #23 is Brian Reindeau (we'll fix that).
To start with George played stand-up hockey (no pun intended), the whole evening, making save after save.
George held off the Peacekeepers onslaughts for 37m, and let in only two all night.
Now to the scoring.
To say the team was on fire is an understatment.
The score does not reflect the numerous crossbars, goalposts and missed passes that were the result of 90% of the game played in the Cops zone.
If this trend keeps up we may have to start up a Hat-Trick Club.
Kudoos go out to the Hawkins line combining for 4 goals and 4 assists.
And how about Bulldog O'Neill long missed this season, coming back to the fold with an impressive 4 assists of his own.
Of course the stalwarts, Chris and Jeff bolstered the club as usual, and one final player to mention.
#2 Brad Landry, although the stats say that he helped on only one goal is deceiving.
He was in on most scoring plays while on the ice wether it shows in the books or not.
Good job to all.
See you next week.

Sad News

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Thu Nov 21st 2013 7:04am

November 21st, 2013
It is with deep regret that I must pass on to all of you the passing last Saturday of one of the original "Hot Dog Wives".
Jo Jo Finucan was, for Good, Bad and I'm sure sometimes, Indifferent, one of the backbones of this hockey club.
Like all wives she had to put up with the Thursday night rituals!, the tournaments and away games, and surely the less than appealing aroma wafting from someplace in the house of the "Equipment".
The Hot Dogs send out our sympathies to Brad and the whole Family.
There will be a Mass at 11:00 at St. Joseph's Parish in Bowmanville (just North of the 401 on the East Side of Liberty St.). There will be a short internment service to follow. Refreshments will be served at Morris Funeral Home, 4 Division St., Bowmanville.

Finding Themselves

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Nov 15th 2013 8:15am

Legends Arena 14 Nov 13
Things have started out a little dicey for the Red Boys this year. In the parlance of the day they are trying to find themselves, in all the wrong places. The beginning of every year is a sorting out period for the boys and this year is no exception!
The old stalwarts try to get their lines together. They've played together for so long that they can anticipate each other. And certainly once everyone has taken care of Fall Business and all are tucked in nice and snug for the winter the team will get down to their business.
Five goals in any other game would certainly have been enough for the Dogs to walk away with a victory, but Wards is a strong team and we're still trying to nail down our lines. That being said our guys, specifically Chris S., Jeff, John and Rich came through as they always do. Good going guys and thanks to Dave K. (#38) for his assistance at short notice.
One more thing, if anyone can furnish the scores for the two weeks I missed and send them to soundhounds@rogers.com I will update the standings, thanks.

An Exciting End To The Year

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Mon Apr 01st 2013 6:04am
Your Oshawa Flying Hot Dogs
Your Oshawa Flying Hot Dogs

Sunderland Arena 31 Mar 13

Before we get into a breakdown of our beloved Dogs we need to announce some line changes. #31-Jordan Brown, #19-Jacob Colacicco, #5-Alex Shure, #4-Andy Shure and #2-Tyler Parish. All subs performed wonderfully with Jordan standing on his head after an opening salvo that produced a rather weak goal. Brown settled down between the pipes and held up his end of the bargin, keeping the Dogs in the thick of things throughout the game.

The Sure Shure line! contributed to the days events by scoring 2 goals and 2 assists between them. Good going.

Goals by Jacob C and Rich L rounded out a squeeker of a loss at 5-4 against our boys. For sure determination and courage in the face of Holiday Queasyness the award goes to John Kelly. After an early game collision with the immovable mountain known as Jeff he came back and was overheard after the game as saying it was exactly what he needed to clear his head. You'll pardon me John if I don't take up your new regimin!

Well tha tha tha that's all folks for another year of Hot Dogs Hockey. It was a fun year full of ups and a few downs. Thanks to Maggie for all the help behind the bench and timekeeping, and thanks to Nate and Jordan for all your patience and understanding Refing these yahoos!

Stay tuned to this website. As information about the new season developes I will try to post it here for your consumption!

Have a good summer, and we'll see you in October!


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