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Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Oct 12th 2012 8:16am

Legends Arena-Thursday October 11, 2012
Well sports fans everywhere the season is off and running and the Boys in Red seem to have found a new life. This reporter is not going to report on individual achievements this time around, rather I want to point out what I saw during the game. This was not a game of single players taking the puck from their end and running through the opposition. No, what I saw, that warmed the cockles of my heart was a group of players. Six teammates working together for a common purpose.
It was great to see sharp if not crisp passing. Headmanning the puck up into the other team's end. Wham bam thank you Maam.
This produced a 5-4 win over a tough Durham Regional Police Squad. The team deserves to give themselves a collective pat on the back for a job well done!
One last item before closing. This reporter was quite impressed with the Refing last night. Even handed with just the right amount of milarkey to keep it fun. That Ref's a keeper!

Till next time----

The Ice Is Flooded, Let The Games Begin

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Oct 05th 2012 7:36am

Legends Arena-Thursday October 4th, 2012
Hello Sportsfans in Oshawa, Whitby and Courtice. The season is upon us with a vengence. Thanks to everyone who came out to training camp. Those that made the cut, and you know who you are, will have to prove, over the course of the season, that they are worthy to bear the name "Hotdog". Those of you at home crying in your bathtub, keep a stiff upper lip, there's always next year, and thanks for coming out.
On to the business at hand. First off, apologies are in order. There have been some technical difficulties at head office. Some parts of the website are still under adjustment. Please bear with us, these hiccups are temporary.
You may have noticed while attending the game that the "Whites" bore a striking resemblence to the Riordan boys. This in fact was the case as the first game of the season was against Riordans not the Red and White game as advertised. Don't worry, the Traditional Red and White game has been re-scheduled for later in the season.
It looks like the boys kept the off-season training up to a high par. Everyone (including Kevin) came out to skate, and skate they did. Two members of the "Kid" line combined early on at the 8 min mark to test Riordan's goalie. No joy there but it must have lit a collective fire under the posteriors of the "Old Man" line because the Old Farts combined for all 4 goals scored by the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge this evening.
The most excitement our captain Marc had the whole evening came before the game even started, when he flipped his warm-up puck right into the water bottle basket. Good aim Marc, but save it for the game will you! As was evident in the dressing room before the game, I guess there wern't to many guys that listened to their moms when they yelled down to the basement, "Hang up that Gear and let it air out, It Stinks! Thank God this reporter has Gas Hut training!
Welcome Brian Riendeau and welcome back Mike Cannon. Brian is new to the Hot Dogs and Mike is back after a decade in the minors! Good luck to both of you. Remember though, the name "Hotdog" is not a Right. It must be earned. The season will determine whether the name sticks or not. Thanks also to our goalie for the evening, Brian Crawford. Good work between the pipes.
Well that's it for now. The boys proved this evening that they are ready, willing and able (at least their minds are, their bods are a different story) to hold up their side of the bargain, now it's up to you, Faithful Fan to come out and give the Old Guys your support. Come watch a game. It's the only hockey you might get this year.
See you 'round the rink.

The Icemen Cometh

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sat Sep 29th 2012 12:14pm

Cobourg East Campground-Saturday Sept. 29, 2012
Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Hockey and all you little sports fans out there in Hockeyland. A new season is upon us, and not a minute too soon. If things keep going the way they are, the only "Men" you'll see this season will be the ones out there playing the game for it's own sake, and not that of the almighty dollar.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. The beauty of the Internet is that I can write this little missive while basking in the warmth of a beautiful fall day at the trailer.
Looks like this Thursday is the start of Hockey Night in Oshawa, so get all that gear out from under the stairs where the wife has been complaining of the stink and take it out into the back yard to air out for a few days.
You may have noticed something different about the format this year, I'm not promising anything, but I'll try to have something new for each week.
See you all on Thursday night.

Hats Off To The End Of Another Classic Run

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Mar 30th 2012 2:13pm

Legends Arena Thursday March 29, 2012
Well here we are Sports Fans the last entry for the 2011/2012 season, and what a season it was. But before we go back lets take a look at last night's game.
Right off the bat you could feel the electricity in the air! Everyone in the arena was anticipating this last sendoff. Both teams came to play and boy did they play! Riordans opened the scoring at M10 and this reporter is sure that he saw flames erupting from George's mask. When asked in an exclusive interview after the game he clearly remembered getting hopping mad after the first goal and saying to himself, "No body's going to take the last game from me in my barn". George was like a goalie on fire, stacking the pads and using that glove as if it were an extension of his own hand. Quite frankly it left this reporter in awe!
Well I think the guys on the other side of the Blue Line saw this and it inspired them. At M14 Chris S passed to Jeff D and Jeff passed back to Chris, so in effect Chris assisted on his own goal, a little give and go and give! The next two goals at M16 and M20 were both excellent examples of the generosity these Red Men can show to their teammates. Both Joe C's goal and Chris S's second goal were perfectly unselfish team plays. At M36 Pat S feathered up a pass to Cliff M (Cory H) and scored a beaut of a goal. Good going all you guys, and Thanks for a great year of Old Timers Hockey! Oh and by the way, little side bar here. In an exclusive after game interview Cliff M (Cory H) let it slip that his old man, Mark H doesn't bother reading this column he just gets his kid to tell him the highlights. I say this to you Mark, RTFC yourself!!!
If I may be so bold as to wax poetic for a moment, it is more than just the Hockey. Sure they're out there week in and week out for the competition, to push themselves, to show themselves they still have it, and for the love of the game, but there are fringe benefits. The friendships that have formed at first from the on and off ice antics in quite a few of the cases have led to long term friendships both within the team and also among some of those who come out to challenge the Hot Dogs year in and out.
Now we are looking at a Generational Team. Fathers and Sons have played together. School chums have played together. Brothers have played together, and in some cases Brothers and Sisters have played together. Cousins and Uncles and Nieces and Brothers have come out to help. Yes indeed it is more than the Hockey itself.
Well that's it for your stalwart reporter for this year. Hope you enjoyed this little diatribe. We're working for some extras for next year. Keep your fingers crossed for even more fun in this column next year. Until then have a safe and enjoyable summer and we'll all get back together next October!

Those Plucky Little Redmen Gave It Their Best

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sun Mar 25th 2012 8:26pm

Newcastle Arena Sunday March 25, 2012
If all you did today was read about the Hot Dogs 2nd last game here at this web site then you missed one of the most exciting games of the season. In a truly heroic battle of epic proportions little David came up against large Goliath and lost the battle, but won the war on pure guts if nothing else. No doubt the country boys from Newcastle who were raised knee deep in the brown stuff and it showed, this reporter counted literally three quarters of the team bouncing heads off the rafters. Nobody told the Red Boys to lay down. They came out firing from the first whistle.
Marc Adams, although a late show did in fact play an important role in the game's outcome regardless of his move over the boards early in the game. Luckily the only thing Marc seemed to bruise was his ego. How to take one for the team Marc.
Later in the frame Marc and Kev were coming into HIM's zone with one man back. Marc led the way and Kev trailed setting himself up for the pass from Marc, unfortunatly that pesky blue line leaped up and tripped Kevin and that was the end of what promised to be a bute of a 2 on 1.
It was great to see. The guys never gave up. They worked their hearts out to the roar of the crowd of supporters. Thanks, Col!
I don't know what's gotten into Cliff McCabe of late, but it seems that ever since Kitchener he's turned into a new man, or Men to be precise. Way to go Cliff (Nathan Sabyan). Cliff! was 2 goals and an assist on the day. Now that's helping the team out.
And last but certainly not least, let's not forget the George. Regardless of what the score reflects the truth of the matter is that George stood on his head today. He is the reason the score is what it is. Without his standout preformance between the pipes this reporter is convinced the score would have much higher. Good going George!
Well that's all for me today. Come on out on Thursday, last game of the year.

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