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The Good & The Not So Good

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Dec 11th 2015 12:29pm

Legends Arena Thursday Dec 10, 2015

Looking in the dressing room before the game one would have thought, WOW, what a good looking group we've got tonight! Looks as they say are deceiving.

As always it's important to note the "Lend a Handers" Hats off to Dave Kewin # 12, and Norm Power # 2 for coming in to help in what would end up a losing cause.

You can chalk it up to anything you want, but the bottom line was that the soon to be "Blue Men" just couldn't replicate last weeks performance. That's, as they say, the nature of the beast.

Oh well, next week is the last game before the Christmas Break. There will be the annual Team Meeting at the Boardroom aka Tartan afterwards. Friends and Family are always welcome.

Come on out and support your Flying Hotdogs at this Festive Season.

BTW a quick update on the sweaters. Our alumnus, George Gilewski has been hard at work on the Cresting and logo's. With a little bit of luck we'll have something for you to see next week.

In case I forget next week I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew Shure on behalf of the Oshawa Flying Hotdogs for his service in the Black & White Sweater. Andrew came in on short notice and did a great job as Ref. Thanks Andrew! Starting Jan 15, 2016 we welcome Cole Lafoy to our ever increasing ranks of Chief Referee. Welcome aboard, Cole!

See ya at the rink!

Harvesters Put Out To Pasture

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Dec 04th 2015 11:41am

Legends Arena Thurs. Dec. 3rd, 2015

Well, it was bound to happen. The writing was on the wall. With a new goalie and a couple of new wingers, sooner or later Sunderland would come to town and NOT walk away with the customary win, and last night was the night.

Before we get started, thanks go out to Josh Slater for stepping up from the Farm Team once again to help out the Dogs. He's a good match for Old Dogs play.

The word of the day is "DISCIPLINE" and it was in abundance last night. Forward units working as a Solid Group. Defence teams guarding the blue line like it was trench warfare. Occasionally a Guard would run up to toss a "Grenade" into Sunderland's trenches, but it was the exception, not the Rule and in these few cases a forward would fall back to guard the line.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, # 22 Brent Slichter said of his goal, "I just stood in front of the net". After the game Coach Lehman said, "I've been trying to get these guys to do that for years"!

At the other end of the rink a combination of TWO "D" men covering their assignments and a goalie, Mark Middlehurst, TCOBing made for a lot of frustrated Farmers!.

It was a fun game to watch. Not only from the standpoint of the final score, but the fact that the Dogs looked like a team. Confidence in each other's abilities is rising and it shows.


Dogs & Avalanche Battle To A Tie

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Mon Nov 23rd 2015 11:54am

Newcastle Arena Sunday Nov 22, 2015

The history buffs among you might remember the ignominy of this day in history, but that didn't figure into the plans of either team in this classic "Battle Of The Titans". Both teams kibitzed during the warm-up as they always do. Some of these guys have been playing together, and have been friends for many years. That camaraderie ceases, to some extent with the drop of the puck. Both teams come out hard from the get-go, and don't let up until the final buzzer.

Let's set up the Hot Dog extras before going any further. #2 was Nate Sabyan. # 26 was Chris Darling, and # 39 was Andrew Shure (Our Ref!).

The Dogs opened the scoring at 2153 with a nifty little one by Ed Shure and assisted by our own Ref, Andresw Shure. Ed would go on, in the second frame to score two more, assisted by Brad & Cory respectively, capping off a Hat Trick performance by the seasoned veteran. Great job, Ed.

Ed didn't do it alone. Nate Sabyan, Chris Hawkins and John Kelly all added to the tally with the help of Chris S, Kevin, and Andrew.

Even though all these guys are friends off the ice, the rule is "Work Hard, Play Hard" for all, as Mark Middlehurst can attest to. Mark showed off a particularly nasty bruise on his left clavicle after the game. The Red Guys dished out as well as they took and several of the Snowmen went to their bench nursing their own owies!.

Thanks also go out to young John Lehman for so capabily handling the forward door and putting up with the team's antics. BZ, Jack.

The end of an era is finally at hand. The decision was made after the game to finally retire the Red Jerseys in favour of the Winnipeg Jets home colours. Those among you who enjoyed the Red and White colours can take solace in the fact that the Reds worked hard for approimately 15 years, but like all things they were starting to show their age. Cuts and scrapes on several jerseys pointed the way for replacements. Take heart though as it was also decided to keep the Whites. They have only been "Gently!" worn over these years and will continue to be used as our "White" set for a few more years to come.

So, here's what was decided on Sunday. Jets home sweaters, (the colour sceme will go well with the Dogs emblem) the logo is carved in stone, (we will however, have George Gilewski, the original designer to design a couple of updated versions in case we decided to Modernize the logo) same numbers, (we'll need the extras for tournaments). As Chris Hawkins is principal investor, "Hawk Construction" will be displayed across the shoulder area on the back of the sweaters. A happy suprise on Sunday saw Ed Shure donating money as well, for this, crests will be added on either shoulder depicting a molor with crossed hockey sticks on top.

Staqy tuned here for further developments. With a bit of luck we'll have the sweaters for the January tournament.

Next game on Thurs Nov 26 has the Redmen facing off against their old rivals, Riordans Burnt Steaks. Should be a hoot!

See ya at the rink!

Hotdogs Give Sunderland A Run For Their Money

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Nov 20th 2015 9:31am

Legends Arena Thurs Nov 19, 2015

Something interesting happened last night. The Dogs didn't roll over and play dead. Everyone knows, including this reporter how strong a team Sunderland is. Year after year they put a highly competent squad on the ice, and this year is no acception.

This piece though, is not about Sunderland, but rather the new and improved OSHAWA FLYING HOT DOGS. I've put their name in capitals because they deserve it.

The off season saw Dog management put together a couple of dazzeling moves that have breathed new life into the team.

Firstly, the reins of the team were handed over from the old guard, namely Marc Adams to the the new kid, Jeff Donaldson. Great move from upstairs. Jeff brings along with himself, two new Assistants, John Kelly and Cory Hawkins. It is safe to say that the team is in good hands leadership wise.

The second move came in the form of a new Pipe Meister. Mark Middlehurst came over in a move involving picks to be named later. Mark's enthusiasm and acrobatics are a marvel to behold. Although Mark seems a little young for the Dogs this reporter is sure that he will come around to the Hot Dog philosophy, "Play a little hockey, Drink a little beer, have a little fun (Not necessarily in that order).

Finally, good trading in the off season saw the acquirement of Al Wright to the team. Al has fit in well with the team, and he paid for his whole season last night, so he's a keeper for sure.

Not to be outdone, management pulled off what can only be described as the coup of the year in a sudden, unannounced trade bringing in two new players. I know I speak for all you readers when I say, Welcome Aboard to # 22 Brent Slichter and # 4 Bruce Macdonald.

Unlike "Organized" Hockey, our brand of Le Grande Game is more "Disorganized" than normal. We have no practices, unless you call Elbow Bending a practice. We have no Training Camp. Our team, The Oshawa Flying Hot Dogs gel over years. The committment to this team is not in the form of high stakes competitiveness, rather, as our old bones will tell us, in the ability to continue to PLAY this great game we have all come to love so well.

So, ya, the Harversters beat the Dogs last night, but you know what, there wasn't a player out there last night that rolled over and played dead. And ya, it might take a couple of seasons for this new squad to come together, but we have nothing but Time!

Don't forget the game on Sunday against Hands In Motion at the Newcastle Arena. Puck drops at 12:00 noon.

Hot Dog Goalie Stands On His Head...Literally!

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Oct 30th 2015 11:04am

Legends Arena Thursday Oct 29, 2015

In a losing attempt last night Mark Middlehurst, as they say, Stood on his head. Unfortunately, nobody told him he wasn't supposed to land on, Said Head at the conclusion of his feats of daring do!

A little background is in order here. This Riordan's team is a tight little unit. Anytime these two teams get together you can bet the action will be end to end with no breathers.

Riordans has a knack for exploiting any flaw the Hot Dogs reveal, and last night was no exception.

Mark Hawkins opened up the scoring at 36:43 of the first period on a nice little pass from Brad Laundry. Riordans replied at 33:45 with one of their own to tie it up.

John Kelly assisted Chris Sabyan at 31:54 and the Dogs were ahead 2-1.

That, as they say was it for the Dogs. Riordans scored four more times to take a 5-2 lead late in the first period.

The Dogs never recovered, but there was a brief moment at the 19 minute mark with Chris Sabyan sliding the puck between his skates on a breakaway attempt. Unfortunately he didn't score, but it was definitely hi-light reel material.

Several minutes before the end of the period Middlehurst was doing his customary gymnastics around the net when he fell quite hard onto the ice, hitting his head with some force.

After several minutes on the ice he was able to get himself up and back to the dressing room. Though quite shaken by the blow he was able to make it home. He's off to his Doctor this afternoon for a precautionary examination. Let's hope everything comes out OK.

Stay tuned here for further developments. Next week's game is against DR's Finest.

See ya at the Rink!

P.S. In all the confusion I forgot to thank Brent Slichter #4 for coming and helping out.

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