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Oshawa Flying Hot Dogs

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The Guys Are Back In Action

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sun Oct 25th 2015 10:51pm

My Basement 25 Oct 15

Well, better late than never, they always say. Hell what kind of a Hot Dog year would it be without some hiccups to start us off.

First the nasty stuff. We said goodbye to Marc Adams last year and to Brian Reindeau and George Gauthier this year. I'm sure I speak for all the team in wishing them all the best in their future "Hockey" careers.

Now for the good stuff. The team welcomes Mark Middlehurst to the position of goalie and we've added a new forward by the name of Al Wright to the fold. Welcome aboard guys. There's nothing like a good game of hockey, and this is nothing like a good game of hockey!

I'm not going to go back and try to report anything about the past games this season, because frankly, I don't remember. But I will say this. We've got as strong team this year as I've ever seen, and I've been watching you bums for 16 seasons now.

So one more thing before I call it a night. I've invited the whole team to "Dropbox". All you should have to do is open "Dropbox" and you should be able to see a whole bunch of Hot Dog Pics.

Next game is against Riordans.

See ya at the Rink!

End Of A Season End Of An Era

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Mar 27th 2015 11:45am
The Boys Of Winter
The Boys Of Winter

Legends Arena 26 Mar 2015

Well folks we come to the end of another season. Some good and some not so good memories, but overall a feeling of well being. (More like, Thank the Lord I made it through another year)

The last game of the season, against Riordans was a loss, but only on the score sheet. Everyone that played with or against the Dogs this year came out a winner in my humble opinion. Witness the aftermath of the game. The Boardroom was filled with Dogs and Steaks. All rivalry forgotten. As a wise man once said, "Hockey is only one of the reasons I play".

As with everything there is a beginning and an end. This evening we, as a team, say farewell to Marc Adams. Marc has decided to hang up the blades and call it a career.
Marc took up the reins as Captain in 2010 from Jack Lehman. His quiet, intelligent bent on life has served him and the team well as Captain. Good Luck & Bon Chance Marc!

It should be noted that Brad Laundry was the team's leading scorer this year with 29 Goals and 24 Assists for a total of 53 points. Good going Brad and take care of that elbow. Chris Hawkins is also on the injured list with a broken hand after an unfortunate snowmobile accident. Hopefully all injuries will heal over the summer and we see a full roster of Dogs next fall.

So the end is here. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that I can Remember that helped out this year. Mike Kelly, Nate Sabyan & Jordan Donaldson for dropping the pucks. Maggie & Melinda for Score Keeping. Everyone who came to our rescue for the Red & White games. (Rumor has it that that group might be forming a team for next year. Good group of guys. Fall easily into the Dogs style of play.) please forgive me if I've missed anyone.

Take care everyone. Have a good summer! We'll see you around the rink!

Kids Should Be Seen But Not Heard

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Mar 13th 2015 8:05am

Legends Arena Thursday March 12, 2015

The last Red & White meeting of the season is history. Before we get into specifics I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all those Sons and friends of Sons for coming out to play. Without you the season would not have been the same.

Rich will have to pay some mind to those skates of his after his dump on the ice! And not 5 mins later Chris S. and one of the Whites had a battle of wills around mid-ice with the blades of their sticks and Chris lost, going for quite the spill. Both players are fine if somewhat winded!

The most significant play of the evening won't even be recorded in the annals of Hot Dog lore if I don't do it here! We had, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in recorded Hot Dog history, a goal called back by a Ref.

Apparently Mark H. used a high stick to tip in a goal. Now on any other night we might have gotten away with it, but two things conspired against us. 1) Cory H. was playing for the Whites and happened to be involved in the play and brought it to the Ref's attention, and 2) The said Ref was no other than that Highly Respected member of the Black and White Squad, Mike K. Cory and he discussed the incident after the play and appealed to Mike's high moral fibre, and the right call was made!

The aftermath of course was that the young lads won the game. Good group. Scuttlebutt around the hallowed halls has these young lads coming back next year as a regular season team. Negotiations are ongoing and this reporter will keep you faithful readers apprised as information becomes available.

Two games to go in 14-15 Season. Next week Sunderland is in town.

See you at the Rink!

Quick Hands

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Mar 13th 2015 7:06am

Newcastle Arena Sunday March 8, 2015

As always HIM gives us a rousing game. Of late the scales have balanced out for these two mighty teams. On any given Sunday (or Thursday) there is no automatic outcome to look forward to. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Alas, it was the former for the Dogs on Sunday.

Not to sell your beloved Red Boys short. One thing can be said in all certainty. The games between these two behemoths of the hockey world are "Good Hockey" by any standards.

Your Dogs found themselves somewhat short in the "Bodies" area on Sunday. As luck would have it one of the other teams in our League played right before us and we were lucky enough to secure the services of 4 players from the DRP squad. Hats off to #25-Nigel Lawrence, #12-James Potter & #'s 2&3 the Father & Son combo of Dean & Curtis McKay. As you might guess checking out the box score, they played a significant part in the games result. Thanks guys!

The action was fast paced. The passing crisp and clean, but it was not to be. The result though was a solid effort for all concerned.

The next game is the last Red & White game of the season.

Come on out and support your Chien Chaud.

See you at the rink!

Great Turnout

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Mar 06th 2015 9:16am

Legends Arena Thursday Mar 5, 2015

There are all sorts of reasons why attendance falls off. Regardless, it was great to see such an enthusiastic response last night. Practically the whole roster showed up, and that was a good thing as the DR's were at the rink last night, and they were looking for some payback after the shellacking they took from the Red Men last time.

The Cops play a particular type of hockey that, to their credit the Dogs didn't rise to! Instead they kept their shifts short and played their game. Crisp passing and support from Nate S. masquerading as Chris S. helped the Guys to a 6-4 win.

Don't forget Guys! We spring forward this Saturday evening, so adjust your clocks accordingly, you wouldn't want to miss the Sunday game in Newcastle.

And next Thursday is the the Final Red & White game of the season. All the games this season have been good ones and this last should be no exception.

See ya Sunday at the rink!

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