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Sandbox Antics Don't Hold Water When The Fuzz Show Up!

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Feb 13th 2015 9:16am

Legends Arena Thursday Feb. 12, 15

Somebody needs to explain to me the meaning of Old Timers Hockey. Here I was thinking that it was a group of like minded individuals who come together each week in the winter to play some hockey. This game by necessity is non-contact, everyone needs to go to work the next day. Having said that it should be understood by all that a certain amount of bumping and grinding IS PART OF THE GAME.

Unfortunately I have noticed an alarming trend this year to a more physical game in the open ice areas where it is quite evident that the contact is intentional. I don't like it and I'm sure that when this team was formed there was no intension to play a brute form of the game. Rather I believe it was set up to play a robust game for OLD TIMERS, those guys 45 and older, who understood that hockey was a PART of life, along with a job and a family. That it was not the be all to end all when someone steps on the ice.

Now to give a fair shot at this there are long standing friendships between most of the teams in this ad-hoc league. Some of the guys have been playing together for most of their lives. These guys do in fact comprise the majority of the league. It's a shame that a few bad apples have to spoil the experience for the rest of us!

Enough of the rantings of an old man. Let's get down to last night's game.

The Cops were in town to lay down the law. Unfortunately the Dogs saw it differently. After the last two games the Dogs were looking for a little Justice, and they got it in spades. Ed S scored the first of his hat trick at 2:06 to open up the scoring for the evening. Mark M scored next at 3:30 in what would be the first of a Hot Dogs Career 4 goals on the night. Brian R scored a pair and Jeff D and Brad L both scored singles to round out the evening.

Congrats also go out to Rich L for a trio of Assists. Best work out of him this season. Let's not forget George. There were several of what I can only describe as brilliant saves from "The Old Guy In Net". Way to go George.

Next week is a Red & White game. Come on out and support your husbands and sons and friends of sons. This will be the fourth time this season and the second to last time this season for this fun night.

See ya at the Rink!

Fourth Meeting One Sided

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Thu Feb 05th 2015 3:00pm

Legends Arena Jan 29, 15

The fourth meeting of these two powerhouses proved to be a little one-sided in the second half of this thriller in Oshawiller. Riordans always shows a hockey team a good time and Thursday night's meeting was no exception.

Riordans drew first blood at 45 secs of the first. Jeff D. provided a lesson in hockey skills with a solo shot at 11:49 to tie up the endeavour and it was off to the races for the Dogs, scoring a total of 4 unanswered including a nifty penalty shot by Kevin.

But that was, as they say, All She Wrote! Riordans reserves were a little deeper this particular evening than the Dogs. 8 unanswered goals left the Dogs with their tails between their legs leaving the ice.

No matter. It's the final results that count. Plus/ Minus puts them at +3 as of Thursday's game with two meetings to go. Anything can happen!

Thurs next sees Hands In Motion in our house and they're always a good show. So if you know someone with nothing better to do on a Thurs night that wants to have a little fun for a change invite them out!

See you at the Rink!

The Highs and Lows of Tournament Play

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Mon Jan 19th 2015 1:43pm

Kitchener Aud Jan 18, 15

Well sports fans the tournament is over and truth be told your boys in Red (and sometimes white) have had better results at this tournament.

That being said the guys performed above and beyond expectations. Saturday afternoon's game against Tillsonburg was a little tougher than thought, but in tournament play a tie is eniugh to get to the finals as it was for us, but I get ahead of myself.

Game 3 was a blowout and leave it at that. On the positive side many lessons were learned during this game that, because of numbers brought us to the final on Sunday.

The guys played the Final completely different than the Saturday night game and it showed. Your Dogs dominated the game and except for a dumb luck shot at the end of play would have sent us into overtime. I have no doubt, based on their control of the game that they would have scored in overtime to win.

So thats the fickle finger of fate for you, and I guess it lends credence to the old axiom, "Shoot it on the net". I'll leave that one to you Hot Stove Loungers to debate.

I want to take a second to thank two people for their efforts, one on the ice and one behind the bench. Thank-you John M for coming out again this year. Your contgribution on the ice is always appreciated. And thanks also go out to John L for his help with all things behind the scenes and his quick responses on the defense door.

Well thats it for another year. To say a good time was had by all despite the result would be an understatement.

Next game is a Red and White game. We'll see you at the rink!

Shutout Starts Off Tournament

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sat Jan 17th 2015 9:30am

Kiwanis Arena Kitchener ON Fri Jan 16, 2015

Yes hockey fans the Tournament has begun and your Redmen came out of the starting block firing on all cylinders.

Lets start off with George between the pipes. His play was exemplary. His glove was on fire. He simply stopped everything shot at him.

He didn't do it alone. Last night's effort was a true Team event. The defense pairings of Rich & Mike and John & Cory covered the angles as needed but left clear alleys for George to see the puck.

On offence it was a true collaborative showing with John M taking the 1st goal and his centerman Brad L taking honours for the 2nd goal.

Not to be outdone the Kid line of Jeff, Marc & Mike combined for # 3. Next came the two Goals of Brotherly Love as first Mark H scored # 4 and then Mark and John K gave a hand to his brother Chris for the final goal of the evening.

Next game is 2:00 this afternoon. Keep those cards and letters coming boys and girls and we'll see you at the rink!

Ramping It Up

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Thu Jan 15th 2015 11:41pm

Legends Arena 15 Jan 15

Well it doesn't look like it on paper but the guys are peaking at just the right time. As we all know fellow Red Dog followers, this weekend is the Stanley Cup of Old Timers Hockey, At least OUR old timers hockey.

The Kitchener Tournament is upon us. Tomorrow at the crack of Noon our Boys will slowly make their way to Waterloo for the annual pilgramage. Visions of goals scored and breakaways stopped have been dancing around your favourite players head since the beginning of the year.

As always your intrepid reporter will be on site reporting all the news that's fit to report. So stay glued to your computer for up to the minute results.

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