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To Much Rum Cake?

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Jan 09th 2015 10:19am

Legends Arena Jan 8, 15

Happy New Year faithful readers. I hope all you Hotdoggians had a great holiday.

It looked last night as if your boys had a bit to much of that killer rum cake. Although to give them their due, it's been three weeks since the last game and a lube, oil & filter was probably due.

The cops came out and scored twice before Brad L. scored with help from Mark M. That seemed to light the fires. Unfortunately the guys must of had a "Really Good Time" over the holidays because the Cops came back with 2 more.

The Dogs dug in and played their tenacious brand of the Grand Game. One thing can be said in all truthfullness. The boys play their hearts out no matter what the score.

Brad and Jeff both scored again , but the Cops came back with one more and the final was 5-4 for the Cops.

Kudos go out to George who, despite the score did the team proud between the pipes.

Next weeks game is against sunderland. Sunderland is always a tough team and the game should prove to be a good warm-up for the Tournament in Kitchener the following day.

Check this out! I think that if any of you faithful readers want to add information regarding the team all you have to do is click the "Add News" tab in "Home".

Give it a try!

Pound For Pound (Age For Age!)

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sun Dec 28th 2014 1:54pm

Brendan's Basement Dec 28, 2014

Bet you thought I forgot about you didn't you? Well to be honest I did. But with reservations! I forgot to remember to forget about during the hustle and bustle of the Season. To be honest you, my faithful readers were always right there in the forefront until something else crept in and then I was off to the races, on some other errand.

To the game itself. Rather cryptically the Headline spells it out for everyone. One of the best games our Red Boys have played all season. Riordan's has been shrinking in age if not stature over the last few years, while the Hotdogs recruiting drive has slowed somewhat!

Has this disparity slowed down the Dogs? I say "Hell No". If anything it's given the guys the kick they needed. Play on this storied evening was back and forth, end to end all night. Kudos go out to George between the pipes. Nursing his way back to health after a collision with a door at work he stood on his head making save after save, keeping the team in the thick of it all night.

Nods go out to the Hawkins brothers for a couple of nifty tick-tac-toe plays and our fearless Captain, Marc A for contributing 3 times over the evening.

I usually bid all our faithful fans a Merry Christmas and a Safe New year at this time. Since the Yule Tide is past Sophie, Jack and I will simply bid you all a Festive Season and the hopes that the New Year will find you Prosperous and Secure.

2nd Red And White Great Success

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sun Dec 14th 2014 8:07am

Legends Arena Thursday Dec 11, 2014
I think the mark of a good person is the ability of someone to take adversity and turn it to their advantage.

If you take the Dogs as a whole then it looks like they have turned an unfortunate scheduling hiccup into something good.

Thursday night saw the Dogs take on, for want of a better title the "Adhocs", that is the sons and friends of sons of our own teammates. This was the second of four meetings this season between the "Seasoned Veterans" and the "Young"(ish) Upstarts!

We saw contributions on the "White" team from the Cannon Clan, the Shure Clan, and the Adams Clan, along with assorted friends, and friends of friends.

It's a great group of "Kids!" and everyone has a good time. The youngsters certainly give the "Seniors" a good run for their money and the Hotdogs can, albeit in brief flashes, show the whippersnappers that their playing days are not finished, not quite yet!

Good to see Chris H racking up some points and Jeff D starting to get his hockey legs back, good going Jeff! How about a Chris S solo shot!

It was good to see such a great turnout.

This Thursday coming up has the Dogs at home to the Burnt Steaks. It promises to be a good show. Afterwards, the Annual Christmas Meeting will be held at the Boardroom, a "Spirited" event if there ever was one!

Remember folks, the time of the season. Enjoy friends and family and please "Don't Drink and Drive!"

See you at the Rink.

Bumper Crop For Harvesters

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sun Dec 07th 2014 8:11am

Legends Arena Thursday December 4, 2014

The nature of the "Beast" is such that you have to learn to accept both your wins and losses with a degree of humility. Thursday night's match-up put the latter to the test!

We all have our off nights, this was one of those for some. On the up side we had our first hat-trick of the season. John Kelly scored the "Triplet" with room to spare. With Brad Laundry adding one himself, the score was respectful for any night, but there was no stopping the "Tractor Boys" this evening.

On another note, it was good to see an alumnus out to enjoy the evening. Cliff McCabe, old #4 dropped in unannounced. There was much hardy slapping of backs and shaking of hands to welcome this sage "Super Star of Yore". Cliff pitched in and took over "Coaching" duties behind the bench, freeing up yours truely to take care of some training obligations of his own.

Thanks go out to young John Lehman for taking over the clock duties from Maggie Sabyan who had a late game. He did a great job and by the half way mark of the match he was on his own.

Thanks must also go out to Jordan Donaldson for jumping in to Referee at short notice, yoy're a game saver Jordan!

Quick note here, the renovations to the floor should be finished by next week, so anyone using that little pearl as your excuse for your level of play over the last few weeks are going to have to find something else!!!Hopefully this new tiled floor will stand up better than the last one.

Next week is a Red and White game. Lots of talk circulated around the dressing room after the game about who was bringing whom, but if you have someone you'd like to bring out, call Kevin or Jeff and let them know.

See ya at the Rink!

Down And Dirty In The Trenches

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Nov 28th 2014 9:08am

Legends Arena Thursday Nov 27, 2014

Here we go again! This reporter doesn't know what's gotten into the Hot
Dogs, and he really doesn't care. The Dogs are on fire this year. Case in point, Riordan's last night.

What on the books looked like a sure win for Riordan's based on size and age and speed ended up being end to end trench warfare, with both sides dishing out and taking it. Riordan's might have won this battle, but the war is far from over. This reporter has no doubts that there was some wound licking going on in the Visitors room after last night's contest.

Scoring was opened up by Riordan's at 9m and it went back and forth from there. Ed S. scored our first at the 13m mark and the Dogs were off to the races!

George played fantastic between the pipes, stopping a Penalty Shot at the 20m mark and shortly thereafter stopped a breakaway.

Brad L. was doing a great example of the perennial also ran by setting up two nifty goals for John K. and Mark M. before notching one for himself.

It was a good example of what can happen when a group puts it's collective mind together to play as a unit.

Congrats guys on two great games in a row. Keep it up.

Thanx, Mag!

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