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Oshawa Flying Hot Dogs

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Not To Much Motion In The Hands Last Night

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Mar 14th 2014 6:31pm

Legends Arean Thursday March 13, 2014

You missed a good one last night Hockey Fans. The annual Home in Home between our Red Dogs and HIM came back to our pond for the rematch. A couple of weeks ago the Boys got it handed to them Royaly with an A** Whoopin 11-4 defeat. It's always a good home in home series with our friends from Newcastle, having said that the Dogs were definatly looking for a little payback for the aforementioned shellacking, and boy did they deliver!

As always both teams came out gunning. Nothing happeded score wise until m21 with the first of what would eventually be a Hat Trick by our ever intrepid Ed Shure. There were inclinings early on though, George stacked the pads at m11 to stop a potential goal and Kevin"Max Smart" Kelly missed a lead pass by "That Much" that had Breakaway Goal written all over it.

Goal #2 was scored by Kevin Adams before the Hands scored their first and only goal of the evening at m24. It was going to be one of those nights it seemed. If the Lads In Red could keep up their stamina the night was theirs. George helped again at m27 with another nifty pad stack on a 2 on 0 breakaway.

Further goals (2) by Ed, his Son Alex, and John Kelly sealed the fate of the Hands. Nice to see Dan O'Neill assisting on 3 goals and a special thanks to all those who bolstered the ranks. #4 Craig Kingsley, #3 Clay Cornish, #12 Kevin Adams, #19 Alex Shure & #23 Steve Howe (no relation to Yes' guitarist).

Looks like there are only 2 games left on the roster this year folks, so if you've been meaning to get out and see a game now's the time.

See ya round the rink!

Newcastle Keeps It's Hands In Motion!

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sun Mar 02nd 2014 8:00pm

Newcastle Arena March 2th, 2014

Flash Music Lovers and Hockey Fans of all Ages. To say that the game today was one sided might be construed as an understatment.

Like most away games in Newcastle its hard to find guys willing to come out, and today's match was no exception. With only 2 players on the bench, it might be said that we were a little outmanned.

The first period was a write-off but things started to pick up in the second. Good thing cause Eddy was asking me if we had any shut-out games this season and I replied that I didn't think so. He, of course was right.

Young Mr. Tyler Parish #19 (friend of Rich's) scored with the help of Ed and # 23 Kevin Adams.

The guys came out hunting for bear in the third and had goals from Mr. Greg Adams # 12, Mr. Kevin Adams and Mr. Kevin Kelly.

A great day for the Kevins!

Alas a win was not in the making this day. Hats off to those who helped out, you know who you are and a doff of my hat to George who came into the game with a handicap to begin with, had a not-so-great 1st period but came around and played a solid 2nd & 3rd period.

It looks like the grudge match is on deck for Thursday Night, so take the time if you can and come out to support your Hot Dogs.

Steaks Sizzled On The Grill

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Feb 28th 2014 8:05am

Legends Arena Feb 27, 2014

Well Sports Fans, last night at the Temple Of The (Hot) Dog the scene was set for a fierce battle between two Titans of the Ice.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty its Hats Off to Pete Hanlon (no relation to Jim) wearing #2 and the two Adams boys, Greg # 19 and Kevin # 23 for helping out. Along with their Dad, Marc one could say that there were some solid "Adams Family Values" on display last night, but that would be a cheap shameless attempt at a pun wouldn't it! Lets also doff our caps to Jordan Donaldson for coming in to Ref.

On to the game. The Dogs opened the scoring at m16 on a nice little play from Mark and Kevin to Ed.

The Steaks answered back two minutes later and that began at least for the first half of the program a real rip-snorter of a game with end-to-end skating, good crisp passing and numerous chances at both ends.

Ed scored a nifty little tap-in from Cory and John at m24 and young Peter scored at m28 with help from Mark but alas that was, as they say, all she wrote for the Dogs.

The Steaks, the young guys that they are, took advantage of our waning reserves and hit hard in the second half of the game,

By m38 the Steaks had managed to score 4 unanswered goals and romped on to double up the Dogs 6-3.

The Steaks were anything but Rare last night while our Beloved Dogs seemed to this reporter to be a little underdone!

On a more sober note, I know I speak for the whold team when I say get well soon, Jeff. Jeff hurt himself in a snowmobile accident just a little while ago and is OK, but won't be playing hockey for some time. Keep well, Jeff

Don't forget Sunday, Guys! The team is off to Newcastle for a 12 noon start. We seem to be always short for players on these Sunday games so if you are coming out and you know someone who can play "Hot Dogs Hockey", bring them along.

Next week at the Temple of the Dogs-Durham Region Cops.

See ya there.

Red and White proves to be High Scoring

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sat Feb 22nd 2014 11:17am

Legends Arena 20 Feb 14

The box score does not reflect the actual score of the game, unfortunately I can't enter the goals and assists for the opposing team.

I've entered it this way in order to give points where earned to any of our players that played for the white.

The actual score was 14-5 for White.

Thanks to everyone who called up their sons & buddies to play.

Next game is against Riordans.

Redmen Fail To Ward Off Chiefs

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Feb 14th 2014 8:13am

Legendsrena Feb 13th, 2014

When the Chiefs come to town they come for one reason only, to play and play they did last night.

What they didn't count on was the tenacity of the Hot Dogs.

The first scoring opportunity was the Chiefs for the taking. Cory took a tripping penalty at min 13, which set up a penalty shot. George had ideas of his own. The Chief's player skated down towards George's blocker side and cut across the crease to the right but George tracked him and stuck out his pad to save the goal. Good going George!

How about that Chris Sabyan. (aka Nathan Sabyan) Nate helped to set up three goals and in the process gave his dad 3 more points for the scoring race. What a Good Son!

The Hawkins Boys though were the news of the night. Between Mark, Chris and Cory they combined for a total of 8 points for the evening, with Mark scoring a Hat-trick, brother Chris with two goals and an assist and Cory with an assist. Great job guys.

The scoring was rounded out with a nifty little solo shot by John Kelly and assists by both John and Jeff Donaldson.

Next week looks right now to be open. As of last night it looks like a Red and White game. Stay tuned sports fans.

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