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Riordans Fry Dogs To A Delicate Crisp!

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sat Feb 01st 2014 3:21pm

Legends Arena Thursday Jan 30th, 2014

Well sports fans you couldn't say they didn't look good on paper. With Matt Sherison wearing # 4, Jay Cannon in # 5, Mike Rogosky in # 14, Dave Kewin in # 19 and Kevin Adams in # 23 it looked like the Young Guns were in town for some payback.

Unfortunately no one told Riordan's they should be impressed.

The Reds started out good with goals by # 2 Brad Laundry at m9 & 36. That as they say was that. End of scoring for the Red Faces!

Riordans and the Dogs played a great end to end style of hockey, but they were just too much for our boys.

Hats off to Dave Kewin # 19 for his able assist on the second goal, second goal for Riordans, that is! Passed from behind our net right on to a Steak's stick, and Bammo right into our net. Thanks for coming out Dave!

All kidding aside thank-you to all the guys that came out to bolster the roster.

Next week HIM. Be there or be square.

Flip, Flop & Fly

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Jan 24th 2014 10:06am

Legends Arena Jan 23, 2014

Sports Fans everywhere, rejoice! The Dogs did not go into hibernation after the tournament as was expected.

The score in no way reflects the standard of play witnessed last night.

The offence both scored against the dreaded Sunderland but continued to fire on the net over and over again.

The guys though must be sitting back afterwards asking themselves what more can they do?

The Reds had their active sonar on last night. There was more pinging than ever heard before.

The misses weren't in inches but in millimetres.

The other end of the rink was no slouch either. In this humble reporters opinion George Gauthier played the best game of his Flying Hot Dog career.

George stoned Sunderland solid for 41 mins. He was simply superb.

At one point Sunderland shot on net. I deflected off the right pipe across the goal crease. In an interview after the game he told this reporter that he caught the puck out of the corner of his eye and somehow, on his back he smothered it.

Special thanks go out to Mike Rogosky wearing # 14.

Alex Shure # 19.

and Joe Colacicco # 23. Joe broke up a 3 on 1 at min 46 that had goal written all over it.

Thanks for the support, guys!

That's it for now.

Next game is on Thurs 30th against Riordan's. Come on out and cheer on your Oshawa Flying Hot Dogs!

They Gave It Their All!

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Mon Jan 20th 2014 7:20am

From the Desk at Casa Lehman Jan 20th, 2014

You know what Sports Fans, that was a Hell of a Fun Tournament! The boys came out to play, and play they did.

Before I get into the events of Yesterday morning, let me again recognize and thank #4-John McArthur and #19-Gord Gray for all their help in the Tournament. Thanks guys it was great having you out with the team.

Now on to the game. As mentioned in Saturday's dispatch, the final saw a repeat of Saturday afternoon's game between your beloved Hot Dogs and the Staynor Senators.

Staynor scored first at 4:26 of the 1st. Four minutes later the Dogs answered with one from Ed S. The Dogs did learn from Saturday afternoon and played a disciplined style of hockey that awarded them a second goal from Chris H at 13:53.

So it was 2-1 for the Dogs going into the 2nd period. At 4:42 Staynor tied it up and that was the end of regulation play.

The outcome of the game would be determined by a player by player elimination system. Play would start with 4 on 4, then 3 on 3 and so on until a goal was scored. What made it interesting was that you could only change on the fly, each section was 1 minute long, at the end of a minute the horn would sound and one player on the ice would come off. If it was decided to pull the goalie he could not return to the ice. The coach decided to leave him in.

It got down to one on one with Ed Shure being our guy. Ed gave it his all and almost got one but the legs betrayed him and the Staynor player got the puck and with great effort himself brought the puck down and scored.

Interesting format, I don't know if I'd be in favor of this over a shootout, but I don't run the show.

That's it I guess, except to say that this reporter doffs his hat to the whole team. You guys worked your proverbial butts off all weekend. Take a Bow Guys!

It's back to the Regular Schedule this Thursday with Sunderland coming to town.

See ya at the rink, Sports Fans!

The Ups and Downs of Tournament Play

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Sun Jan 19th 2014 6:55am

Kinsmen Arena 18 Jan, 2014 8:00 am

Like my ol' Daddy said, ya caint score a goal iffn ya dant shoot on the net.

Certainly one of the highlights of this or any tournament to date will be Jeff D's shot from center ice. Gord G. passed from deep in our end to Jeff at center. Jeff had a guy on him and no one to pass to so he took a shot. No one will know what was going through the goalie's mind but he just let it dribble past him to give Jeff his second goal of the game and cement the win.

Thanks to John K for his goal and the support of Marc, John Mc, Brad L and Gord G. for their assists.

Kiwanis Arena 18 Jan, 2014 3:30 pm

The face off saw the two undefeated teams going head to head against each other.

It was like the proverbial David vs Goliath.

Staynor definatly had the height and weight advantage and used it early.

The Dogs saw through the Senators and wouldn't take the bait.

The score at the end of the 1st, 3-1 Sens.

The Dogs however did not give up and scored two in the second, but the Sens also scored one and the final was 4-3 for the Senators.

All is not lost dear reader. Although your Redmen fought like it was the final it, in fact was only the third game in the Tournament.

The Dogs and the Sens will meet again tomorrow for the final.

If you are reading this little blurb and you think about it, give your favourite Dog a call and wish him good luck in tomorrows final.

See you on the ice.

Dogs off to a Good Start

Posted by: Brendan Lehman on Fri Jan 17th 2014 8:28pm

Activa Arena-Waterloo Friday January 17, 2014

Here we are Sports Fans in the room after the first game at the Kitchener Torunament.

The guys certainly came to play this evening. They doubled up on Tillsongerg by a score of 6-3.

Notable substitutions: The roll of Cliff McCabe was ably portrayed by John McArthur and our old friend Gord Gray filled out #19 with distinction.

The Kelly brothers started off the scoring drive at 5:32 into the first period and the team never looked back.

Kudo's go out to Ed Shure for his interpretive dance moves around Tillsonberg's net resulting in the most picturesque goal of many seasons.

And who'd a thunk that Kevin Kelly would end up with "3" assists in one game. If he keeps this up we're going to have to approach Ed for an oxygen bottle or two behind the bench!

Thanks go out to John McArthur for his two able goals and rounding out the scoring was Gord Gray and Mark Hawkins.

The thing that impressed this Ol Dog the most was the Team play and Comradship that all the guys showed this evening.

Good going guys and keep up the good work.

Stayed tuned Sports Fans to this station. Next game is 0800 tomorrow morning. I will endeavor to write a blurb after the game if nothing more important comes along.

Bye for now!

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