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Crush wears the Crown......

Posted by: Site Admin on Wed Sep 27th 2017 11:19am

You may recall, the semifinal game last session was against Crown Royal (tonight’s opponent). We won, they protested. That didn’t work out for them. So, the rematch was tonight. More on that in a bit. Before the game there was locker room controversy (not the Bud Light), but still drama. Who the hell walked off with Tony’s Gatorade water bottle? What kind of sick SOB walks off with a teammates water bottle? The crime has not been solved, however, a “go fund me” page has been set-up to replace the water bottle. No worries Tony, we will get through this together!

So to the national anthem…….

To the game…that was fun. Crown Royal had one “A” player and then everyone else. They really didn’t need everyone else. Good start for the Crush, we get off to a 2-0 lead. Jordan and George get credit for the first two goals. Unfortunately, Mr. A player scored the next three.

Down 3-2 in the third, we had some work to do. So last week I credit Tony with a goal he didn’t score. No doubt about it tonight. On the power play, pucks out squirts out (sorry, that’s wrong) to the point to Tony. He got all of that slap shot, so much so it was headed to the stands, however a CR defender decides to deflect it into his own net, just like Tony planned. Game tied 3-3.

We weren’t done, 30 seconds later, after I spent the game telling Jason to pass the puck, he didn’t, burying a slap shot from the slot, the game winner, Crush wins 4-3, improving our record to 2-1. Now that’s great coaching.

Thank you to Mrs. Mihalik (Toni-Ann) for the post game beverages. And yes, the beer selection is important and men’s league ice hockey participants are fickle when it comes to the beer. There are two rules to consider for future beer providers.

1. - Beer must cold
2 - Beer should not be warm

Beer was just fine, thank you!

Stars of the Game

1. Jason - game winner
2. Troy - made some huge saves in the 3rd period
3. Tony - was able to tie the game with no water bottle.

Our next game is Sunday at 10:40 vs Garry’s Knuckleheads aka Matt and Matt Lemma Jr.

Have a great week!!


Who's your Daddy?

Posted by: Site Admin on Mon Sep 18th 2017 9:09am

k, the subject line was too easy, but sometimes you can’t resist the low hanging fruit. Hey, before I get into Jason’s conjugal visit with Puck Daddy’s tonight, last week’s write up must be addressed. Apparently my recap suggesting we played a good game against and formidable opponent was a little off base. Tony was kind enough to let me know Tele Q has not won a game since the first Clinton administration and we should all be ashamed for losing to that talent less bunch of goons. Tony then shared the story about the last puppy he kicked. Thanks Tony for the pick me up! Monday is going to be great!

Onto the ice… a few words….Puck Daddy’s stinks. We dominated every facet of the game cruising to an 8-0 running clock blow out. We got off to a 3-0 lead in the first and never looked back. Lots of goal scorers, but none more dominate than Mr. Montagna (who somehow became “Tony Montagna” later in the night). By the third period the bench sounded like a bad Italian restaurant during the lunch rush as the fake Italian accents were flying.

Three stars of the game……..Jason (hat trick), Josh two goals and 96 shots (45 shots in the same shift), and of course Troy pitching the shut out after subbing for Seealus the game before. Other goal scorers included Jordan , George and Rob Ryan nets his first of the season (on a two on one, no pass you selfish bastard).

Great game, really…..however, the response to the “who has the beer” email was disappointing. We got sloppy seconds beer from the Seealus game and that is weak and frankly a little gross. Next time somebody man up…….enough said.

Our next game is Tuesday, September 26 at 10:20 PM. Please remember we have a full roster, so when I send out the pre-game email, please let me know if you will NOT make the game.

Have a great week!!


Not much on the Tele Q

Posted by: Site Admin on Thu Sep 14th 2017 3:04pm

Hey all,

We started the season last night the way we always start……we lost (6-2). However, Tele Q is playing a division down from last session. To be honest, I thought we outplayed them for most of the night. I believe we out shot them 34-15.

We got down early with Tele Q scoring the first two goals. George (1) got us within one. He deflected a Jordan laser from the point. Jordan was a great addition and brought the team’s average age into the early 40’s!
Tele Q scored again and then it happened, introducing the goal scoring machine, Tony Flamos (1). He threw a change up from the point. It was airborne a good 15 seconds before it bounced off of Ravencamp’s waffle into the net. Tele Q lead cut to one and then……Tele Q scores the next three goals. Each one from a ridiculous bounce or deflection. It happens.

Mike Bailey with a classic Brzgolov impersonation during a Tele Q 3 on O....nice a they come! Priceless...

Tony mans up later drilling me in the shoulder with a shot from the point, thanks Tony!

Great effort from all!

Thanks to Bob Davis and myself for the post game beverages. I will be sending Harry the jersey order information tonight.

Our next game is Sunday, September 17th at 9:10. Have a great rest of the week!!


Last Game Result: Sep 26 2017

Team 1 2 3 F
Crown Royal 1 0 2 3
Orange Crush « 2 0 2 4
Goal Scorers: Jordan Milhalik (10:15 in 1st), George Bailey (13:59 in 1st), Tony Flamos (03:54 in 3rd), Jason Montagna (12:38 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Troy Pine (W)

Coming Up

Wed Oct 18th 2017 10:20pm
Game vs Lil Rascals
at Igloo Red Rink
Mon Oct 23rd 2017 11:00pm
Game at Royals
at Igloo Blue Rink

Regular Season Leaders

Points Jason Montagna 4
Goals Jason Montagna 4
Assists 15 Players Tied 0
PIM Harry Dumas 4
SO Troy Pine 1
Wins Troy Pine 2
GAA Troy Pine 3.00