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Blake sucks!

Posted by: Paul Frith on Mon Apr 09th 2018 11:17am

re check the statistics now loser!

Paul bails and fails

Posted by: Blake Bablitz on Wed Mar 28th 2018 10:46am

Great team player Paul was last night. Bails on the Rusty Nuts to go watch Oilers play beer league hockey. On the upside Johnny had an incredible game and took over the scoring lead. Paul goes from hero to zero over night. Thanks for the round of beers on your tab though Paul.


Posted by: Paul Frith on Mon Mar 26th 2018 1:07pm

Horse's ass of the year!!

And the Oscar goes to:

Posted by: Blake Bablitz on Tue Mar 06th 2018 4:39pm

Mudry for spilling his Beer pre game............

POS Paul

Posted by: Blake Bablitz on Wed Feb 14th 2018 8:41am

Paul takes over horses ass for the year. BEER league hockey and he turns down having a BEER at BEER league hockey. Not even one BEER..................POS Paul

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