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Rusty Nuts

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Posted by: Paul Frith on Mon Mar 26th 2018 1:07pm

Horse's ass of the year!!

And the Oscar goes to:

Posted by: Blake Bablitz on Tue Mar 06th 2018 4:39pm

Mudry for spilling his Beer pre game............

POS Paul

Posted by: Blake Bablitz on Wed Feb 14th 2018 8:41am

Paul takes over horses ass for the year. BEER league hockey and he turns down having a BEER at BEER league hockey. Not even one BEER..................POS Paul

Rusty Nut Hockey

Posted by: Blake Bablitz on Wed Dec 20th 2017 11:47am

Protecting the Blue Paint

Posted by: Blake Bablitz on Wed Dec 20th 2017 10:57am

Last Game Result: Mar 18 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
Leduc Merchants « 4 2 3 9
Rusty Nuts 2 2 2 6
Goal Scorers: Craig Lambert (06:05 in 1st), Craig Lambert (09:25 in 1st), Neil Filipic (06:05 in 2nd), Aaron Bablitz (09:17 in 2nd), Shaun Lamb (09:25 in 3rd), Paul Frith (24:17 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Blake Slusarczyk (L)

Coming Up

Mon Mar 25th 2019 9:30pm
Game vs L.A. Raiders
at Calmar

Regular Season Leaders

Points Paul Frith 138
Goals Paul Frith 79
Assists Shaun Lamb 70
PIM Aaron Bablitz 33
SO Aaron Bablitz & Blake Slusarczyk 0
Wins Blake Slusarczyk 17
GAA Aaron Bablitz 6.29