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Hardware f/ Oct.05

Posted by: Blake Bablitz on Fri Oct 06th 2017 4:33pm

Jeff walks out with the Belt for the GWG
Brady takes the ASS home for doing something Mudry felt deserving of the Hardware. Explanation TBA- Missing an open net..........

Trophy's for Feb 21 vs Outlaws

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Wed Feb 22nd 2017 10:48am

Belt Goes to Aaron Bablitz for having an amazing game and being a great team player

Horse's Ass goes to Paul Frith for hitting the corssbar in the crease on a open net and being out skated by Troy Kuzio

Skating Hard

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Sun Sep 25th 2016 9:26am

Skating Hard into the Corner


Posted by: Paul Frith on Wed Jan 10th 2018 12:16pm

for the first time in Rusty Nut history; there was no beer in the dressing room! pretty safe to say "Aaron is the biggest loser in Rusty Nut history!"

Skating Tips

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Sun Sep 25th 2016 9:08am

Skating Tips

Last Game Result: Nov 12 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Calmar Pistons 2 1 2 5
Rusty Nuts « 3 3 4 10
Goal Scorers: Paul Frith (06:05 in 1st), Paul Frith (14:25 in 1st), Colby Vandenberg (23:25 in 1st), Craig Lambert (06:25 in 2nd), Aaron Bablitz (23:25 in 2nd), Craig Lambert (24:17 in 2nd), Craig Lambert (09:05 in 3rd), Kurt Horneman (20:05 in 3rd), Paul Frith (24:05 in 3rd), John Griffiths (24:25 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Blake Slusarczyk (W)

Coming Up

Mon Nov 19th 2018 9:30pm
Game vs Crusadors
at Calmar
Wed Nov 21st 2018 10:00pm
Game at Gators
at Calmar
Mon Nov 26th 2018 9:30pm
Game vs Blades
at Calmar

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