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Trophies for Mar 29 vs Blades

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Wed Mar 30th 2016 7:06pm

Belt goes to Aaron Bablitz for the double pad stack
The Horse's Ass goes to Brady Coates for missing a breakaway pass

March 8 vs Pistons

Posted by: Paul Frith on Wed Mar 09th 2016 8:15am

ASS; Kurt. for missing wide open net
BELT; Brandon. we don't know why??

Game Cancelled for Sunday Mar 20

Posted by: Kathy Mudry on Sun Mar 20th 2016 3:20pm

Please note the Game tonight against the Blades
has been cancelled. The zambonie broke down.
Stay tuned for a possible Tuesday Game!

Website down so no emails sent out

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Mon Feb 08th 2016 9:14pm

Text me or Paul to let me know if you guys can make the hilltop game tomorrow. Site should be back on tomorrow hopefully

Trophies for Jan 26 vs Thrashers

Posted by: Aaron Bablitz on Thu Jan 28th 2016 12:20pm

Horse's Ass goes to Greg Debbink for a wicked wipeout behind our net

Belt goes to Craig Lambert for some odd reason.....I guess for him not screwing up nearly as bad as he normally does or falling down once

Last Game Result: Nov 12 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Calmar Pistons 2 1 2 5
Rusty Nuts « 3 3 4 10
Goal Scorers: Paul Frith (06:05 in 1st), Paul Frith (14:25 in 1st), Colby Vandenberg (23:25 in 1st), Craig Lambert (06:25 in 2nd), Aaron Bablitz (23:25 in 2nd), Craig Lambert (24:17 in 2nd), Craig Lambert (09:05 in 3rd), Kurt Horneman (20:05 in 3rd), Paul Frith (24:05 in 3rd), John Griffiths (24:25 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Blake Slusarczyk (W)

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Mon Nov 19th 2018 9:30pm
Game vs Crusadors
at Calmar
Wed Nov 21st 2018 10:00pm
Game at Gators
at Calmar
Mon Nov 26th 2018 9:30pm
Game vs Blades
at Calmar

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